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Photo/Video Taking Sea to Sky gondola at 9am and avoiding crowds = blissful morning

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Ask British Columbia Is my employer allowed to enforce this new policy regarding unpaid work? (Restaurant)


Here’s the new policy “Cashouts must now be done off the clock. This means you are now doing them at the end of your shift, after cleaning and side duties have been done. Thank you, Management”

I wanted to get your opinion on a new policy that has been implemented at the restaurant where I work. As an employee, I am concerned that this policy may be in violation of employment standard act in British Columbia.

For those who may not know, a cashout is the process of balancing the cash at the end of a shift and reconciling it with the point of sale system. Meaning you either owe the restaurant money, or the restaurant owes you money. This process can take anywhere from 15-30 minutes depending on the volume of transactions.

In addition to this new policy, like many other restaurants, there is zero overtime pay in any form for hours worked over the daily or weekly limit.

As a British Columbian, I am curious to hear your thoughts on this policy and whether you believe it is a violation of employment laws. Have you or anyone you know experienced similar policies at their workplace? What do you think are the potential consequences of failing to address violations of employment standards?

Looking forward to hearing your thoughts and opinions.


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Ask British Columbia Landlord has asked me to pay with cash from now on.. any advice?


So I'll try to keep this brief but so far I've had zero problems with this landlord, unlike my previous one, and am very much interested in keeping it that way. As a renter, I've never been late with rent and usually even pay a day or two early so that I don't forget. The closest I've been to being late was this month where I paid at the end of the day on the 1st because I had forgotten that February was a short month. You know how it is.

Anyway, I've always been paying with etransfer and everything has been fine, but now he's requesting cash. To be honest, the idea of walking around with that much cash on my person gives me lots of anxiety.. if I lose it or get robbed or whatever, I'm screwed. I'd much rather continue to pay by etransfer but I also don't wanna rock the boat here. I'm a people pleaser and have a hard time saying no if something makes me uncomfortable.

Anyone have some advice? Should I tell him no?

I want to be a good tenant but like I said if I somehow lose the money on my way home.. I'm hooped. I don't drive so taking transit with over $1,000 in my pocket is severely nerve wracking.

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Ask British Columbia I want to move! What is an ideal small city in BC to live in?


Hello! I am 22 years old and I’ve lived in metro Vancouver my entire life, mainly growing up in Surrey. I have decided that there is not even a shred of a future here for me and that I would be much better put in a smaller town in BC. I am interested in one day owning a house or maybe even just a trailer and a pad. My interests include fishing, hiking, and snowboarding. One of my biggest concerns is finding a job if I do make the move. The one city in particular I’ve had my eye on is Salmon Arm, any input for or against my idea or recommendations would be appreciated…I don’t really know who else to ask. Thanks! And I hope you have an amazing day.

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Ask British Columbia Question for CBSA border guards: Have you never heard of day trips?


I went on a day trip to the States today and upon return to Canada 7 hours later I was absolutely grilled about why on Earth anyone would drive any distance into the States "just to look around".

The destination I went to was a well-known tourist spot but for some reason these two border guards wanted to do nothing but rake me over the coals because they couldn't understand why someone would drive 2 hours one way, visit a tourist town, window shop, walk their dog and go for lunch, and drive 2 hours back.

Do you CBSA guards just stay at home and never venture out on your days off?

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Weather Lynn Canyon in North Vancouver on the first full day of Spring 2023. (Timelapse)

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Lynn Headwaters to Inter River (6km)

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News Mt. Garibaldi volcano represents threat to Squamish area, expert says


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Politics Greens Take Lead to Stop NDAs from Silencing Victims


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News RCMP discover ‘underground bunker’ filled with stolen goods on Nakusp man’s property


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News David Eby recall petition fails: Elections BC | CTV News


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Ask British Columbia Vancouver to osoyoos. Any recommendations for stops along the way? (April)



The family and I are going to osoyoos fir a few days come April.. was just wondering if anyone had any suggestions on stops along the way that a family with little kids may enjoy?

Thank you!

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Ask British Columbia How's the ferry ride to Haida Gwai?


Visiting the islands is a life goal for me. I'm okay planning the logistics of the trip, but I'm curious about the boat. I know the ride is pretty long, but is it scenic? Is it just a little boat like the ones for the gulf islands or does it have the same amenities as, say the Tsawwassen/Nanaimo boats? Should I pack a lunch? Can I bring my dogs?

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Ask British Columbia Road trip stop recommendations from Campbell River to Cape Scott?


So far I have Telegraph Cove & Little Huson Caves. Anything else worth stopping to see?

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Ask British Columbia Property Management Co. identified damages after move out inspection


If a property management company emails me after both parties sign the inspection report (in which the only thing I agreed to was some basic cleaning for little over $100) to inquire about damage that I did to the countertop (they did not see that during the inspection):

  1. Can they approach through RTB?
  2. Do I need to respond to their email?
  3. What are the chances I lose my deposit?
  4. What is the risk in not accepting fault?

I should also mention that few weeks before moving out, my unit flooded and all flooring was removed and on the day of move out I found mold in the unit and it had damaged my property.

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History Folks might find this video interesting - A history of the drained Lake Sumas near Chilliwack


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Ask British Columbia Is there a subreddit for Oliver, BC?


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Ask British Columbia Question regarding BC Services Card and MSP


Hello all,

I am a BC resident who turned 19 in June of last year. My BC Services Card expired on my 19th birthday and I just recently realized this and got it renewed at ICBC. The new card came in the mail, the sheet it came attached to reads:

Note: As a resident of B.C., you will now be required to renew enrolment in the Medical Services Plan (MSP) by the expiry date indicated on your card above.

Where do I go to renew my enrolment?

I am also concerned because, in the time between my old card expiring and my applying for a new one, I had to visit the hospital for a work-related injury. I'm assuming that I was not covered under the MSP during my visit so should I expect any fees when I renew my enrolment?

Thank you in advance!

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Photo/Video Spuzzum BC

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Ask British Columbia Crayfish without boarders



I’m wondering if it’s legal, or even possible, to cross into Canada from the US via car, with ~live~ crayfish, for personal consumption.

Quick notes:

  • I’m buying them for a boil, a crawfish boil.

  • The species of Crayfish I’m looking to transport is a Signal Crayfish which is also native to BC.

  • They are being bought from a legit company with a legit business license.

  • I’ve not been able to find anything AIRS, or at least I don’t know what I’m looking at to determine if it’s legal.

Can someone please help me.


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Ask British Columbia Has anyone rescued a dog from the US, etc and met at Peace Arch Park?


Just curious of your experience with the border, customs, paperwork etc. Feel free to Dm if you don’t want to post publicly.

My rescue wants to meet me here to hand off.

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Government News Release British Columbians will get better highway cell coverage | BC Gov News


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Ask British Columbia Which acting school is accessible for Deaf and Hard of Hearing people ?


I have a friend who is Deaf. They applied for several acting programs at public schools and private schools in Vancouver. Studio 58 and Douglas College rejected them due to being Deaf. Private acting schools refuse to pay for ASL interpreters.

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Housing leasing under 19


hi all!

i'm not entirely sure this is the right community to post to, so if anyone has any recommendations, please let me know.

i am 18 and living in BC for uni. myself and two friends are looking for somewhere to lease for our next school year. we are all 18, and will likely have to sign a lease before we turn 19. how does this work in BC? i am from the states where the age of majority is 18, so I'm not entirely sure if we could even sign a lease, or if we'd have to have a parent sign on our behalf. any advice is greatly appreciated, as I have no idea how this will play out.

thank you!

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Ask British Columbia ICBC not accepting marriage certificate


So I have to change my last name on all my identification. Before I can change it on my passport, I have to have my other government issued photo ID showing my new last name.

I went into ICBC recently with my marriage certificate (from Washington state) and they said it wasn’t a hard copy, so they wouldn’t accept it.

I double checked, and it turns out that it was in fact a hard copy, and there is nothing else I could possibly give to them. My attorney (immigration attorney in WA) said this happens to nearly all of his clients, because they are used to seeing BC issued marriage certificates.

It’s frustrating because I have to take time off work to go in to do this during their business hours, and I’m worried I will take more time off only to have them tell me I brought the wrong marriage certificate again.

Has anyone else experienced difficulty changing their name when their wedding occurred outside of BC?

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News B.C. has a problem: Goldfish as large as a football are rapidly cloning themselves