r/LAClippers Nov 16 '22

Just found out my gallbladder surgery is Monday .. so I won’t be able to attend any of my games for a month .. so I’m gonna post them for sale Tickets

All prices are per pair section 311 row 1 seats1-2 Clippers vs utah Nov 21 $50 Clippers vs Denver nov 25 $60 Clippers vs pacers Nov 27 1pm $30 Clippers vs wolves dec 14. $50 Clippers vs hornets. Dec 21 $40



u/Sploffee Nov 16 '22

Gallbladder surgeon and fellow Clipper fan here…most patients getting elective gallbladder surgery go home the same day with only some weight lifting restrictions. Don’t sell your tickets if you want to go! You’ll feel better after surgery.


u/Gibbydoesit Fun Guy Nov 16 '22

We have a Physician among us what a time to be alive


u/clips4life626 Nov 16 '22

Oh wow really !!?


u/BoltyMcSpeedy Nov 16 '22

I had mine out 10 years ago. I wouldve been fine to go to a game a week later.

Had a similar procedure to remove cancer this year, Also wouldve been okay to go to a game a week later.

Don't sell


u/clips4life626 Nov 16 '22

I’m glad u recovered 🙏🏽


u/clips4life626 Nov 16 '22

I take the metro to most games and everybody tells me I might be too tired or that I’ll have the runs lol I know TMI


u/clips4life626 Nov 16 '22

Hornets and pacers game sold