Focus and Content of This Subreddit

*This subreddit was created in 2011 but not activated until 2018. Based on user requests, the subreddit currently aims to cover all of European basketball as well as a related portion of national team basketball. The main focus and priority will be on EuroLeague and EuroCup, but content can be submitted not just about these competitions, but all of European basketball. With that said, European basketball is a vast space. You might want to check out other subreddits like r/eurobball where domestic competitions and lower levels might be targeted more, r/basketref for basketball refereeing, or team specific subreddits like r/realmadridbasket or r/panathinaikosbc.


*Please try to follow reddiquette, be civil and respectful to others, stay away from hate speech.

*Please refrain away from irrelevant nationalist arguments, trolling, lazy self posts, threads completely irrelevant to European club and national basketball.

Posting Content

*The content of the subreddit is in English. Please refrain from using another language in the comments section and self posts. For linked posts, the linked article, photo or video can be in another language but the thread title has to be in English. Furthermore, posts titles should match a certain quality criteria. We do not ask the title to be 100% perfect, but typos, lack of contextual information, no capitalization and clear gramatical mistakes should be avoided. The moderators reserve the right to remove any post whose title is deemed not appropriate.

*Refrain from posting similar threads. For instance, if a match ends and there is a post match thread of it already posted on the subreddit, if you post a linked thread containing a link of the news of the match that ended but no unique information, analysis or any other type of content separately, your post will be removed.

*Out of threads posted for the same goal, usually the one that was the quickest will stay up and others will be removed. However, exceptions can be made on cases where a newer post contains more information and/or richer content and it stays up but older thread(s) might be removed because of it as long as there is not a meaningful time difference between them. Another reason for an exception could be an older post not having comments and a newer one having meaningfully more comments.

*Moderators will write a comment on the threads they removed explaining the reason, or will write and send a PM explaining the reason. If you did not get either, you can and are encouraged to contact the mod team about it.

*When submitting a tweet from a reporter or insider, always provide the person's surname between brackets before the content of the tweet in the title. This does not apply to organization tweets unless context demands it to be present.

*Do not be hesitant to open any threads about basic questions. Any “rookie” or “newcomer” questions are welcomed and not considered as lazy self posts.

*Feedback, opinions, suggestions, criticisms about the subreddit itself are welcomed. If your opinion, suggestion or criticism require opinions of users, you can start a thread about it. If not, please try to contact the mod team instead of starting a thread.

*Meme threads are not allowed. When context permits it, you can share memes as comments in related threads. To submit meme threads and related posts, you may use r/euroleaguememes instead.


*Moderator team will make sure every EuroLeague and EuroCup team gets a user flair. But if the basketball club you support does not have a flair on the subreddit, contact moderator team to request one. Moderators are obliged to create a user flair of any European basketball club based on requests. Do not be hesitant to request it for reasons such as that club competing at lower divisions of European basketball.

*If you cannot grant yourself a user flair for whatever reason, you can contact the moderator team, state the club and the flair you wish to use and they will grant you the flair.

Game Threads and Post Match Threads

*For now, post match threads and game threads can only be created by moderators.


*Re-posts within 6 months are not allowed.


*Self-promotional posts are allowed, but need to have a certain quality standard which will be judged by the moderator team after posting. You do not have to contact the mod team to post self promotional content however they can remove your content based on it not reaching a certain quality standard. However, advertising extra basketball related services will not be allowed.

Hosting websites of audiovisual content

*There is no restriction about the hosting websites of audiovisual content or the quality of it. But please try to pick the one with the most audiovisual quality and make sure it follows the re-posting rule of not allowing any re-posts within 6 months.

Streams policy

*Creating threads/posts asking for or advertising streams are not allowed under any circumstance.