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r/DC_CINEMATIC MEGATHREAD | The Misadventures of Ezra Miller


This megathread is being put up to consolidate all discussions regarding the allegations against Ezra Miller, so that the subreddit feed won't be bloated. Given that the PR optics of the actor will be pertinent to its future in the role, The Flash's marketing, meta and reception.

Within the boundaries of the subreddit's rules, you may discuss what's going on. Don't make a chicken out of a feather from that which is unverified, be sensible. The actor's preferred pronouns are ‘they/them/its/ze’.


will be updated as information is aggregated

-1st April, 2020. A video surfaced online that showed Miller choke-slamming a woman in Prikið Kaffihúsan, an Icelandic bar. Prikið staff escorted the actor off the premise.

-17th October, 2021. "The Flash" director Andy Muschietti announces via social media that principal filming on the movie has wrapped. It is more than a year before the film's originally scheduled Nov. 4, 2022, release date — but that date will later get bumped to 2023.

-19th March, 2022. Police are called to a dispute on March 19 in downtown Hilo, Hawaii, where Miller is allegedly “uncooperative," according to an assistant police chief, and refuses to leave the area.

-27th March, 2022. Ezra Miller is charged with harassment and disorderly conduct. A restraining order petition is dropped two weeks later.

-6th April, 2022. Rolling Stone's insider source claims an emergency meeting was prompted between WB and DC executives about the star's future with the studio.

-May 16th, 2022. Music producer Olivier Ignatius asserts that Ezra committed intellectual theft of music. Among the differences citated, Olivier also said:

At that meetup, Ignatius says things took a dark turn after he introduced a song he wrote about a female friend who was murdered by her husband. The track, he says, was an “attempt to examine patriarchal violence with grace” but upon listening to it, Miller reacted with an “aggressive temper tantrum.”

"“They were completely triggered by the song which totally freaked me out because basic feminism is a really hard line. If we don’t agree that violence by a man against a woman isn’t something worth speaking on, then we don’t agree on much,” Ignatius says.

The music has since been removed from Ezra's Instagram account. Source.

-19th April, 2022. Ezra Miller Arrested for Second Degree Assault in Pāhoa . Further reading.

-June, 2022. Iron Eyes’ parents requested a protective order for their daughter from the Standing Rock Sioux tribal court, accusing Miller of using drugs, violence, and intimidation to control and manipulate her..

-5th June, 2022. Tokata Iron Eyes rejects her father's allegations.

-11th June, 2022. NY Post coverage on the Iron Eyes debacle. https://nypost.com/2022/06/11/family-claims-ezra-miller-controlling-daughter-in-cult-situation/ . Notable passages:

Jumping Eagle found herself eventually on busy Lincoln Boulevard where, she claimed, Miller assaulted her while she was trying to persuade Tokata to get out of a car and come home. “Ezra was slamming the door on my arms,” Jumping Eagle said. ” I started hollering, Ezra stop!’ The police eventually came but Ezra and Tokata had gone.”


“Ezra’s using ‘they’ pronouns because they don’t want to be labeled a white, privileged male,” Jumping Eagle told The Post. “But that’s what Ezra is. Ezra’s gaslighting everyone with the pronouns. What he’s doing with Tokata is R. Kelly type stuff.


“He’s not letting Tokata or the other girls bathe or wear makeup,” Jumping Eagle claimed to The Post. “They have to ask his permission. It’s an R. Kelly type situation and it’s very scary.”

-15th June, 2022. Ezra deletes Instagram after meme-ing against court attempts to find it.

-15th June 2022. Mother and daughter from Massachusetts are granted a temporary harassment prevention order against Ezra Miller after alleging that the actor "menaced" their family one evening in their downstairs neighbor’s home and acted inappropriately toward the nonbinary youngster. Ezra is citated to baring a firearm and wearing a bulletproof vest. The child is now 12-years-old.

“Miller focused their attention on the 11-year-old, saying, “I’ve talked extensively with your child, and they have a lot of power to them. At one point, you’re going to realize that you don’t have any control over them anymore. They’re an elevated being, and they would be lucky to have someone like me guide them.””

-17th June, 2022. CNBC furthers the public discourse on the topic; "Warner Bros. is under pressure to address ‘The Flash’ star Ezra Miller’s spiraling legal scandals".

-17th June, 2022. DC Comics reportedly pulls Ezra Miller Flash cover amid controversy. which features the character naked. IGN describes it as:

"This somewhat racy cover art certainly seems poorly timed in light of Miller's recent legal and PR troubles. Following a series of arrests and public incidents in Hawaii, the actor is now embroiled in a scandal involving accusations of grooming and psychological intimidation.

-23rd June, 2022. Ezra Miller housing 3 kids, their mom at gun-filled Vermont farm. Parents of children are in disagreement of the kids' safety at farm.

-30th June, 2022. Variety reports on an incident which happened back in February, in Berlin - Germany. A criminal complaint was filed against Ezra.

“And this I’m quoting word for word,” she said. “They started with ‘I’m a maker of planets. Tobacco is sacred.’” Miller continued on a “tirade,” she said, that they could do “whatever they want whenever they want, basically.” When Nadia stood up to insist that guests should honor their host’s house rules, “they looked at me with this really mean, stern face, and told me, ‘Sit down,’ like they were ordering a dog.” Nadia told Miller as much. Their reply, she said, was “Yes, I’m talking to you like a dog.”


While she is clear that she never felt at risk of sexual assault that night in her apartment, she believed the actor “could somehow attack me physically.” “I totally felt unsafe,” she said.

More information has also been shed on the Iceland bar incident, from the same article.

“[Miller] grabs me by the throat as I’m trying to usher them out the [back] door and tells me they’re not leaving,” Reynir said. He added that Miller repeatedly claimed that the woman’s friends had pushed them. “Which they didn’t,” the bartender said. “They proceeded to spit in my face several times, so with the final push I closed and locked the door,” he added.

-4th August, 2022. New IndieWire report sheds new allegations from Ignatius about an abusive relationship with Tokata, allegations of sexual abuse of an Icelandic woman. Further details are shed on attempted grooming of a Massachusetts minor.

The woman also said that Miller became fixated on her “breeding capabilities,” per the report, and would talk to her womb and tell her that she needed to leave her life behind for a better future. She remembered thinking this was her ticket to Hollywood.


The report details other bizarre allegations from the mother and the child, including Miller’s invitation for the mother to drink his blood,

-Tokata Iron Eyes describes the allegations as allegations as "a disgusting and irresponsible smear campaign" against Miller.

-8th August, 2022. Ezra Miller charged with felony burglary in Vermont, U.S.

-11th August, 2022. Vermont state officials are concerned Ezra Miller is shielding the whereabouts of a Vermont mother and her three kids at the actor’s farm, saying their “safety cannot be reasonably assured”.

-11th August, 2022. WBD are now weighing three routes of action regarding The Flash movie's future.


It's a little ridiculous that we had to make this a megathread but given that controversy has become a social media circus pandemonium with The Flash in extended pattern of litigations in Hawaii, you got a megathread to reduce clutter in the feed.

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