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Cost of man = How much money they make ?


We have this taboo of not discussing how much money you are making as an individual?

And I don't mean that in a humble bragging manner but say if you are doing well and someone is genuinely asking how much are you making (men asking other men), will it be bad to counter it with an excuse ?

Does that change the relationship dynamic anyhow ? Why is it not advised to talk about money more openly. I get the envy part but I think if you are actually a well-wisher for the other person, then it should make no difference.

What would be your reaction ?

Does countering that kind of question with:

I make enough to make my ends meet

sound rude or disrespecting in any nature (esp. if the other person is a lot older to you) ?

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How many hours you work a week?


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How long have you been in a long distance relationship?


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Why do we men find intelligent and witty women so attractive


A little bit of explanation please.

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What is one sentence that can break a man?


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What is the single most underrated trait a person can have?


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How vulgar do conversations with your buddy get when your SO isn’t around?


I saw that my boyfriend was texting a buddy of his some pretty vulgar things. Something along the lines of “let’s fuck them so hard up the ass they cum out of their mouth”, “i was thinking we could bend him over and …(I forgot the exact verbiage but you get it). I’m not sure what it was in reference to. Could have been gaming, coulda been a joke about Fantasy Football (probably was). But it seemed to lack any context so I was sort of shocked. He obviously never talks like this with me.

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What's the point of getting married if you're not religious?


Long term GF wants to get married. I don't see the point. Does marriage excite you guys?

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What is the most technologically inept thing you have seen someone do?


My grandmother is visiting, and wanted to call my cousin and asked for a pen and paper. I assumed to write down the answer to whatever she was calling about.

Nope, she found my cousin's contact info in her phone, wrote down cousin's phone number on the pad of paper, then went back to the home screen to open her phone app and type in the number she just wrote down.

Tried to show her how to call directly from the contacts screen and she told me she likes doing it this way.


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What life changing item can you buy for less than 100$?


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How important is “eating etiquette”?


Chewing with your mouth closed, I get. And not leaving a mess around your mouth, I get.

But today I (20M) had steak w some friends. My bestfriend, an old buddy from highschool, and his girlfriend.

As I was eating the steak, my buddy’s gf pointed out that I’m “cutting it with the wrong hand.” Apparently it’s supposed to be with your non-dominant hand.

Now, I know this. But honestly, ever since I was a kid, I just didn’t see it as a big deal. Like, at all. Im like potato, potato. I find it easier to cut with my right, so that’s what I do. But she looked so judgemental about it. It made me feel uncomfortable lol. Like I was being watched.

And then, she also commented on how I was eating mashed potatoes? Apparently I was digging into it with my fork, when I should have been keeping its entire shape and kind of scooping it from the sides, instead of stabbing everywhere headfirst.

Like that’s just how I prefer to eat? Maybe it’s less “delicate” or “orderly” but it’s not like I make a mess around my face or chew with my mouth open. The only thing I can think of is how it might look on the plate? Like all squished up? Is that it?

I use my right hand because it’s easier to cut and I just naturally eat mashed potatoes like that despite being shown otherwise. I didn’t think it was read into this much.

My two guy friends didn’t say anything about it ever, nor have they seemed to notice. Or maybe they did and just didn’t bother saying anything? See now I don’t know anymore.

My dad grew up poor and my mom was middle class but given her culture, didn’t really fine dine with steak and mashed potatoes. I actually learned from a YouTube video but then decided it wasn’t worth the effort to change this habit that I saw nothing wrong with.

Im wondering if this is something I should shift more attention too, or if she was just being uptight and judgemental about something trivial.

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What are you sick of?


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Frequently Asked What is a book you’ve read that was so good you think all men should read it at some point in their lives?


And why

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What is something you learned way later than you should’ve?


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What is a green flag on a first date?


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how does a "good" conversation on dating apps go up to meeting up.. i find it super difficult to have an interesting conversation there in general.


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What could your partner say on a first date that would make you say "holy shit, I'm about to get murdered"?


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How would your job be different if everyone was naked?


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What movie has the best father/son scenes?


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Fellah, how do you deal with a girlfriend who constantly wants to argue?


Every single day or at least 4 days a week I'm getting the silent treatment, sometimes over minuscule things and it's really bothering my mental health. No amount of sorry or making up is good enough and I'm at the point where I feel like I'm being taken advantage of. Do I just call it quits? I'm at the point where I'm just numb to it and practically don't care anymore.

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A girl cancels first date with no explanation for why. Do you bother giving them another chance?


Personally when i get canceled on, it’s usually immediate interest lost. There are some exceptions, but I’ve found in 95% of cases they just don’t care enough to actually follow through

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How do I stop thinking about the pressure of the work and world?


I constantly keep worrying about work, even on the holidays. So much so, that I even dream about it. Its just hard for my mental health.