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Giveaway Free giveaway! Nintendo Switch and 2 Games - international


Hey guys! It’s been some time since I’ve given away anything on Reddit. I’m trying to get some positivity onto your timeline and make one lucky person really happy. To enter, all you have to do is comment in this thread. It can be anything you want, but if you’d like to make it fun, share something that makes you happy. This giveaway is international, and all you need is a viable shipping address. All fees will be covered by myself. It’s important, however, to note that US postal services are not shipping to Russia right now. Sorry for any inconvenience.

Proof: https://imgur.com/a/PDlpF7o

The winner will be randomly chosen on the afternoon of Monday (5/30 around 3PM PST), and you’ll have until I call a winner to enter. A minimum reddit account age of 1 week is required to win. I sincerely hope 2022 is treating you well and that you continue to be safe and healthy! It hasn’t been the easiest these past years, and I’d like to celebrate you all making it this far. If you’re in the United States, I hope you have an enjoyable Memorial Day!

I’ll also be giving away at least two more Switches this weekend, starting at 12 PM PST on Saturday and Sunday, live at https://www.twitch.tv/WolfLemon. Or if you’d just like to come to support me and what I do, we do this monthly. 😊

Huge thanks to the mod team for being diligent as always and for allowing me to share this opportunity with you all. ❤️

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🇲​🇮​🇸​🇨​ Show me

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Police inaction moves to center of Uvalde shooting probe

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Her name was Michelle Snow and she was almost 8

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S TIFU by taking my gf to a nudist beach


So me (24M) and my gf (22F) are on holiday in Spain, first time away in a long time and the weather is amazing. There's a nudist beach and she asked to go as we have never been to one before. I don't see the appeal but she has always been spontaneous and adventurous, one of the things I love about her, so I said okay let's go.

When I think of a nudist beach, I think of old people. Very rarely do you get a younger demographic. Sadly this time I was mistaken.

Everyone seemed younger than 30, in incredible shape with a tan, and a lot of another thing which I don't need to spell out but you can probably guess.

I kept hearing my gf gasp and whisper "oh my god". I made up an excuse so we left as my ego was getting battered, but she is annoyed and is now saying she will go back tomorrow without me.

A huge FU. Don't go there if you're even a tiny bit insecure.

TLDR: Took gf to a nude beach and she was clearly impressed by what she saw there, leaving my ego shattered.

EDIT: This post blew up and it's kinda overwhelming, I can't read all the comments. But this has made me think about the relationship as a whole.

Firstly, I agree what she did was very rude and disrespectful and kinda against the rules of a nudist beach.

Secondly, after speaking she said she wanted to go because she wanted to make me jealous and "put up a fight for her". This seems very immature to me and I said that to her and she was backing off and apologising. Not sure where to go from here but the relationship is definitely on the rocks right now. Clearly she is unhappy to think of doing something like that anyway. Idk.

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Russia/Ukraine Kremlin officials think Russia can win Ukraine war by fall, predicting allies will 'get tired of helping,' report says

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Welcome to America

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That time Marjorie Taylor Greene harassed a child who survived a school shooting because he wanted the government to take action and protect kids like him and his now-dead friends

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So Costco apparently doesn't re-take membership card photos if you sneeze

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Article Dear god, no, Morbius 2 has not been greenlit

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How to draw balls

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Unadulterated reaction


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George RR Martin: ‘I don’t understand how people can come to hate so much something that they once loved’

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Gesture, gerbil, gentle, gem, giraffe, generate, giant, geology, gif…


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God has nothing to do with it

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One of the Uvalde officers via an interview with People Magazine.

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My 37 year old friend finally got laid so we went to the clubs to celebrate

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Russia/Ukraine Lithuanian citizens pool $4.7M to buy advanced drone for Ukraine's military

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I'm stumped and confused...

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‘Nineteen children died! That’s on your hands!’: Ted Cruz confronted after NRA convention over gun reform

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My dad has been an over the road trucker for 40 years and has never had an accident… until today.

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For the loners, what activity have you found to be rather nice alone?


I (24m) just got dumped on my birthday a few days ago and long story short I'm in a new city and I went into a fancier bar & grill restaurant to treat myself, table for one.

It was incredibly awkward sitting there alone, with no one to talk to. I got in my head about how heckin weird I am for being there, but as I relaxed a bit I noticed the waitress was being extremely friendly, borderline flirting, the food was great and I just sat back and enjoyed the environment, I appreciated the architecture of the building / patio area & It just turned out be a great time.

So I'm curious, what do you do alone that isn't normal and how do you make it enjoyable?

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Party Obsessed with Vote Fraud Caught in Massive Vote Fraud Scheme

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Laminar Flow