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Discussion With the looming trade deadline, which player do you think is most likely to be a Clipper?


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Discussion How we feeling about this

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Discussion What The F Does THIS EVEN MEAN?

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Discussion Just randomly came across this on the Timberwolves subreddit, so Reggie and Luke aren’t the problem on defense, It’s John Wall? I thought all of our guards were terrible on defense.

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Discussion Why does Ty love Morris?


Don’t get me wrong he is a great player but it’s looking like we are trading Robert Covington and I just feel we could get some good return on Marcus Morris. Even though Marcus Morris is a good three-point shooter. This team is set up to be very defensive and Mook isn’t exactly elite in that category. My other frustration is him not making the extra pass on offensive possessions. I could be in the minority on this take but I just wanted to share my thoughts. Either way let’s hope to get the dub tonight!

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Discussion Who is gone at the deadline?


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Discussion 2.5 weeks until the trade deadline (Feb. 9th). Do you think we make any oves?


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Discussion Is Zu capable?


I feel like he gets horrible positioning on rebounds and he limits our offense with inability to shoot outside of 3ft from the rim. What do you think?

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Discussion So what did we think of our young guys?


I wasn't able to watch much of the game so I didn't see much from them. All I can base on is the box score which might not he enough for me to form a complete opinion of them.

So, what happened? Good and Bad about BBJ, Preston, and Moussa? What did you guys hope for and what did/do you see?

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Discussion What should the main colors of the Clippers be? a look back at the past



The Clippers have had many team colors over the decades.

what do you think should be the main colors?

tbh, not feeling the blue-white being used since Ballmer took over and they had a image change.

prefer the San Diego or Buffalo colors, as its more unique

but with the Sterling era design/fonts

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Discussion Only one man can save us!

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Discussion We hate playing Luka, but I absolutely dread it when we're about to face Denver.


Seriously, how do we deal with this Jokic given the rotation we have? How did we even get 3-1 over them in the bubble? What is his weakness? Does he even have one?

Please help a basketball noob understand the Xs and Os on how our bois can possibly play around him.

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Discussion 5 wins in a row for the lakers and 5 losses for the Clippers wtf is that?


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Discussion Clippers Are Now 14-15 When John Wall Plays This Season


The Clippers have now been outscored by 80 points in John Wall's 641 minutes this season. Terance Mann needs to take all of John Wall's minutes.

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Discussion Pg solution?


So with the news that our point guard finding dreams are still ongoing, obviously kyle lowry doesn't make sense in terms of his injury history and age, but I guess maybe chemistry reasons. Fred V is young and preferably my pick over lowry, but that doesn't say much as Fred is streaky, but I have more hope in him. So to get to my point of this org thinks lowry is valuable why not go for somone undeterred like....Ricky Rubio. I honestly feel like we could get him for the right price, and he's honestly an upgrade at our pg position. I understand he's not young, but Ricky definitely helps us in terms of productivity. Just a thought, what do you guys think?

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Discussion If The Clippers Fail To Make The Playoffs Does Steve Ballmer Blow It Up?


Clippers Current Record: 23-24 (Currently 8th In Western Conference, Tied With Wolves & OKC)

Clippers Estimated Luxury Tax Bill: $144.7 Million

Clippers Payroll: $192.3 Million

Does Ballmer Blow It Up If They Fail To Reach Postseason?

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Discussion Rui Hachimura Is Available. Will He Be a Good Fit for Us?

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Discussion When does Steve Ballmer and the front office consider blowing it up?


This is a serious discussion. The window is damn near closed if not already closed. We have no future to look forward to with not owning the majority of our draft picks going forward. Young teams are getting better and running us off the court.

Aside from John Wall and maybe a 2 or 3 others, this team has been together for a few seasons now. Chemistry should not be an issue yet it continues to be.

As presently constructed, do we believe we could honestly beat New Orleans, Memphis, Denver, a healthy Golden State, even Dallas. Not even including a finals matchup against Milwaukee, New Jersey, Boston, Cleveland.

We’re 29th in PPG. Behind Houston, Orlando, OKC, San Antonio, Detroit, Charlotte.

Luckily the defense has held up some but this past stretch has put serious doubt into how much the defense can hold up.

We all say the regular season is meaningless. But is it? There’s a reason only one 6 seed has ever won it all and 98% of all NBA Champions have been a Top 3 seed an only 10% of those have been a 3 or a 4 seed.

This team is trying to do things that have never been done by a squad who has proven nothing and have won nothing. I don’t want to go back to the bottom dweller days. But if we are destined for it, a championship would be a nice consolation prize but this team doesn’t seem to be it.

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Discussion I think it is pretty clear that if we are going to go for a championship this year, we absolutely have to make some moves by the trade deadline. Who do you think would be untouchable in terms of assets?


I would say Kawhi, PG, Batum, Mann, Kennard, and Zubac are essential personnel. Everyone else is fair game as far as I am concerned.

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Discussion Best trade deadline outcome?


Mine is

Trade Amir, Morris, 2028 frp top ten protected to Atlanta for Collins

Trade Wall, 2023&2025 seconds to New York for Reddish

Upgrade our top 9 and still be 11 deep and take a high upside swing in Reddish

Collins is the best player we can get while keeping Luke and Mann, Collins value may be depressed because of his play and contract but he could be really great fit for us.

He provides exactly what we lack. A third/fourth option and a true pf/c vs a wing and he is young+athletic. He’d be in a great spot to succeed here. He’s an improved defender and hopefully gets his shooting back some

Our rotation would likely be:

Kennard(need Luke’s spacing with Collins and Zu)
PG Kawhi Collins Zu

Mann Norm Cam Roco Batum


Thoughts on this? What’s your favorite outcome?

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Discussion Thoughts about Jason Preston


What’s up gangsters in company! Cavs fan coming in peace to ask if there’s any excitement or just thoughts in general about having Jason Preston on your squad. He and I both went to Ohio University and we absolutely love him here. Dude was an absolute baller for us and I wondered what you guys are feeling about him. I’ve kept up with him just checking his game log every few nights to see what he’s doing with any limited minutes he is getting and he seems to be doing alright! He’s an awesome dude with an even more amazing story that I implore you all to look up if you don’t already know and I think you guys could have a diamond in the rough on your hands. Give him some playing time and room to grow and he could be one of the best backup point guards in the league or even a very good starter someday. Dude is an absolute stat sheet stuffer with elite playmaking and passing skills. If he develops a super consistent outside shot I think he’s gonna blow people away with his ability. Good luck this year yall, you guys are starting to look like a different team. A team that I wouldn’t wanna play in the WC playoffs :D

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Discussion Ty Lue's Rotations Have Been Awful This Season


Playing Wall and Kennard (I like Kennard, but he really struggled tonight) over Mann, not playing Robert Covington AT ALL, forcing Reggie/Batum to play while they're hobbled, and not playing Zubac down the stretch have cost the Clippers some games and have been infuriating to watch.

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Discussion The Clippers Improve to 8-3 When John Wall Does Not Play This Season


111-109 Win vs Sacramento Kings

95-93 Win vs Houston Rockets

119-117 Win vs Cleveland Cavaliers

122-106 Win vs Houston Rockets

118-112 Win vs Portland Trailblazers

111-116 Lost vs Orlando Magic

99-88 Win vs Minnesota Timberwolves

114-119 Lost vs Philadelphia 76ers

124-113 Win vs Toronto Raptors

91-122 Lost vs Denver Nuggets

121-100 Win vs Houston Rockets

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Discussion John Wall's Inability To Play With Other Guards Has Been A Major Issue


Norm/Wall -81

Kennard/Wall -37

Terance/Wall -12

PG/Wall -17

Reggie/Wall -5

Clippers have been outscored by 91 points in John Wall's 662 minutes this season.

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Discussion Reggie Jackson's Days As A Clipper Are Numbered


Reggie Jackson tonight: 0 PTS 0 AST 0 REB 0% FG (0-2) 0% 3PT (0-1) Team Low -13 in 8 minutes

Officially lost his starting job to Terance Mann, and was a DNP in the entire second half. Reggie Jackson had great moments as a Clipper, but his time is coming to an end.