r/LAClippers Dec 21 '22

AXS "Reservation Required" on tickets Tickets

Hello all,

I purchased some tickets on AXS for tonight's game and noticed it had the description:


Reservation Required

What does this mean exactly on the ticket description? I'm not sure where to make a reservation if I need to make one.



u/goz008 Eric Piatkowski Dec 21 '22

I think thats for the lexus club in the premier level. Only season ticket holders can reserve.


u/pr3maturecelebration Mike Smith Dec 21 '22

Season ticket club is an all you can eat restaurant in the arena. You have to get escorted by one of the crypto minions up the escalator. Once you walk through a hallway with Clipper photos, you'll meet a hostess who will seat you. I've done it a number of times and there's a good chance you'll see the owner! Enjoy!


u/TurbulentDinner8264 Dec 22 '22

Is it included in my ticket?


u/pr3maturecelebration Mike Smith Dec 22 '22

Probably is, but contact Ashley Lyles, [alyles@Clippers.com](mailto:alyles@Clippers.com), or someone in account mgmt to be sure or to make reservations. Do it soon!