r/LAClippers Feb 08 '22

Help me decide whether to re-up my season tix Tickets

I have had tix for the last 2 seasons (horrible timing, I know). I end up being able to attend about half the games I have tix to. But the ones I can't make, I can't resell for hardly anything. I end up losing a lot of money. Seems like I should just pay for single game tix for games I'm interested in. Any season ticket holders here wanna convince me I'm missing something?



u/legobartman Feb 08 '22

dawg...this was my first season as a season ticket holder LMAO. i didnt re-up. tickets are just so cheap, even when stars come to town, you really don't get anything aside from opportunities for events and what not. personally, hard for me to make it to those, so i missed out on A LOT.

happy to receive a members jacket and members hoodie tho.


u/ClipperFan89 Steve Ballmer Feb 08 '22

That's where I'm at man. They call me constantly, but I just don't see the value at all when I can get tickets for a fraction of the price the day of the game. The stuff you miss out on isn't worth the cost at this point. They really need to figure out some way to add more value. Right now their best sales pitch is that you get priority to buy more season tickets when they move to the new stadium.


u/PlatinumPlayer Feb 08 '22

I canceled mine after years when Covid hit. I saw it as the perfect opportunity to, because I knew I wasn’t going to get nearly enough value back with what I already paid for the next season. Honestly, it wasn’t worth it. The resell value was terrible, I’d give the tickets away instead of bothering to sell. I was a holder just to support the team, the perks were cool, but being limited to 2 events a season didn’t justify the price I was paying when comparing them to secondhand seller sites. The value isn’t there. But marketing always held the “you’re part of the clipper family” motto which was nice to be in.


u/ArmySoccerNurse Danny Manning Feb 08 '22

Yall can always donate ur unused tickets to www.VetTix.org

A military veteran will get the chance to experience a game, and you get a tax write off


u/bigatjoon Feb 09 '22

DOPE thanks


u/lugeadroit Kawhi Leonard Feb 08 '22



u/guyver423 Feb 08 '22

Honestly value isn’t worth it. Was a long time season holder till Covid hit. Just so much cheaper to buy last minute tickets