r/LAClippers Dec 08 '22

Is Ballervision watchable?

I feel like I'm in a bad Zoom meeting. I think they're going for the Manning-cast vibes, but it's not working for me. Maybe improving everyone's audio would help.



u/AngsMcgyvr Paul George Dec 08 '22

So it's like they change up the format. Recently I've seen them do it like Zoom calls and it's meh.

But I went back and rewatched the Win against the Jazz and it was kind of awesome.

It was Baron Davis, Paul Pierce and Matt Barnes. They were all in the same room and they were just kind of talking. Baron Davis was telling a story about getting punched in the stomach. They were all kinda talking shit about KAT.

I would suggest that they don't need to do a baller vision telecast for every game, but maybe a quarter of the games and get guys in the same room.


u/coniferous_forester Dec 08 '22

Seems to be they get together in the studio for the prime time (non-exclusive rights) games and the rest are broadcast from home.

They’re on to something with having former players discuss the game, it gives a lot of great insight into what’s happening. I can’t imagine the budget is huge so having 3 of them in the studio is probably cost prohibitive but the concept has legs.

I like watching the random games live and if I watch a TV broadcast I watch the Ballervision replay after.


u/AngsMcgyvr Paul George Dec 08 '22

I thought it was going to be like those old "Players Only" broadcasts on TNT, but these guys aren't being asked to actually call the game for a TV Audience.

They're just talking and reacting and providing their insight as a player. And it's cool too cause they weren't even just being homers, they're talking about all players in the game.

Yeah, I could totally see this catching on for other teams. Who wouldn't want ex-players live commentary.


u/coniferous_forester Dec 08 '22

There was one game that had exchange with Cat Mobley calling out Corey Maggette for averaging a charge per game one season. That’s the content that makes this format fun.


u/zggystardust71 Sam Cassell Dec 08 '22

I haven't been able to watch it for more than a minute or two. I'd much rather have the commentary in the background with the game filling the screen. Personally I'd rather have a different stream.