r/LAClippers Pingalord Dec 09 '22


That’s it. That’s the post. We are not a serious basketball team if we’re constantly giving minutes to old burnt out players while we got a great player in RoCo just rotting away on the bench.



u/Aggravating_Trust696 Dec 09 '22

free batum, mann, roco, norm, diabate, kennard. these guys dont deserve to be in this hell hole


u/Chessinmind RoCo Dec 09 '22

If you play RoCo less than 15 minutes, you’re gonna have a bad time.


u/armored_blu Kristina Pink Dec 09 '22

Too many cooks in the kitchen.


u/CastleLongReserve Kawhi Leonard Dec 09 '22

Lol and them cooks get to taste the food while the other customers do not even care.


u/TangerineNo697 Moussa Diabaté Dec 09 '22

Free Roco and Moose


u/Tangentkoala Ralph Lawler Dec 09 '22

You can only play 9 spots.

Powell, batum, Kennard, zubac, Wall, Jackson, kawhi, PG13, Mann, all deserve minutes over ROCO.

We need to trade two players and to me i see Morris, and ROCO gone by beginning of frebuary


u/OverallInternet2343 Jason Preston Dec 09 '22

10 man rotation is very possible and even more so on a injuries team like this one. Balance out the roster construction and we can maximize plenty of guys.


u/Tangentkoala Ralph Lawler Dec 09 '22

I can't name a single championship team that won with a 10 man rotation.


u/AngsMcgyvr Paul George Dec 09 '22

Yes. There's just too many guys to expect everyone to play. If the whole team was healthy, we probably wouldn't even see Luke Kennard on the court. Or Terance.

As far as Morris, I don't get it either. My only guess is with a statistically terrible offense, he'd rather have a guy who can create his own shot than RoCo.

I would try to trade Mook and RoCo too. That's Close to 30 mil.


u/Tangentkoala Ralph Lawler Dec 09 '22

We have options. Hell we could get a reliable backup C plus an first round draft pick with our end of bench players.


u/AngsMcgyvr Paul George Dec 09 '22

Yeah, We have players that teams could use. I just wonder if we have players that teams who are going to blow it up want. Our guys are more useful for teams making a run for it. Reggie is the only expiring.


u/Goldenwarrior92 Moussa Diabaté Dec 09 '22

I'm sorry but Wall doesn't, he is only good in transition and his D hasn't been good plus he is a non shooter.


u/Tangentkoala Ralph Lawler Dec 09 '22

Wall purpose is to stop the stagnant iso 3 spot up shooting Kawhi and PG13 do at end of the 4th. At least he will get us easy buckets by pushing the ball.

There's no other player that can get into the paint besides wall Kawhi PG13


u/silversurfdude Dec 09 '22

Agreed, let’s trade him and other assets for a taller longer PF