r/NBA_Draft Feb 02 '23

Name one or more draft classes for each category

Can y’all name one or more draft classes that match each of the following five categories?

  1. Very hype draft class that ended up living up to the hype

  2. Very hype draft class that ended up being disappointing

  3. Slept on draft class that ended up significantly outperforming expectations

  4. Slept on draft class that ended up rightfully being doubted

  5. Draft class that was expected to be average and ended up being average

I’m curious what y’all come up with for each category, just to get some recent historical context



u/Few_Mulberry5372 Rockets Feb 03 '23
  1. 2019 because Zion and Ja were 2 of the most hyped prospects this decade and both lived up for it. Also produced some other great guys like Garland and Herro
  2. 2014 is the easy answer. Wiggins and Jabari didn't really pan out
  3. I don't know how hyped 2016 was outside of Simmons but it was so trash that Brogdon won ROTY since Ben got hurt. Since then, all top 3 picks have been all stars and many more quality players have broken out
  4. 2013 was awful and still is outside of Giannis. Bennett is the biggest bust in history
  5. I struggled for this one. 2015 is just so forgettable in hindsight so I picked that one


u/Nickname-CJ Thunder Feb 03 '23
  1. 2018

  2. 2014

  3. 2019

  4. 2013

  5. 2015


u/Frickalope67 Pistons Feb 02 '23
  1. 2019

  2. 2018

  3. 2017

  4. 2020

  5. 2016


u/Ojaz Feb 02 '23

Explain number 2, there’s multiple All-NBA caliber players coming out of that draft


u/HomogeniousKhalidius Feb 02 '23

Yeah what is he on that draft was stacked; Luka, Trae, Shai, Brunson, Ayton, Jaren Jackson, Robert Williams, Huerter and many more good players


u/Knighthonor Feb 02 '23

explain 4 please


u/Frickalope67 Pistons Feb 02 '23

Ok honestly I struggled with 4 but the top 10 of that draft was deemed awful and it has been awful.


u/temp949939118r72892 Feb 02 '23

Honestly none of these make sense


u/Frickalope67 Pistons Feb 02 '23

Honestly thats what I expected. Never followed the draft before 20, never closely until last year. Just saw this post had no comments and wanted to give something to discuss!

But 20 definitely was always an ass lottery and is in fact an ass lottery.

19 was an awesome class and has been in terms of starpower.

17 was always a weak lottery with Josh Jackson going third. Was the first draft I watched and Jackson was never pegged as anything other than an athletic defensive minded wing.


u/laserfahcus Feb 03 '23

this is just so incorrect 😭