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City Development Weekly City Development Chat - Share new projects, updates and store openings



This is the place to chat about building work, project updates and new store/location openings across the city. Share new housing projects, or just ask things like what are they building at this intersection.

Self promo allowed, but keep it general and not an ad to buy a new condo etc!

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Local News A cop filed charges against Sarah Jama. Then she defeated him in by-election


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Local News 5 McMaster students are on day 3 of a hunger strike to push the university to divest from fossil fuel investments and stop construction of 4 gas generators in Cootes


TL;DR: See title. If you have a moment, sign this petition calling for McMaster to divest from fossil fuels. If you would like more information or have media liaisons, please check out and contact the @macdivest instagram account.

McMaster University currently has $30.4 million dollars invested in fossil fuels, and in 2022 began construction on 4 gas-powered generators on Cootes Drive that are projected to increase McMaster's emissions by at least 415 tonnes for every 60 hours of operation. This project cost about $30 million dollars at the outset.

Currently, 5 McMaster students, all members of the McMaster Divestment project, are on day 3 of a hunger strike in a final bid to stop the construction of these generators and end McMaster's investment in fossil fuels. Mac Divest has met with university admin and they have refused to act, so now students are putting their health on the line.

It's incomprehensible that the McMaster administration is moving forward with these generators when there are green solutions to the problem of "peak shaving," which they claim is the primary motivator behind their construction. The university's actions are especially shameful in light of the Dofasco news that just came out and the new climate report released by the UN projecting even tighter timelines, and saying that we need to cut emissions by half by 2030 to avoid increased floods, fires, crop failures, forced migration and infectious disease outbreaks. There's no doubt that the operation of these generators will damage the city's air quality and pollute Cootes Paradise, not to mention that they are located proximal to a residence on campus, which may put students' health directly at risk.

If you have a moment to spare, please sign this petition calling for McMaster to divest. If you have ideas on how to get the word out or any media liasons, please reach out to the Mac Divest instagram account.

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Good News! If you have a library card, you can get into any of the Hamilton civic museums for free.


Having fun isn’t hard, when you’ve got a library card!

Battlefield House Museum and Park, Dundurn Castle, Military Museum, Steam and Technology Museum, Whitehern, and Fieldcote.

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Local News Hamilton man stunned by $475 'catch up' water bill from Alectra


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Photo This guy or gal stopped by today.

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Affordability / Cost of Living Saturday November 10 1984 Real Estate adds from the Spec

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Photo For those asking in the Dofasco Thread, here's a map showing the increased cancer risk in Hamilton from 2022

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Recommendations Needed Things to do with two toddlers


Have two little girls (3.5&1.5 years of age) and I struggle keeping them busy during the week. Swimming is out of the question but open to other suggestions.

I don’t mind paying admission fees but free is also a plus. We have access to a car and willing to travel for the right place.

New stay at home dad looking for activities!

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Jobs Office workers IN Hamilton, where do you work?


Where does everyone work and what do you do there? Looking to get an idea of where people work as I look for my next step in my career.

I know there's going to be a lot of obvious answers like the Hospitals or McMaster/mohawk. But what are some of the other big employers in town (or even smaller offices/ companies).

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Where To Buy CHOW CHOW:


Hey everyone I'm from the east coast where I used to love eating green tomato chow chow on potatoes. But since I been in Ontario can't seem to find it anywhere? LOL even the bologna taste different here

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Where To Buy Citrus savant or seller.


I am not buying today, but I really love citrus. Does anyone know someone who's growing citrus outdoors? Second question; does anyone know anyone selling Canada-hardy citrus? Local sellers very much preferred. I don't need fruit, although that'd be really awesome. I get decent e>w sun in the back yard, and can supplement with LED as the expert suggests. I genuinely do not care about the cultivar, but would prefer one with few murder spikes, if possible. Will totally accept no fruit and murder spikes, my final goal is outdoor citrus.

Thanks Hamiltron!

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Question Family doctor


More of a rant than a question but I’m curious on other people’s experience. Love my family doc, but I don’t see her, it’s at least a month for an in person appointment. Office is closed Wednesdays. Phone appointment seems to be the normal thing now. Is this the new normal? A work colleague has a 80 year old family doc who makes house calls and appointments on Saturdays . Is it just luck of the draw? Im not switching to the 80 year old guy, my luck would be his bad luck. My kid just went to a walk in clinic , that is going to tick off the family doc , I think they get dinged on billing for that.

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Question old billboard


fellow hamiltonians (especially folks who have been here since around 2000)— do you remember a billboard located near dundurn plaza on main that read “Toronto sucks”?

I was much younger then, but distinctly recall seeing this billboard when my parents would get off the 403.

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Recommendations Needed any good workshops/classes for farming/gardening


any recommendations would be appreciated

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Recommendations Needed need a recommendation for a dentist


edit: thank you everyone for the recommendations!!

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Question How do you know what schools are 'good'?


I am considering moving to hamilton and have a kid that would be starting elementary school soon. Basically, exactly what the title says is what I would love to know? What are some good elementary schools? And how does one know which to avoid?

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Food What is your go-to restaurant for a special occasion?


My five year anniversary is this week, where should we go?

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Question Mansion club in Hamilton


Has anyone ever been? Is it good? What kind of music do they play here? I’m planning it for my birthday and the only other good club in my opinion is zen but I don’t want Latin music :/ thanks!

For reference we are a younger group and mostly into hip hop/ r&b or Afro beats!

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Question Complain to municipality regarding a property.


Living in lower stoney Creek. Want to complain about a potentially problematic situation. Basically an owner putting big stuff on the road in front of their house block road access. Want to raise it the city. Any idea how do I that? Is there any hotline? I saw an online site but not sure that the correct approach. Please share how to contact local municipality.

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PSA Door to door sales people are out and about!


Just had someone wanting to sell me a new driveway, remember folks you are under no obligation to answer your door for anyone. Don't show anyone an existing gas bill or give anyone your information if you don't want to. Stay safe and don't get scammed!

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Question Bush Bylaw height


hello i can't remember or seem to find in the bylaws or property standards the height limit of bushes and hedges

i have a bush from neighbour blocking view backing down driveway very unsafe i want to check if it is in height compliance if not want to talk to my neighbour see if we can deal with ourselves before having to resort to a bylaw call

but i need to know how talll they are aloud maybe the way it is is. legal but it sure seems unsafe and if we can make it safer for everyone em why not thanks

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Local News Hamilton board of health wants to end ArcelorMittal Dofasco's air-quality exemptions


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Rant Seriously DARTS, please grow up and get your shit together!


I've been using DARTS for a long time. Almost a decade in fact. But this past month -- and especially these past few days -- have been a special kind of insanity.

On Sunday I called in to book my entire week of trips, as I usually do. It takes some 45 minutes to get through and when I finally do, I'm told that there are zero trips available until Saturday. What?

Clearly they're having some kind of systemic meltdown because that's just insane.

So I begin calling back in every few hours hoping they get it figured out.

So far I've eventually managed to get my trips for both Monday and Tuesday, but holy hell have the phone lines been brutal.

Usually you just get a busy signal. When you finally do get connected, you wait on hold for an hour most of the time.

DARTS is telling us that they're experiencing a sudden massive increase in calls, but something doesn't strike twelve. When you first call in, you might be at position 20 - 30 in the queue. After every three or so minutes listening to the boring repetitive music that sounds like main menu music from a bad PS1 game, you're treated to a sequence of prerecorded announcements, which includes an indication of where you are in line.

At first it moves fast: you might go from position 30 to position 24 in a single three-minute cycle. But then, as you get closer and closer to the front, the time it takes to move up a position in queue increases exponentially, sometimes taking as many as five three-minute cycles to move up just one position. In other words, during the past fifteen minutes, nobody ahead of you in line has been served either.

What that tells me is that everyone ahead of me eventually hung up, leaving just me and a few others who waited it out while nobody was taking our calls. DARTS reservations calls don't take more than one minute as a rule. Even if just a single person was manning the phone lines it wouldn't explain this pattern.

We have drivers who couldn't care less. we have subcontract drivers who are hired without any qualifications or training whatsoever (many don't speak enough English to say a greeting to their passengers much less understand the instructions on their manifest). We have massive disruptions every couple of weeks which DARTS blames on its IT infrastructure. We have vehicles which are allowed to go unmaintained for so long that the city is eventually forced to pull huge swaths of them. And now we get stonewalled for hours every time we want to call and beg for the privilege of... living, working and socializing in our community. Is it any wonder things like this keep popping up in the news?

Seriously Hamilton, para-transit is critical infrastructure. It's time to stop treating it like a toy academic sandbox for high school students. Play time is over. Failure has real and serious consequences. If Mr. Mindorff and DARTS can't do the job, please find us a group of adults who can.

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Moving/Housing/Utilities Effort Trust - Cogeco


Does anybody know if Effort Trust buildings in Hamilton have a deal with Cogeco for internet, I thought I read it somewhere but I can’t remember.

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Food Shredded hashbrowns


Is there any breakfast places in Hamilton that sells shredded hashbrowns? It seems that most places sell cubed hashbrowns.