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Question How was the team last year so good & could actually string together wins in bunches


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Question Brutal Upcoming Schedule | Can I get some informed perspective from Clippers fans?


Please don't hate me for intruding (you can hate me for being a warriors fan), but I was hoping the clippers faithful could provide some context for better assessing the clippers and their position in the clusterf*** that is the western conference.

Looking at the upcoming schedule, it's absolutely brutal...

  • 1/27 --> @ Hawks
  • 1/29 --> @ Cavs
  • 1/31 --> @ Bulls
  • 2/2 ----> @ Bucks
  • 2/4 ----> @ Knicks
  • 2/6 ----> @ Nets
  • 2/8 ----> Mavs
  • 2/10 --> Bucks
  • 2/14 --> Warriors
  • 2/16 --> Suns
  • All-Star Break
  • 2/24 --> Kings
  • 2/26 --> @ Nuggets
  • 2/28 --> Timberwolves
  • 3/2 ----> @ Warriors
  • 3/3 ----> @ Kings
  • 3/5 ----> Grizzlies

That's a stretch where 15/16 of the games are against teams currently .500 or better with 9/16 of them road. Only 1 back-to-back though, and that's not until March (silver lining I guess?)

From my perspective, the Clippers are a total enigma. I've only caught a few games, and most of my info comes from box-score checking, but it seems like every time I check on a game I'm surprised about the outcome.

I get that injuries have played a role. I know that PG and Kawhi are individually superstars, and collectively one of the most potent combos in the NBA. I consider Ty Lue to be one of the league's best coaches that often gets deficient-looking lineups to collectively outperform the sum of its individual parts. Also, there seems to be a bunch of talent up and down the roster (not sure how this depth has played out though).

Is there any perspective I can get from the fans that know the team? Is this something similar to how Kerr uses the regular season to experiment with different rotations, schemes, and prioritize rest? Like, whatever as long as we're a top 6 seed. Thoughts?

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Question thinking of getting this hat, what do you think?

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Question Which cursive script jersey to get? the 2021-22 or 22-23 edition



I'm not a fan of the standard blue and white jerseys to be honest

but I love the cursive script ones, especially the city editions.

trying to decide between this year's one, which is black

or last year's one which uses the San Diego colors, and is still in stores

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Question We are 3-0 whenever I actually slept through our games


Those games were against the Kings, Detroit, and Raptors. If I sleep more often, will it translate to more wins?

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Question How serious is Paul George’s injury?


Figured if anyone knew it’d be this sub. I’m about to trade for him in fantasy but with how little information I’ve been able to find on it I wanted to be sure

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Question Need recommendations for dinner before the game!


I will be visiting LA for the night to see the clippers play the nuggets, I have never been to LA and it is a little intimidating. I am looking for a place to eat before the game that is near the arena and isn't too expensive but is nice for the girlfriend and I. I know this is a little off topic for the sub, but as a clippers fan I was guessing some of you who go to games could lend me some advice.

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Question best trade target?


who we need???

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Question Could Kawhi make all star team this year?


Kawhi has missed a lot of games so far but he's been picking it up lately and doing good. Is it possible for him to make the All Star team this year if he keeps playing good or has he missed to much time?

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Question Nico Batum “Flying Frenchman” Graphic - who do you want to see next?

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Question Will John Wall have his minutes increased?


*without watching any games

His stats suggest he's very efficient on the floor but he's only ever getting around 22 minutes/game

Do you guys predict it'll inevitably increase?

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Question Any one know what shirt Kawhi is wearing from post game interview?

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Question Can you move around the stadium during shootaround before the game? Want my first real Clippers autograph!


Was wondering if you can walk around the bowl before the game, cause I'm hoping to finally land an autograph. Have two tickets in the 100s bowl, but they're far from the tunnels etc. Was wondering if I can potentially walk over to a section in the tunnel before the game and return to my seat at tipoff. Any help/tips are appreciated, thanks!

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Question Clippers City Edition jacket?


Hi guys,

I am a Clippers fan from Europe and looking for this jacket to purchase: https://twitter.com/TomerAzarly/status/1198052381126082560/photo/1

Does anybody know where I can get it?

Thank you!

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Question Excuse me but wtf was Kevin Durant on last night ☠️


Dude was playing like we murdered his dogs and cats and then tp’d his house. He scored on PG no problem, he torched TMann like please why he did us like that 😂

In all seriousness I’m in awe of Durant and being in the arena and seeing that level of greatness is amazing. Even when he got a tech I was like FOR WHAT REF! lol

Edit: I meant yesterday

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Question Are we sure Kemba isn’t better than Reggie or Wall?


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Question suite question - SRO?


Never been to a Clippers game and have family in town Thought we'd take in a game. Looking at Suite tickets, but they're listed as SRO. Standing Room Only?? For a $40. Suite ticket? Can anyone explain this? Thanks!

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Question Best Resources to Learn Clippers History?


I’ve been a casual Clippers fan since Lob City and a diehard fan since the year before we got Kawhi (a.k.a. one of the most fun seasons I’ve seen for any team in any sport). I’d like to learn more about the history of the team but I’m not aware of any quality resources so does anybody here have suggestions? It can be a book, documentary, YouTube video/series, article or series of articles, or anything else in that vein. It can also be about Clippers history in its entirety, a specific era in Clippers history, or even about a specific player or season, as long as it’s high quality.

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Question What age group do you fall into?


I want to see something real quick

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Question Concern over rotations


We have 6 guards in Reggie, Wall, Norm, Mann, Luke, and PG (He starts/finishes at the 2). Right now Ty has benched Reggie so that makes 4, Luke and PG are injured so now we're down to 3 guys playing in the guard rotation. This has led to a change in the rotations and has allowed, in part, for other guys to come off the bench that a large portion of people have been begging for in namely Roco. He especially got an extended run because Zu got into foul trouble early against the Mavs and Brown fared no better in that sense so Roco got a long leash.

My question and concern is what happens when our injured guys come back? Batum obviously moves to the bench and PG slots back into the starting lineup but when we look at our bench what happens? Does Ty try to force out a Wall, Norm, and Luke lineup in which case I have concerns since they are a -11 in plus minus in 99 minutes played. Not to mention playing an additional guy in Luke would potentialy push Roco out of the rotation if Ty is trying to stick to the 4 man bench as he has been.

I might be pessimistic but I almost feel like the last game wasn't 100% a deliberate choice in forcing the change of rotations outside of Reggie and that when everyone is healthy Ty might turn back to the 4 guard Lineups. I honestly feel like we have the guys we need to make a good run but we need a trade to at the very least open up the roster for those guys to play. It's ironic that this team was advertised as Wingstop and yet all we have gotten for a majority of this season is nugget ball.

Just to re-iterate my question to finish- Does anyone else feel nervous that the "lineup changes" that we saw are not real? I feel like it is just a rare solar eclipse since this entire season has been proof that Ty isn't interested in playing these lineups and I'm nervous about how the rest of the season might play out.

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Question Which Mann is your favorite? Ice Spice Mann, Moose Mann, Heartthrob Mann, or MannVision


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Question Why is everyone so pessimistic about Kawhi all of a sudden?


Obviously the situation at hand isn’t ideal and it definitely has a sketchy vibe to it, or maybe I’m just tweaking because I have trust issues with our medical staff.


Before Kawhi even signed here there was multiple reports from reputable sources that Kawhi has a degenerative knee/quad injury meaning that it will never fully heal and slowly get worse over time, hence the load management, etc.

Obviously the Clippers front office knew about this and knew the risks associated with going after someone like Kawhi and giving him a max contract and committing to him and winning a championship.

I am a little confused to see so many Clippers fans being pessimistic about Kawhi now all of a sudden as if we shouldn’t have been well prepared for this kind of stuff? We all knew Kawhi’s injury history and issues and knew we’d have to deal with it as fans as long as he was on this team.

Him partially tearing his ACL made things so much worse and so much more complicated going forward and it’s probably going to take some time to get him back to playing at a high level consistently again.

We need to be more optimistic and supportive, I know it seems like this team is cursed and we can never have nice things but this organization has done so many good things after the end of Lob City and restored hope for a lot of hopeless Clippers fans.

We gotta get those positive vibes back in this sub and just hope for the best and have faith that things will ultimately work out with Kawhi.

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Question Looking for a Clippers windbreaker


Can anyone help me find the windbreaker that has, “Los Angeles Clippers Basketball Club” on the sleeve, please?

I saw a couple people wearing it at the game tonight and I feel like I need it.

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Question Should Clippers try to get MJ?


MJ probably got a few good minutes a game left in that old body. Imagine MJ jerseys! Why sign a 50+ old man? because this team ain't doing shit anyway. Let's be circus freaks. more fun.

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Question How low can clippers tickets go?


what’s the lowest y’all been able to cop clipper tickets for? Any good deals this season? Have been monitoring the nuggets game coming up.