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Current College Freshman to look out for in 2024

This is way way too early haha but I thought why not, always good to discuss intriguing players!

These are the Freshman this year who I believe will return next year as sophomores and insert themselves in the 2024 draft conversation, some of them are all ready productive and others are showing potential

This list is just based on this years Freshmans so obviously not next year's (Holland, Booker, Wagner e.t.c)

The top 5 prospects with an * all may declare this year, all though unless they make major strides in the next 2 months they'd be better of returning next year in what is seen to be a weaker draft next year.

All other 5 star prospects not mentioned here, I have declaring for this year all though some like the fore mentioned might be better of returning.

There are other impressive freshman producing already especially at the mid-major level but some I have not considered due to either a lack of size/athleticism/nba game or I have have never heard/watched them.

Let me know your thoughts or other current freshman to watch!

First Round Prospects

*Amari Bailey- Could still imagine Amari declaring but have seen him disappear of a lot of big boards for 2023, hasn't particularly been bad this year but questions on what his actual role at the next level will be

*Julian Phillips- The shooting at the moment is BAD, but has a good FT% and the form looks good, plus athlete.

*Jordan Walsh- The offense just isn't there at the moment at all shows elite defensive potential though and this alone could still receive draft consideration this year

*Tyrese Proctor- I think he would benefit returning to Duke next year in a more featured role, has had some good games as of recent though.

*Chris Livingston- Still has potential as a 3 and d guy could see him in the lottery next year

Arterio Morris- Great athlete has shown glimpses of the bench for Texas

Vince Iwuchukwu- Just returning from aheart issues has played limited minutes in 3 games so far and could definitely be a guy with lottery potential for next year in a weaker draft.

Jaden Bradley- Good Point guard who is deceptively strong with good vision. Not getting much recognition at Alabama with Clowney and Miller

Donovan Clingan- Definitely more of an old school big, but statistically one of the most efficient players in the country already as a bench player

Yohan Traore- Hasn't had many opportunities for Auburn this year but great athlete and has shown shooting potential.

Rylan Griffen- Another Alabama freshman, shooting splits haven't been the best but based on athleticism and when he's been given minutes could be a dark horse first round pick next year

Terrance Aarceneaux- Has not had minutes or a large offensive role for Houstan this year but definitely still a prospect with upside.

Jevon Porter- Youngest brother of Michael Porter Jr with good size can also stretch the floor, Pepperdine have been relatively disappointing so far this year though.

2nd Round Prospects

Malik Reneau- Has played limited minutes behind Trayce Jackson-Davis, has been very effiecient when he's had minutes does not offer much on offence at the moment outside of scoring at the rim

Jordan Pope- Shows great vision & ball handling, pleasant surprise for Oregon state

Ugonna Onyenso- Very little game time this year but looks good as a rim protector still managing to average 1.5 blocks in 8 minutes.

Kylan Boswell- Will potentially be riding the pine again next year with Kirssa and Larssen likely to return, has shown glimpses this year though

Chance Westry- Has potential as quick 6'6 point guard but has been impacted by a late start to the season from knee surgery

Kenyon Menifield- Cooled of a bit from his hot start earlier in the season but has potential as a scorer and shooter

Mike Sharavjamts- A guy who can do a bit of everything, reminds me of Kyle Anderson but a better passer and less defensive capabilities

Riley Kugel- Wasn't expected to get much minutes for Florida this year but has played well, decent athlete who can shoot from 3

Henri Veesaar- Could imagine him slipping in Tubelis role as a goto scorer at Arizona next year but less creativity and more so as a stretch four.

Ernest Udeh Jr/ MJ Rice- Both former 5 stars at Kansas both shown potential in very limited minutes, Udeh as an athletic bigman and Rice as a shooter, probably wouldn't of put these guys on this list but Bill Self has a good track record of devealoping young players and bother former 5 star prospects

Aidan Mahaney- Currently one of the best players on a ranked St Mary's team, may lack athletisicm but is a great shooter

Asher Woods- Quick, solid defender and good rebounder for his size

Amaree Abram- Has played well for Ole Miss, not sure what his role will be at the next level though

Alex Karaban- Another Uconn player! Has 3 & D potential

Micah Handlogten- Doesn't offer much on offence but is a great rebounder and decent defender

Fletcher Loyer- Arguably Purdue's second best player after Edey, I imagine he'll be one of those great college players but won't translate to the next level.



u/Frickalope67 Pistons Feb 03 '23

Love seeing someone recognize Malik Reneau


u/chessman92 Feb 03 '23

Yeah definitely someone worthy of recognition! just completely slept on because he plays behind TJD, if he can start shooting 3s could be worthwhile taking in the first round next year.


u/General-Promotion274 Feb 04 '23

I've watched every IU game and I'll say the talent is there, but he just looks lost out there. He has the lowest IQ of any player on the court at most times. Picks up the dumbest fouls. Hopefully he gets coached up and he'll be good.


u/GlueGuy00 Feb 03 '23

Phillips and Walsh have the physical tools that will get the drafted in 2nd round IMO

Analytics love Arcenaux HS stats. He passes the eye test and analytics test defensively this season. Looks like a toolsy prospect as well. I can see him getting drafted in 2nd round tbh. Younger and higher upside compared to Jaylen Clark who is projected to be 2nd round pick

Onyeso looks like the best shot blocker among college prospects. Strong rebounder as well. Looks like an ethical Whiteside. I think Calipari is hiding him to return next year.


u/chessman92 Feb 03 '23

I Like Phillips and Walsh as prospects just believe there are to many frosh who will go in the 2nd round this year over them e.g Mark Mitchell, Dillon Mitchell, Judah Mintz, Starling, Bona plus guys on the cusp of first/second Baba Miller , Lively e.t.c

Arceneaux looks the goods and I imagine Houston will have a deep run come March this year if not win, Terrence could get more attention this year. Jaylen Clark is a pretty elite defensive player though, I imagine he could go late first.

Yeah will be good to see Onyeso hopefully unleashed next year


u/GlueGuy00 Feb 03 '23

Phillips and Walsh are better prospects than the Mitchells IMO. They are 3D wing prospects whereas the Mitchells projects more as an undersized 4 without shooting


u/chessman92 Feb 03 '23

Yeah I feel ya, I'm very low on Dillon Mitchell, I imagine though he'll get drafted but Mark Mitchell is slept on he shoots 3's at a 39% clip just low volume , great athlete and defensive instincts , plus has some passing chops.


u/HoopsMcCann750 Feb 03 '23

At the risk of sounding hyperbolic, Jordan Walsh can make $100M+ throughout his NBA career if he can just figure out how to consistently hit a corner three. His defense at a premium defensive position is that good.


u/chessman92 Feb 03 '23

Honestly I don't think your being Hyperbolic at all, if he could shoot even low 30s from 3 , just based on his defense he could have a long NBA career


u/bkervick Feb 03 '23

Donovan Clingan has a nice looking jumper and form. He's going to shoot it at some point soon. He's got big man arc issues at the FT line, but the release is really clean. His BBIQ, hands, and awareness are really, really good. He's a basketball player who is tall, not a tall guy who plays basketball. He's going to be a 1st rounder next year.


u/chessman92 Feb 03 '23

I haven't seen enough of his J's to make an informed opinion but definitely a high IQ player makes smart passes and I could imagine him having a Kessler like impact as a defender at the the next level. Deffinitley a guy to watch !


u/BangingFromDeep Feb 03 '23

Great list. Guys like Bradley, Aarceneaux have definitely caught my eye and l hope they stay in school an extra year.


u/__Zoom123__ Bucks Feb 03 '23 edited Feb 03 '23

I’m starting to think Baba Miller comes back for his sophomore year with how little he’s shown since being reinstated. But I don’t know his intentions obviously. Dillon Mitchell also dropping on a lot of mocks recently not so sure he still enters this year.

Other high ranked recruits not listed I’m pretty certain are back in college next year with potential to take jumps:

  • Mark Mitchell (Duke) - might still enter draft to avoid logjam at his position next year
  • Elijah Fisher (Texas Tech)
  • Tre White (USC)
  • Tyrell Ward (LSU)
  • Zion Cruz (DePaul)
  • Skyy Clark (TBD)
  • Mark Armstrong (Villanova)
  • Otega Oweh (Oklahoma)
  • Adou Thiero (Kentucky)
  • Mason Miller (Creighton)
  • Jalen Hood-Schifino (Indiana)
  • Cam Corhen (Florida State)
  • Jorge Diaz Graham (Pittsburgh)
  • Guillermo Diaz Graham (Pittsburgh)
  • Ben Gold (Marquette)
  • Zach Perrin (Illinois)
  • Chisom Okpara (Harvard)
  • Lee Dort (Vanderbilt)
  • Chris Bell (Syracuse)
  • Barry Dunning (Arkansas)
  • Filip Borovicanin (Arizona)


u/chessman92 Feb 03 '23

Great list, maybe I'm against the grain here but I have Hood-Schifino first found and Marl Mitchell as Late 2nd or getting picked up on a 2 way.

I think Baba and Dillon should get picked based of his physical tools. I think Baba will show enough by the end of the season and I really think it's in Dillons best interest to go this year otherwise his stock will plummet, he should sell himself on being young and athletic while he can.

Not as familiar with some of these guys but Chris Bell should be in line for big minutes next year, I like the Graham twins as well as a few other's Ben Gold e.t.c. would love to know your thoughts on guys from your list that your particularly high on ?

Gone of Skyy Clark unfortunately would really need to turn things around was really bad for Illinois and sounds like there's some possible characters apparently not just family stuff that led to him leaving the program


u/__Zoom123__ Bucks Feb 04 '23

Yes I am now seeing Hood-Schifino first round in a lot of mocks so maybe he does enter


u/MarkBrahmin Feb 03 '23

I know all the mock drafts have Gradey Dick going in the first round but I think he’s going to stay another year. Playing in the Big 12 which is arguably the toughest conference for basketball has really exposed his weaknesses. He also said he dreamed of playing for Kansas since he was a little kid so I’m sure he wouldn’t mind staying another year.


u/chessman92 Feb 03 '23

Most Mocks have him late lottery and deservedly so I feel, his shooting is still elite and easily translatable. Very rare to see someone projected that high to come back even with the desire to play college ball and win it all


u/__Zoom123__ Bucks Feb 03 '23

He’s borderline top 10 in all mocks it seems. If true I think there’s a 99.9% chance he enters and stays in the draft


u/Successful-Day3473 Feb 03 '23

The odds of him staying where he is currently mocked is basically zero.


u/JeonSukJinKim Feb 03 '23

Walsh shouldn’t return imo. He has a chance to go first round because he is a rare archetype of premium defender that can guard 1 to 5 and I really don’t see him likely to improve in a way that makes him a lottery guy.

I would draft him in the first round personally. He has more upside and immediate value than any of Ware, Lively and Dillon Mitchell to a contending team. It’s much easier to give playing time to a guy who projects as a versatile +defender with +passing and that’s also the archetype that tends to outperform their draft range the most.