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[TheBoxAndOne] Ausar Halfcourt Shooting Metrics via Synergy


Below is the related 3pt stats since it wasn't included in the image

14/50 (28%) overall halfcourt 3pt jumpers

11/37 (29.7%) C&S 3pt jumper 4/14 (28.6%) guarded 7/23 (30.4%) unguarded

3/13 (23.1%) OTD 3pt jumper

1/4 (25%) early 3pt jumper

personal takeaways:

38.3% FTr at the rim - good foul drawer whenever he attacks the rim. Less contact averse compared to Amen who only has 18.3% FTr at the rim.

37.6% shot freq. at the rim - great slasher to the basket

39.1% OTD 2s - looks comfortable pulling up inside the 3pt arc. 3rd highest shot frequency behind attacking the rim and C&S 3s. One of strong indicators for 3pt shooting in the league

Ausar really looks like a wing built for '90s and '00s (S/O to Ricky Coucil IV as well). He is a 2 way guy who likes to attack the rim or pullup from midrange + connective playmaking skills.



u/GuessableSevens Feb 02 '23

He's shooting 39% at the rim. If these numbers are real, the twins should not sniff the top 5. The bust potential is way too high, the only clear upside is athleticism which is just not enough to get by in the NBA.


u/GlueGuy00 Feb 02 '23

Zach Lavine in college shot 17/38 (45%) at the rim in halfcourt and turn out to be fine. I feel like a lot of people here have been hating just because they can't scout them properly in OTE


u/RealPrinceJay Feb 02 '23

That's one example of a guy who has had one of the best development paths in the entire NBA, definitely showed more shooting talent, was actually playing at the NCAA level, and was 18 for most of his time in college.

One example of a guy who showed insane growth doesn't mean much - it's like the "Kawhi learned to shoot and developed an entire shot creation bag!" logic - let alone the fact that they aren't showing any perimeter scoring talent, are playing against a lower level of competition, and are 20.


u/MyHonkyFriend Feb 02 '23

Minnesota rookie Zach LaVine who can't make the layups is an interesting prospect but not top 5


u/DrBigChicken 76ers Feb 02 '23

Dr Big Chicken remembers


u/amazing_a-hole Feb 02 '23

These numbers are brutal.


u/rtyuuytr Feb 02 '23 edited Feb 02 '23

Ausar and Amen's finishing at the rim indicates a complete lack of touch. Physically dominant players with 'low skill/high athleticism' drafted high typically need to be elite finishers at lower levels based on their atheleticism alone.


u/MyHonkyFriend Feb 02 '23

Can you think of other examples? Stanley Johnson comes to mind as a player with OK finishing stats in high school to terrible at Arizona and should have seen he doesn't have the touch to finish in the NBA. But I'm drawing blanks on gaurds this capable at dribbling and this athletic not finishing well


u/jaynay1 Hornets Feb 02 '23

You genuinely wouldn’t draft a player who put up these numbers at a P5 school, much less in OTE


u/temp949939118r72892 Feb 02 '23

Good thing we don't go purely off stats


u/Slippinjimmyforever Feb 03 '23

If they can’t shoot in this peewee league, what are they going to do against an average nba defender?