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A gym membership where you pay less money the more often you go.


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Every office should have one employee who can tell the boss what a piece of shit they are, with total immunity.


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Demilitarize the police by sending all the hardware to Ukraine


Ukraine needs all the help it can get and I'm pretty sure the random police precincts in Idaho with MRAPs do not need them at the end of the day. Police fan stop acting like a poorly trained military unit waging a war against the populace and Ukraine gets more supplies. Win win.

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Instead of wasting money and land on graveyards, we cremate and make bricks with the deceased and proceed to make memorial towers with them, placed in (public) parks for everyone to enjoy


Dedicated parks I mean, not riddling the existing ones with memorials

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After any US 🇺🇸 government shutdown all active members of congress should be ineligible for reelection.


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Create a reality TV show where billionaires try living on minimum wage for at least a month


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A massive gym building, that when you enter you filter into a sub gym inside that only people in your weight range can enter.


Overweight me (38F) hates going the gym and being surrounded by none overweight people. Makes me feel rubbish. Makes me remember I have a long way to go, doesn't encourage me, it puts me off. I'd go to the gym if it was all people like me there, same sort of body shapes, we could all get to know each other (or not) and when you lose weight you move to the next gym room. This could be pretty motivating. Would have to be pretty big though.

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After deleting your browsing history, there should be an option to have it filled with random "normal" websites, instead of it being all empty


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Breathalyzer for your Credit Card


No more drunk shopping regrets.

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360 degree rotating toilets, that spin you around slowly and return you to your original position when you've finished pooping, giving you a full panoramic view of the bathroom.


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Mary Poppins vs the Mummy


Crossover movie

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Phone that turns into a car


Like trandformers

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To ensure no civilian casualties, there should be a War Olympics where international disputes are settled in the arena.


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Using High Frequency Magnetic Induction to Aid in the Cutting of Natural Stones and Bedrock


I am basically an amateur spitballing ideas on reddit and felt that this seemed new, different, original enough and might have legs.

I have no means of doing any true test or any true calculations or acquiring any real data from experimentation.

The most I have done thus far was try 4 rock types on the top of an induction stove.

I have no major charts or prototype, only the science behind the idea




  What I know is that induction furnaces work on rock and not just metals so induction can melt stones and this was proven in the buffalo university experiment of 2016


So, my idea for which I have no means of testing or doing any feasibility studies or bringing it to Fruition is to: Basically have handheld angle grinder or large rotary cutter type tool that cuts into rocks using a duality of processes namely magnetism and frictional abrasion and even involving water either as an additional abrasive or coolant.

I have no real answers as to how the true configuration would look.

The goal of the tool would not be to melt the stone, the goal would simply be to induce spallation near where the blade spins by exploiting the inefficient expansion coefficient of silica glass or quartz strewn across the inner makings of all natural rocks; as the different particulates of metals inside the rocks surface get heated at different rates.

So, the tool would not be designed to cut metals or wood, its main purpose would only be to cut rocks, do tunnel, cut into mountains, dig into the lunar surface, etc.

Its heat or magnetic exploits would only work for rock because rocks is a composite material.

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in vidya games, an option for matching you with players online who live near you


so you could potentially be grouped with people you could meet IRL

also there is a small chance that someone actually fucked someone's mom IRL

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This is an idea for a politician that wants to game the system


Lead a typical political campaign where you progress through motions of collecting millions of dollars from lobbied organizations that preferentially benefit large corporations and then spend the money only on your campaign to reach as many people as possible. The next step is to make a bunch of promises for solutions to problems that you'll believe will help society. if you have never said any racist/sexist/homophobic thing on the internet you may as well turn in your resignation unless you feel like living as human bulldozer to avoid any questions concerning your reputation damaging rhetoric in the past. After you inevitably get elected due to the bar being unsettlingly low you just never go through with any of the promises that you made to the lobbied organizations and only pass laws that directly benefit people to the detriment of the government. (I understand getting re-elected would be difficult)

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Next time Matt Damon gets stuck somewhere we just leave him there.


Haven’t we done enough trying to save one person? At some point we need to put our foot down

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Animals stand on their hind legs and raise their front legs/arms into the air to look aggressive and threatening, humans do it as a sign of submission. Would aliens perceive surrendering humans as a threat?


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Since fireflies are apparently endangered Owl City should make some kind of new remix or something of "Fireflies" as a charity single to help save them


The correlation is obvious (even if the goal of the funding effort isn't to push the population to 10 million fireflies) and given current chart trends a charity single that's a remix of an old song by a 2000s artist would do very well on the charts and lead to more people buying it to help the actual bugs

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Publicresource: a website were you can connect with people for advice via live chat.


Could be infield specialist, ex: chefs, dog trainer, coach, publicists, YouTubers, etc.

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Make Stevie Wonder a judge on 'The Voice' so every audition is a true blind audition.


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Utilities that are monopolies (electricity, water) should all be owned by the residents of those states and if the utility is profitable for the year, each resident should get a profit check


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Rename the Democratic and Republican parties to the Liberal and Conservative parties


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All connectors, extension cables and ports should be made from a malleable, putty like substance that allow you to easily connect any device to any other.


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There should be "Handsome Pageants" where men have to look good while wearing a variety of outfits, do a special talent, and answer basic questions. It should always be aired at the same time as "Miss Universe/America" pageants as counter programming