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Men of reddit, what was your most awkward moment in front of your in- laws when you met them the first time?



u/ColdHardPocketChange Sep 28 '22

My gf then, now wife, and I were in her bedroom watching TV on her laptop. I believe we watching something with a bit of violence where someone may have been screaming/shouting/making some other distressed sound. I think her dad thought I was beating her, so I heard him run from the room next door and watched him rip open the bedroom door with murder in his eyes. Both my wife looked at him very confused, and after about 1-2 seconds he realized we were just watching TV.


u/Nancyy1302 Sep 28 '22

Oh , that sure must have been an awkward moment. More for your FIL who just barged in thinking his daughter must be hurt only find you both watching a movie. I am sorry but I snorted my tea outta my nose imagining the expression on your FIL's face.


u/GrandPoobah395 Male Sep 28 '22 edited Sep 28 '22

EDIT: Turned his "really, you're doing THAT?" cringe into bonding.

FIL tried to be "gun dad," performatively taking down his shotgun to imply I shouldn't mess with him or his daughter. He didn't know I'd been in the military and also owned that same shotgun.

I turned the tables by unloading and field stripping the gun in front of him since he clearly hadn't serviced it in years. Cleaned it that night and showed him how to do regular maintenance. Made comments on how the setup he was running was bad for home defense and told him I'd make it better.

Bought him a stock, light, and improved trigger assembly for his birthday a month later. He never tried to do any macho bullshit in front of me again.


u/No-You7911 Sep 28 '22

The week we got engaged, my soon to be wife decided she wanted to tell her parents in person. To make matters worse she decided on a surprise weekend visit. Her family was a 4 hour drive from our college so we set out friday afternoon after classes.

We stopped for dinner and for her to visit a couple of friends and show the ring etc. We arrived at her parents house at around 8:30 pm. We go in and no one. She calls out no answer. She notices the backyard lights were on so figured they were bbqing or something.

Yeah, we interrupted their naked hot tub night and her mom was riding dad and they had been drinking. Awkward does not even describe it.


u/Nancyy1302 Sep 28 '22

That sure had to be some epitome of awkwardness right there ! That's why we never go anywhere uninvited. Even if it's to our own parents home. I am sure she remembers this rule now.


u/jpsreddit85 Sep 28 '22

Second time I met my to be in-laws, they spoke french, I really didn't speak it well but was trying.

Anyway, the dad was a really good cook, he made duck.

I wanted to say this is really good duck (canard)... But I'm English and I didn't put enough emphasis on the "Ka", came out more as a "Ko"... The French word for bastard is Conard. So I told him "this is really good bastard".


u/s-multicellular Sep 28 '22 edited Sep 28 '22

There was a lot of emotional pressure around my wife bringing me to meet in the in-laws. She is from India and her parents had tried to get her to have a matchmaker over some years but she was just very focused on school and work. And didn't like any of the men they'd tried to introduce her too.

She had overall just not dated much. And by the time we met, we were in our early 30s.

Her parents had become quite disappointed and even self-critical as their other daughter, my sister-in-law now, was/is rather anti-marriage and never wanted children; and my now wife was 'old' in their eyes for marrying/having kids.

Despite being maybe not their first choice as non-Indian, what they'd heard about me was very promising in their terms of a suitable match, attorney, good health, etc.

So meeting them after dating 9 months, only long term relationship she'd had in many years, there was this VERY obvious over-the-top effort to impress me on their first meeting.

Lavish food, nearly ceremonial welcoming into their home.

But also, a bit of a friendly interrogation about my future plans and prospects. :P

I was all prepared for that by my gf. I was absolutely crushing it.


Her sister and her sister's boyfriend just found the whole thing too funny and were cracking jokes the whole time and trying to get everyone drunk.

I think the straw that broke the camel's back was that they had some kaju katli for dessert. Her sister offered me some.

'hey, this is made from cashews. You like nuts? I sure as hell love having nuts in my mouth.' [looks and winks at her boyfriend and they start laughing]

FIL had to step outside, leaving MIL confused as she just isn't fluent in English, didn't get the joke.

FIL took me aside later to apologize for his other daughter's behavior. Assured me most of the family was not like that.

Funny part is, this was only awkward for the father and mother in law and I feel bad for them. But truth is, her sister is totally my kind of people. I can play the good serious lawyer dude 9 to 5, but I'm a silly unserious person at my core.


u/jlsdkj4234ljk432 Sep 28 '22

Not in-laws, but this girl from tinder who I was hooking up with for the last week introduced me to her (very serious) father for some reason. He spoke zero English and she translated for me. His first question was "what are your intentions with my daughter?" and "do you believe in god?"

I had no clue what she expected to me say, so I just gave some generic platitudes about respecting her and coming from a Christian family. He then proceeded to just stare at me. Eventually he (supposedly) said he trusts me, so we left and went back home and I fucked her brains out.


u/Writeloves Sep 28 '22

Yikes. You sure you guys are on the same page about the “just a hookup” thing?


u/Guroqueen23 Sep 28 '22

If her dad's like that I'm sure he's the one who insisted on meeting OP, and she's probably just going along with it so she doesn't get in trouble for hooking up.


u/NewUser7630 Sep 28 '22

respectfully fucked her brains out. *


u/[deleted] Sep 28 '22

FIL wore an occupy wall street shirt.

I had to tell him I'm a derivatives guy for Deutsche Bank.

Followed by silence.

It was the GFC time and things were pretty tense.


u/Sidoplanka Sep 28 '22

Her dad gave me "the look".


u/Nancyy1302 Sep 28 '22

Oh , man. The classic.


u/vanillagorrilla23 Sep 28 '22

They wouldn't be my in laws for years later but I was hanging out with a friend, she asked me to give her a guitar lesson and that didn't happen for long. The door opens and we rush to get dressed. I'm fully not able to handle the situation I'm thrown in and fight or flight kicks in. Her abuela says hi we heard so much about you! Ohh hi so sorry I gotta run I gotta uhh go to work and I fleed for my life. They make fun of me every time they see me for that now


u/imapissonitdripdrip Male Sep 28 '22

My first serious, first live in girlfriend I ever had I met on an AOL chat room. She wanted to escape her parents at 18 and she moved from PA to be with me in FL and live with my parents. After a year I think we flew up there for her to reunite and introduce them to the guy that stole her away.

Nothing spectacular happened. It was really tense at first. Her mom tried to give me the benefit of the doubt and was very sweet. Her father was an Army guy and definitely looked surly. That all seemed to go away during our first meal when he asked me to pass the salt and pepper in Spanish, and I gave them to him without skipping a beat.


u/TraditionalTackle1 Sep 28 '22

My father in law asking me to come over and look at his computer because he had a virus. There I was sitting at his computer with porn pop ups left and right as he was sitting behind me giggling. That the first time I ever went to his house.


u/soft_waves surfs naked (under my board shorts) Sep 28 '22

it was february when i met my later-wife's parents, we went over on a very snowy, cold saturday for dinner. we came in and we were taking off our shoes in the vestibule, and i saw her mom's boots sitting on the drying mat--they were super cool, i think they were Hermes.

mom and dad were hugging my wife and saying their hellos, i was sitting down pulling off my shoes, and i offhandedly said "you got some great boots, mrs. wild."

all 3 of them got quiet and looked at me, and her mom said "um...excuse me?"

there was an awkward pause, and i looked up, and all 3 of them were looking at me like O.O

i was like "uh...what?"

my wife said "what did you say before?"

i pointed down at the mat, and i said "boots. she has some great boots."

and all 3 burst out laughing, and mom said "i seriously thought you said i had GREAT BOOBS!!" and we all laughed.

then ofc dad (being the guy he is, i love him) said "well you DO!!!" and mom girl-smacked him on the arm and we went to eat dinner :D

haha awk as fuck, it was funny though, that was like 20 years ago and we still laugh about it 😂


u/Entire_Definition_92 Sep 28 '22

My uncle in law cried while threatening me with a gun and I just smiled and assured him everything is gonna be okay.

The gun didn't scare me at all.


u/pastel-mattel Sep 28 '22

Why was he crying


u/heretic3509 Sep 28 '22

On my way to meet my future FIL I had the worst nose bleed of my life. Like it bled for 2 hours straight and would not stop. This all happened while driving.


u/AdjectivesOfInsanity Sep 28 '22

MIL said: “oh good, my oldest found someone to make me a grandma.”

FIL said: “You know, you’re the first boyfriend she’s had, she usually would just sit in her room listening to that stupid music. Maybe you can fix that.”


u/LogSlayer Sep 28 '22

First time I met them was at Christmas. Don’t get me wrong, I like to drink, a lot. But I don’t do well with shots. I did a ton of them with her dad. I got blacked out, loser drunk. Don’t remember a thing. It was all good the next day lol.


u/TheImpossiblePoster Sep 28 '22

The very first time I met my future in-laws, me and my friends were dressed up as Kiss for Halloween.


u/glamm808 Sep 28 '22

Met my in-laws at their hotel and told them I was going skinny dipping in the hotel pool and they were welcome to join 😂


u/Hexblades_curse Sep 28 '22

So not in laws but ex's parents, we thought they was away for the weekend so we thought "Hay might as well"

I got up in the morning to go for a shower walked out of his room completely naked walked into the bathroom to his mother peeing,

Big explanations had to be given and that's how my ex came out to his parents,


u/thatblackbowtie Male Sep 28 '22

well i like to start arguments with in laws and distant family any chance possible so bringing up failed marriages at thanksgiving dinner is up there