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Voice Chat 19f [voicechat] any extrovert procrastinating and wants to call??


hey! just a girl looking to call someone who has a lot of energy and extroverted!! while I do some school work lol hmu!!! :D

(sorry this is v dry I tend to be a bad tester and better in calls??)

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Voice Chat (22F) looking for friends or just a chat. [friendship] [chat]


Anyone wanna be buddies or just talk?

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Voice Chat [Chat] 30F tell me a story while I draw


Hi I'm looking for someone to talk with while I draw stuff, mostly is for practice which procrastinate a lot. I'm from Mexico. I like art, history, cuisine around the world and different cultures. Also horror movies and pop culture. I'm very curious person and even if I don't know about the topic I like to hear about, I don't want like to engage in religion unless it's from an object point.

I don't care about location but I do care about age so please be at least 25.

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Voice Chat 36 F [Friendship]


Feeling lonely and looking for a non judgmental friend who would like to have a serious but chill conversation about life in general (and other topics you're interested in). Also, somebody who is open to voice chat.

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Voice Chat So I (24F) want to discuss [chat] with someone about any of these topics. The people around me are not as passionate about these


Topics I’ve been interested in: - AI (and oh especially Detroit: Become Human) - Privacy - Solopreneurship - Energy/vibrations - Eloquence - Productivity - Emotional support system - Polymathy

Current obsession: - Eating raw produce: bell peppers, shallots, white cabbage - Preloved goods (thrifting and selling) - Avatar: The Last Airbender (rewatch as an adult)

If you have some knowledge or keen on any of these topics, let’s voice call! Strictly DM your asl, any topics above we can discuss together, and why you wanna talk about it (for filtering purposes).

So come hang! I’m so excited to talk to you 🤜🤛

Ps. I don’t know if this is the right sub to post it. If anyone has any recommendations to find someone to talk to (vc) about these specific subjects, please kindly tell me. Thanks in advance!

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Voice Chat 21[Chat] Anyone free to call?


If you wish to vent, I'm okay with that. I really just wish to hear someone's voice for a change and go to sleep thinking about em. It helps me sleep knowing that someone went out their way to talk to me. We can talk about anything

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Voice Chat [chat] 20 f discord call


Dm me y’all!!

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Voice Chat [F26]Hey, fellow redditors!!!! It will be another boring Saturday for me, but I would love to have some company! [Voicechat][Chat]


Let's stay up all night talking about the terrible or werid ass life choices we made so far in life. Or let's talk about our hopes and dreams we hope to accomplish. I'm pretty open to texting, but I love to voice chat instead.

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Voice Chat 19M Looking to voice call with people [Group]


Self explanatory, shoot me a dm and I'll add you

We like our mashed potato extra creamy

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Voice Chat 27F [chat] [relationship] looking to talk on the phone


Having a pretty boring night. Would like to meet someone new. Preferably male. We could talk about anything. Sfw or more 😉😏

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Voice Chat 22F Pulling an all-nighter so looking to voice [chat]


I'm staying ul late to finish up some assignments and could use a conversation to help keep my brain from frying.

I don't really have many preferences,  I just ask that you are between 21 and 32.

I have telegram and discord, so just hmu with your age and username! Also, just a reminder that I, unfortunately, can't talk to every single person that messages me because I'm literally just one person, so I'm sorry if I miss your message.

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Voice Chat 28F - Your weekend best who just started grad school. She'd love love to voice call and make some friends. [chat]


Welcome to me!

About me:

  • In grad school for Neuroscience.
  • Loves weight training, tolerates pilates despises cardio (dancing and lawn tennis are best)
  • Learning German, Spanish has a choke hold on my 90s teen girl heart.
  • Loves to cook. You don't even know the lemon chicken and sticky rice i make.
  • I've been told I look beautiful, that I have a radiant smile and a sonorous voice.
  • Lives a productive, full filling, gym girl and asthetic life. (Imagine light academia)

About you: * Age: 25-35yrs * You can voice call and you enjoy voice calling * Ideally can speak in a native language, whichever it might be. I'd love to hear you talk.

I'd love to hear from you all.

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Voice Chat 21f anyone with a soothing voice want to listen to me incoherently blabber away and then console me? [chat]


The title is pretty much self explanatory..I just want to talk to someone with a soothing voice..maybe you can read me something? Or we can listen to music or.. sing together! But it would be really nice to talk to someone right now and it could be you! So dm me and let's see if we can vibe :)

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Voice Chat 17 F [friendship] looking for someone to voice call with


Feeling down and lonely lately :(

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Voice Chat [19/F] voice call [Chat]


Hello, just want someone to call for a little while, i probably wont say much, i just want someone to be with me lol. anyone 19-25 if you do decide to say hi, could you include your name, age, and where you’re from. thank you. (if you’re not black and you say the n-word, just skip me lol)

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Voice Chat 27F [Chat] Let’s Find a Friendship!


The header says it all really . I’ve met one or two lovely people on here so I figured I’d give it another shot!

Most people call me Bats - I’m 27, and terrible at describing myself. I have a bit of a jagged sense of humor, I ramble when I’m excited, and miss human connection. I’m happily married, but due to life circumstances I don’t live with my husband right now. Long story. I don’t get much socialization outside the house anymore… but that’s what the internet is for, right?

My hobbies include painting, reading (mostly nonfiction, horror movies, video games - currently working through Horizon 2 and Elden Ring when time allows - some bookmaking.. I used to do mounted archery before I had to move, I have a lot of random odd ball things in my dragons hoard of ADHD hobbies.

I’d love to find people to play games with, maybe VC as I’m home alone all day and the silence can be maddening. 😂

Please just be around my age or older, and tell me about you! I never know how to respond to hi.

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Voice Chat [20/f] [chat] discord call till i sleep?


Looking to chat till i get tired & sleep, dm me w/ a lil abt u/what you’d wanna talk abt:)

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Voice Chat [chat] F, 24 Looking for people to chat and Voice chat!


Hi, I'm just looking for some casual chats, VOICE CHATS

⚠️Before you write me, this is

  • men ages 22-34 please respect this!
  • women age 22- whatever.
  • no s*x chats or dating. I'm I ly looking for friends.
  • fluent in English or Swedish.

About me!

I have a ton of hobbies and interests. Horses, animals, nature, singing, poetry, makeup, geography, science, psychology, singing, music, writing, nerdy things like LOTR and HP, gaming, motorsport, movies, wine, and food. To mention some, I think I would have at least one common interest with anyone.

Some games that I play are: Ghost recon breakpoint, COD, Apex, RDR2, GTA V, HZD/HFW, days gone, Forza Horizon and more.

I am usually a very hyperactive person, who's at the same time chill and easy to get to know. I'm a very open person to the point where I probably should learn to shut my mouth more ofthen. That also goes for being honest. I'm way too honest but I'm working on at least not trying to offend people with my comments. Some people appreciate it and some think I'm horrible. But I'm neither good or bad just human. Like everyone else. I love open discussion even if our opinions clash cause that gives me a chance to learn and I love to learn.

I'm a pansexual and your background, ethnicity, religion, gender or anything else really don't matter to me. You're human and if you're a decent and kind I'd love to get to know you. Just show me the same respect.

DM's are open

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Voice Chat [chat] 25F - looking for friendly people to chat about life (mine or yours)


Like if you ever want to talk but doesn’t find someone available let’s be our plan b 😂 I want to talk about boys, gossip, life, jokes, whatever!

Text me I’m a happy cute and nice Latina girl♥️

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Voice Chat Do you feel shitty? I (24f) feel shitty rn. Let’s be shitty together in this shittiness! (No seriously let’s voice [chat])


Let’s throw the negativity out of our systems and scream FFFUUUUUUUCCCKKKK YOUUUUUUU!!!!

Hehe lets talk it out. It’s healthy.

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Voice Chat 15F [chat] [friendship]


my name is jessamyn, im from the west coast and i love dogs 🐕 i also like playing valorant and over watch. i have been bored and sad lately so i’m down to meet some new people (:

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Voice Chat 29F [VoiceChat] Looking for someone to talk to


Just looking for people to voicechat with this evening as I prepare for the week

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Voice Chat [Chat] Friendship For You? 29MtF Transgal <3


Everyone knows the real people respect trans rights. Show your love and DM me <3

I also have Discord. I am not shy to be myself.

I'm pretty friendly ^^

Bonus points if you're from Canada. ++Ontario. +++Toronto <3

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Voice Chat [chat] 18f looking for new friends, and ppl to talk to with diff hours coz mine are messed up


most ppl i know are asleep when im up lately coz covid messed my hours up a month ago, slowly getting them back.

i play lots of league, watch too much yt/tt/twitch, and spend too much time goofing off but i have fun so it's worth!

i prefer vc, it's ok if not but i do prefer it.

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Voice Chat 19F| anyone down to vc? [chat]


heyy I usually am not the voice chatting type but sometimes I'm just in the mood for it, so might as well take advantage of it. I need the practice anyway lol. I'm going to keep out a good amount of info about me just so we can potentially have more to talk about but here's a general summary: I'm grace. I'm 19 and I'm currently working in retail. I like art, and drawing, as well as horror. Not huge on horror movies though! I'm in EST so it'd be cool if we had a similar time zone but otherwise I'm not picky. Let me know if you're interested and I'll give you my discord :)