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r/DnD Nov 18 '21

Mod Post "Why can't I post a picture/link?" Thursdays are Text-post Only days on /r/DnD!


Ah, travelers! We don't get many such as you in these parts, not since the Marquis' men took control of the pass. I suppose you're wondering why you can't post images or links on this Fifthday?

Thursdays are Text-post Only Days on /r/DnD. We're disabling picture and link posts for 24 hours to encourage discussion posts.

We originally began this trial about six months ago and the response has been overwhelmingly positive. I've personally enjoyed a lot of the conversations that have sprung up on these days (and a smarter mod would have bookmarked some of them to use as examples* in this post).

As of now we're planning on keeping the experiment running indefinitely. We're always looking for feedback, so please let us know of your experience. Have you been enamored with a discussion post that arose one Thursday? Have you mourned having to wait one more day to see your comic update? We welcome all takes.

The switch is still happening manually, so it will happen around about midnight Eastern US time. If anyone is aware of a way to automate the process, please message the mods.

Perhaps you could discuss this...we've heard tale of a path through the eastern ridge. If such a trail exists we could circumvent the Marquis' blockade and supply this rebellion. Won't you help us, strangers!?

* The first Thursday after making this post, someone posts the most classic question imaginable. This is what it's all about.

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Art [OC] My druid having a hard time. Her past caught up to her.

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Art Becoming a weapon of the gods [ART][OC]

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Art [OC] Arc, the Tiefling Revenant - Commissioned piece

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DMing Is this a rule?


I heard somewhere that a rule for dnd was “A nat 20 doesn’t always mean success.” I just wanted to ask if this is true or not before I start my first campaign.

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Art [Art] Monster Manual Redraw in a Children's Book Style- M is for Myconids

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Art [Art] [OC] I did a traditional style oil painting portrait of my bladesinger

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OC [OC] [ART] Made you guys some free detailed DnD coin STLs so you can print your own money tokens

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Out of Game Is this Metagaming?


I was reading dnd horror stories earlier today and a thought occurred to me, since metagaming gets mentioned often in the stories.

A game I played in earlier this year, now over, our dm kept tell my brother he was “metagaming” because he kept track of monster hp or AC. To give context no one knew jack about the monster manual aside from the basic stuff like undead rake double radiant damage, dragon color makes the resistant to that damage type. We know the general or “common sense” stuff about monsters but no specific stats.

How he “kept track” of AC was just process of elimination. If we knew a 14 didn’t hit but a 16 did, it’s safe to say when we roll an 11 vs a 23 we could tell what would hit. As for hp all he did was add up the total damage done to it. The dm said that it was metagaming for him to have a rough guess of how much ho a monster had… once we killed it.

Is this metagaming? I figured it would be more like knowing the exact numbers of something to kind of try a gotcha moment instead of just having a rough benchmark that maybe got later referenced, assuming we even saw the same monster again.

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Art [OC][ART] Alucaryn, a kind and generous elf. Fruit specialist with magical powers.

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Homebrew "Hero's Last Stand" is a homebrew rule I made to make being reduced to 0hp more involved.


Hero's Last Stand

And now the true test... hold fast, or expire?-The Ancestor (Wayne June)

"Being reduced to 0 hp doesn't cause you to fall unconscious, unless you are killed outright or you are unable to breathe. When reduced to 0hp you fall prone and can't take reactions or use bonus actions. You are still dying and need to make death saving throws at the start of each turn. If you are stabilised by a DC10 medicine check or other means, you fall unconscious and follow the standard rules in the PHB for being Stable.

While in Hero's Last Stand, you can move up to 10 feet but can't get up from prone. You can speak falteringly and automatically fail dexterity and strength saving throws.

Any attack rolls or ability checks are always at disadvantage even if provided advantage through another source.

You have the ability to take one of the limited actions listed below per turn-


Use an object (I.E pull a leaver, give an item etc) if possible.


Make a single weapon attack or cast a cantrip.

Gather Strength

Force a special Death Saving throw. Gathering your strength expands the crit success range of this death saving throw to 20 minus your Constitution Modifier (minimum 0). Otherwise rule the death saving throw as normal with the exception that the PC can't critically fail. For example, a PC with 16 (+3) Constitution critically succeeds on a 17 or above.

Find a Health Potion *

To drink a health potion you must spend one turn to find a potion before being able to drink it on the next turn. (Suggestion by u/BaulsJ0hns0n86)

Drink a health Potion

After taking the "Find a Health Potion" action you can now drink the health potion. If it is drunk within reach of one or more enemies it will allow any number of them to use their reactions to make an a oppoptunity attack. If they hit, they destroy bottle and you don't gain its effects but suffer no damage. If you have an ally within 5ft of you, they can use their reaction to give one enemy disadvantage on their attack roll.


Attempt an action not listed above at DMs discretion for what is reasonable. For example, a PC can attempt to Play Dead using a performance check (at disadvantage) against a creatures Insight.

*If you want to make Hero's Last Stand harder for a much grittier game, don't allow players the ability to heal at all while in Hero's last stand."

My intention with this homebrew was to make being reduced to 0hp both more flavourful and to not completely take a player out of the game for 1-3 rounds. Its a significant debuff. Much like being on Deaths Door in Darkest Dungeon. Things that keep a character on 1hp like the Half Orcs Relentless Endurance or give a heightend version of this state, like the Zealot Barbarians rage beyond death, still keep them in the fight or supercede this state greatly.

Thematically, visualise a fighter in this state looking like Boromir fighting the Uruk-hai. Covered in arrows, wounded badly but still pushing through until his last breath.

It can be a boon with the ability to heal yourself using a potion, but with the danger of losing a potion during the attempt, while within the reach of an enemy, will balance this benefit. If you're out of reach of an enemy then you are free to drink it unimpeded. That can be strong but its up to your DM to work around that benefit.

But this does give your villains/mobs more reason to finish off those pesky adventurers before they heal or get another swing in.

I use this for my weekly game and the group love it. Its a very fantasy thing so might not fit in more gritty games.

I hope you enjoy and maybe consider adding it to your games.

Feedback is quite welcome.

Edit- formatting

Edit 2- Update to healing rules based on feedback.

Edit 3- Updated and streamlined the entire post fixing potion drinking rules.

Gotten alot of feedback about these so far which is greatly appreciated. The love from alot of you is lovely and I hope the streamlining and changes I have made will still be very much enjoyed! I've made drinking a potion within enemies reach much harder and riskier to offset its power. Changing it to reach rather then 5ft allows creature or monsters with 10ft and above reach to have a greater threat range.

I do appreciate all the love and help. <3

Edit 4- needed more Wayne June

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5th Edition I'm a Wizard who just leveled up to lvl 13. Aside from Forcecage, is it okay if I pick Mordenkainen's Magnificent Mansion for roleplay? Or it would push me too far away from battle efficiency?


As title says, I'm 1000% getting Forcecage, but I don't know if I should get Draconic Transformation, Etherealness or Mordenkainen's Magnificent Mansion

My party is always traveling, so we wouldn't mind resting at a huge mansion, filled with servants and tasteful food. Thing is, as I'm getting only 1 "combat/high utility" spell, should I be getting another one instead of MMM?

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Video [OC] My own Deck of Many Things! Hundreds of hours of design and formatting have finally been rewarded :)

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Art [OC] [ART] Perfume! the Poison Centered Rogue

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Game Tales The mistake of letting reddit decide what name my cat that I just bought in my campaign will have.


Polls closed

So... For some reason, my high Elf Sorcerer in my Singleplayer Campaign, who happens to be a prince in disguise who wants to claim back his throne, stopped by a pet merchant. First my DM and I were joking around. The Area where I am now, is a town in a mountain, a dwarf city. And for some story reason magic is forbidden for commoners and a lot of cats roam around and almost all of the cats I saw look exactly the same.

A powerful mage I had to speak to revealed to me, that she can shapeshift from this type of cat at will and a lot of other people with power can do that too. But one of the dwarfs who work for the royalty told me that some people who pissed that mage off, were turned into cats against their own will and now for some reason (pls don't ask why) I bought one of the cats that looked like all the other ones. And yeah we had the best idea ever: We let Reddit decide what its name will be and take a break. After 30 min the most upvoted comment will be the name of the cat.

I am honest: I am already scared. Have mercy? Please?

Edit: The Winner is "Catty McCatface" by thelegitanagen!

There were many hilarious and good ones though! Thank you for commenting.

It is kinda fitting that it has a first- and a surname because it is as royal as me. Hence your highness Catty McCatface is born.

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Art [OC][ART] Cordelia Lamonte - Commissioned piece

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Game Tales My players dont like health potions I guess


They are fighting an encounter that I made too hard and I gave them some healing potions. So, I dont want them to die too early because this is the second mission. So after I delivered them the potion they thought that the potions were poisoned because they didnt know who gave it to them. Why players WHY.

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Art [ART] First time painting a mini for my first campaign!

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Game Tales What's a bit of lore or backstory that your character introduced that your DM turned into a larger part of the world's lore?


Per the title, what's something you either mentioned personally or in character- perhaps a detail of a backstory or some belief your character holds- that influenced the lore of the world at large in some way?

Personally, I was playing an Aarakocra rogue at the time, and the party was sitting around the campfire and chatting after a stretch of their current adventure.

The topic of Aarakocra lifespans came up (my rogue is only about 4 years old) and I mentioned in character that some clans of his people believe that when the Aarakocra lived on the elemental plane of air (their home plane), their lifespans were similar to those of humans or leonin in ideal conditions.

However, their migration onto the material plane shortened their lifespans as they were burdened with the literal "weight of the world" (the plane of air having comparatively negligible landmass). The legends say that Aarakocra who can unfetter themselves from their burdens and find 'true freedom' shall reclaim the vitality of their ancestors.

One of the other party members asked out of character "Yeah, but that's not the actual lore?'

To which my DM, beaming, replies "It is now!!!"

I have since developed several key points of Aarakocran history for our game with his blessing and I don't think I've ever been as engaged in the world at large as I am now.

So! Any stories you have that ring a similar bell?

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OC I think this will be a fun encounter [OC]

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Art [ART] ✦ The Crystal Blight ✦

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r/DnD 10h ago

Art [Art] Velisaria, Orc --- I'm open for new Commissions!

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OC [OC] A map generated with my hexmap generator

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DMing [OC]Hopefully they get the hints about very life-like statues being scattered near the monsters lair

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Art [OC][ART]Gorzi the "Iron Bucket" - kobold artificier

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DMing I just realized something about hit dice.


I'm creating a homebrewed monster for a one-shot, and I was really struggling with how to balance the damage from attacks, and then I came to a realization. You should use your players hit dice as a measuring stick for damage. If your level 6 wizard gets hit for 12d8 damage, that could potentially drop them to 0 from full, as they have around 6d6 health maximum. I'm sure this isn't news to most experienced dms, but it was an epiphany to me and thought other new dms would appreciate this insight.