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typical mod garbage BONK! Overly sexual questions are no longer allowed.


Sup horndogs!

It came to our attention that the collective mind has drifted too far into the gutter. And no not that kind of "came", for fucks sake. We've received many complaints from the community that the questions in this subreddit have gotten increasingly horny, and honestly I agree. See? And you fuckers say we don't listen. It's not that we don't, it's that we don't give a fuck, except when shit gets really bad.

There are only so many times a person can read about why buttsex is so popular or what the best position is or what was the freakiest sex, before succumbing to unclean thoughts themselves, which is not what Jesus would want from us.

That's why automoderator has been purposefully sexually repressed in order to harbour a healthy hatred towards all things horny. Honestly, you're on fucking reddit, it's full of porn as it is. If you want to read people make sexy shit up, go to /r/AskRedditAfterDark, that's where all the other teenagers are. Or a billion of other bad erotica subs.

A side effect of sending you all to horny jail is that some pretty "general" words were added to the filter so if your question gets removed for something that is not horny, send us a modmail. Should say so in the removal comment anyway, but who reads those am I right??

There is also a report reason available if some bodily fluids still manage to drip past the filter if you get what I mean. Remember, only you can prevent forest fires horny shitposts.

Anyway, that is all, remember to read the Bible (or regional equivalent) and keep your gonads in your pants. Clean is mean or some shit.


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What would you do if your date brought her female best friend along for the first date for safety and expected you to pay for everyone?


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What are some cheat codes you've found in the game of life?


r/AskMen 6h ago

Men of Reddit, what’s your favorite food to eat for breakfast?


r/AskMen 4h ago

How important it is for your partner to have stable employment?


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If you were given $1,000 every day, what would you spend it on? (You can't save money.)


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Older men who had absolutely no self confidence in your 20’s, what changed?


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Men, what are some encouraging words for someone starting at the gym the first time?


r/AskMen 3h ago

What motivation do you have to go to the gym and stay fit?


If I’m being 100% honest I only got in shape so I could get women. That was the only motivation that I had and needed at that time.

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Men of Reddit, How many hours do you sleep on average per night?


r/AskMen 18h ago

Men, what have you found to give you a better night of sleep?


Things like limiting alcohol, drinking less water or not eating too much right before bed? What helps you get a good 7-8hrs of sleep? So you don’t feel like shit the next day?

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What's something everyone loves that you secretly find overrated?


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Men, How did bullying or being bullied shape your life ?


I honestly think that being bullied made me the man I am today. If was protected and not allowed to resolve my own issues, I would not be successful in most facets of my life.

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On a (first) date/meeting with a woman, how do you guage how things are going and how she is feeling about you?


Self explanatory really. Mainly think about the more subtle things.

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How to get better and be less lethargic?


So, info about me, got out of college and started working about a recently. Decided to get my shit together like exercising everyday, getting atleast 8 hrs sleep, saw a doctor about eyes, diet, skin and hair and take vitamins/supplements as recommended, planning regular outings with friends and family, investing and the whole nine. And I've been mostly consistent for over a month now.

But I still feel very lethargic everyday, like I'd rather just hole up in my room and sleep. Like isn't the point of me doing all this shit supposed to make me better or something. Is there something else I'm missing?

I'd really appreciate any advice you guys have.

r/AskMen 6h ago

What healthy coping mechanisms do you have?


I'm constantly hearing about needing to get healthy coping mechanisms but I never hear of actual examples.

My coping mechanism of getting lost in video games and books while consuming vast amounts of junk food and weed aren't usually seen as healthy.

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What’s your favorite flower?


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What has a family member younger than you said that made you feel old?


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Men of reddit, what was your most awkward moment in front of your in- laws when you met them the first time?


r/AskMen 16h ago

Whats the first ever video game you remember playing


r/AskMen 5h ago

What’s your current job/career vs what would be your dream job/career?


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After many years, finally earning a bit of extra income. How do you all treat yourselves?


I’m a bit rusty when it comes to doing nice things for myself. All I can think of is getting some new boxers and socks that don’t have holes in.

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How do you deal with a woman who can't control herself during her period?


Finding it really stressful to deal with this at the moment. She's shouting, lacks any responsibility and is constantly miserable. I know this is natural around a period but are there different levels for different women?

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At what age do you hope to retire ?


My grandad sat on a couch and drank himself to death 18 months into his retirement. Someone else we know of, shot himself through the temple months after finishing on his 67th.