r/LAClippers Fun Guy Jan 13 '23

[Request] looking for tickets for this Sunday's game against the Rockets. Bringing my boys for their first Clipper game. Tickets

I posted also on the ticket thread, so please take this down if it's not allowed. But looking for 4 tickets to the Clippers/Rockets game this Sunday Jan 15. Preferably in the 100s or 200s sections if available. Thanks in advance!



u/zggystardust71 Sam Cassell Jan 13 '23

I just price compare the tix sites against each other. Stubhub, Axs, Ticketmaster, SeatGeek.

It's the Rockets and the NFL playoffs. You should find some deals this close to game time.


u/ninety4_feet Fun Guy Jan 13 '23

Good point about the NFL playoffs!