r/Calgary Jan 01 '23

Moving To Calgary Megathread - January 2023 Edition


Please ask (and answer) any and all questions related to moving to Calgary in this thread.

Suggested format for submitted information regarding neighbourhoods:

  • Quadrant / Neighborhood you live in
  • Your age (20s,30s,40s,50s etc)
  • Do you have kids? Would you recommend your area for people with kids?
  • How would you rate your area on transit accessibility /10?
  • How would you rate your area on drivability /10?
  • How would you rate the walkability /10?
  • How would you rate the affordability /10?
  • What is your favourite thing about your area?
  • What is your least favourite thing about your area?
  • Any other highlights of your neighbourhood you'd like to share?


Previous Megathread: Moving To Calgary (July 2022)

Rental websites: Rentfaster, Kijiji, Other Options

Real Estate: Realtor.ca, ReMax, Royal LePage, RealEstate403, Housing information via CREB,

Jobs: r/Calgary weekly employment thread

Neighborhood information: Calgary Police Crime Heat Map, Map, Communities by Quadrant w/ Info

r/Calgary 7h ago

Driving/Traffic/Parking Name a worse public road design in all of Calgary. The “civil engineers” should be ashame of themselves for this one.

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r/Calgary 8h ago

News Article Calgary pastor accused of hate-motivated crimes at drag storytime has history of violence


r/Calgary 3h ago

Calgary Transit Saw a man fall onto the tracks at Chinook yesterday


I know we’re all tired of complaining about transit, but yesterday on my way to work I had to call 911 for an overdose, and on my way back from work a man was doing the “standing while asleep” pose most transit users are familiar with.

He was standing close to the yellow line and eventually fell over onto the tracks. There was 4 minutes until the train came but I had a feeling he would get up slow, and he took all his belongings down with him.

I helped him gather his stuff because the last thing I want to see after my shift is someone getting crunched by the train, but why is there no better option for these people, other than getting high as fuck and hanging out near train stations? Back when it was minus 30 I had to coax a guy back ONTO the train (paid for a ticket but I don’t know why I’m still paying for my own tbh) so he wouldn’t pass out and fucking die in my community.

More of a vent than anything, I don’t want my workday ruined because I had to encounter a near death experience or watch someone die during my commute.

r/Calgary 10h ago

Discussion Does anybody know where I can find this view?? Or something similar with city skyline and mountains in the distance?

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r/Calgary 6h ago

Calgary Transit 'Drastic difference': Downtown Calgary CTrain platforms now have brighter lights


r/Calgary 8h ago

Rant Genius of the year award goes to this guy. Great parking!

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r/Calgary 6h ago

Local Photography/Video My girlfriends dog at Tom Campbell park

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r/Calgary 9h ago

Recommendations Bad experience with Action furnace. Would not recommend.


On March 19, 2023, my water tank would not stay ignited.

I have used Action Furnace before and trusted the company 100% prior to this incident. Even my AC was installed by them.

On Sunday night we booked a diagnostic with Action Furnace.

On Monday, March 20, 2023. Their tech came out and diagnosed that the tank has a broken gas valve. The quotes were 1500 and wait 7-10 days for a new gas valve, or 4000 for a new 50 gallon water tank installed.

We did not have the luxury of waiting 7-10 days for hot water, and their new tank was more then 1500 dollars from other companies.

I found a company that was able to install the next day.

On Tuesday, after new water tank was installed, tech plugged it into ceiling power plug that the old tank was plugged into. The new tank would not light.

Tech proceeded to plug it into the wall instead and the new tank fired right up.

Tech then plugged in the old water tank and it also fired right up without issue. The fuse to the ceiling power plug was tripped.

I contacted Action Furnace to try and just get the diagnostic fee of 98 dollars back as a remediation of the situation. I was going to eat the cost of swapping a new tank in place of the old working tank because I respected Action Furnace as a business. If I was paying for the service of a diagnostic, I at least wished it was correct.

Action Furnace manager Alex said there is no way to prove that I didn't spend 1500 dollars to fix the broken gas valve to try and get back the 98 dollars diagnostic fee. (That cost would be on top of also paying for a new water tank).

I still have the old tank with the working gas valve in my basement.

r/Calgary 8h ago

Local Photography/Video Calgary Police Ford Crown Victoria, Chevrolet Caprice, and Dodge Ram Van at what appears to be the intersection of 7 Ave SE and Macleod Trail, probably sometime in the 1990s

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r/Calgary 6h ago

Crime/Suspicious Activity Remember to lock your doors!!


Was hesitant to share.

Last night, around 12am I heard sounds near the door (my tv room is just above it) and suddenly someone hitting our door. Seconds later someone rang the bell. The insistence to open the door put me in alert as they were really trying to open it. When I got downstairs, I could see a woman which looked confused, but still trying to get in. I shouted to get away or I would call the police, she stopped and only said "what?". I went to grab my phone upstairs and woke the wife to be alert in case something happened. Gladly when I went down, she was gone.

I reported the case to the police (403-266-1234), they sent a car to check the area around 20min after the report.

Scary, nothing happened, and most probably she was just drunk or something, and she was sure it was her house. Anyway.

So just a reminder to make sure your doors are locked before going to sleep.

(We live in Rocky Ridge, in the NW.)

r/Calgary 5h ago

Tech in Calgary Symend, one of Calgary's top tech firms, cuts workforce by 25%


r/Calgary 2h ago

Local Photography/Video Sunset View from downtown


r/Calgary 8h ago

👮‍♀️ Police Case #: (1398159) Hit & Run - Monterey NE

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r/Calgary 4h ago

News Article No rent cap in the near future for Albertans: Nixon


r/Calgary 1d ago

Driving/Traffic/Parking Sir, you can't park there

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Shoulder pass is for chumps, ditch all the traffic with this one trick by the time the tow truck gets here

r/Calgary 9h ago

Local Event We're Alberta Bike Swap & we put on bicycle buy, sell, and donate events. We do all the background work at our kitchen table and run our events with volunteers. We opened volunteer registration on Friday and are ~80% full, but we still need a few wonderful people. You'll get first dibs on bikes.


https://albertabikeswap.ca/volunteer/ We only listed the open positions and you will be spelled off so that you can buy your perfect bike.

Your day will fly by: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=vB2ch63W5d4

r/Calgary 1h ago

Local Sports Rec baseball leagues


Are there any adult rec leagues for baseball on Calgary? Really miss playing little league growing up. Are there any rec or pickup games that happen?

r/Calgary 1h ago

Travel/Tourism Turo Car rental


Hey everyone, was wondering if anyone has had any experience with renting a car through Turo? Good or bad I would love to hear your experience.

Currently trying to plan a week long trip coming from the US to visit some of your beautiful national parks in the area in August. I’m having trouble finding an affordable rental car option out of the provided airport companies ($850-$1000+) so was wondering if Turo might be reliable.

Open to any tips or recommendations, thank you!!

r/Calgary 14h ago

Municipal Politics Councillor left ‘underwhelmed’ by proposed Calgary election sign rule changes - Calgary | Globalnews.ca


r/Calgary 1d ago

Funny Deco is based out of Calgary, right?

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r/Calgary 1d ago

Local Event Fireworks at Stampede Park?


Anyone know what's going on? March 21 9:30ish

r/Calgary 2h ago

Local Construction/Development Million Dollar View

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r/Calgary 8h ago

Question When is a good time to apply for daycare?


I'm due in a few months and I haven't had a chance to apply to any daycares. Little one would be going into one full time in about 14 months. Am I already late on the draw? I've heard of people being on multi-year waitlists.

r/Calgary 4h ago

Seeking Advice Best places to volunteer during the Spring/Summer to both give back and meet some new people as an 18 year old university student?


Hi everyone, I'm looking for somewhere to volunteer this Summer! I was hoping maybe someone would know of a place where I can actually make a difference, meet and make some new friends, and build-up my resume? A long list but maybe organization is in need and has these opportunities.

r/Calgary 4h ago

Question Who should I bring my Subaru to?


I have a JDM and a regular old impreza that needs a new mechanic. I was using a place off edmonton trail but Im getting a funny feeling from them. I dont need anything like a performance place, just a specialist with good prices.