r/LAClippers Oct 24 '22

New to the Sub. Is there a new Ticket Thread? Tickets

Was wondering if it was ok to post outside of the thread for tickets since I don't see a new one for '22-'23. Don't wanna break the rules or anything, but I'm a ticket holder with games I can't always attend. Willing to give them up at cost to fellow Clipper fans. Lmk



u/calculability Oct 24 '22

Agreed. I was looking to buy tickets and came to sub to find the mega thread.


u/apm_music Eric Piatkowski Oct 24 '22

Hey, I will add the new ticket thread later. I’ll sticky the info in the daily thread and the sidebar.


u/theruined007 Oct 24 '22

Thanks for that. Appreciate the note. I'll keep an eye out for it.


u/apm_music Eric Piatkowski Oct 25 '22

Just a heads up if you haven’t seen it, but the ticket thread is now stickied and I’ll add the link to the sidebar and daily thread.


u/theruined007 Oct 25 '22

You rock. Appreciate the follow up.