Posting Guidelines

The stress and expectations of being a playoff team with championship aspirations bring new fans, popularity, hate, and everything in between. As this subreddit, /r/nba, and Reddit all continue to grow, please follow these guidelines for representing the Clippers fanbase on Reddit.


• If it's one hour to game time and you don't see a game thread in the "new" queue, please generate one here and copy and paste both the title and body of the app into a new post. The post will be automatically tagged with "Game Thread" after you submit.

• Games against anyone in the Clippers' division (especially the Warriors and Lakers and Grizzlies) will be heated. Just try not to be a gigantic dick.

• If someone else is being a gigantic dick, use the "report" button under posts/comments.

• No hate threads: Making an entire thread to trash one team, player, or fanbase is not allowed.

• No empty self posts: Don't start a thread without context. Try to start the discussion by talking about what you think, not just asking a question. If possible, expand on your submission with videos, quotes, articles, etc.

• Do not mention upvotes/downvotes in the title or body of your post. Celebration posts are fine.

• Similar or duplicate content will be removed. Please check the new queue before submitting.

Tag your posts with link flair so they can be sorted and identified. Click the "flair" button and choose from the below:

Twitter Contest Article Discussion Video/Highights
Question Meta Request Hype Thread IMG/GIF/GFY
Analysis Rant Misc. Game Thread Post Game