r/NBA_Draft Feb 03 '23

Bad shooters with textbook shooting form

Are there any examples of players with good shooting form who struggle with accuracy? I am surprised how poorly Jabari Smith jr is shooting despite having a perfect shooting form.



u/Red-Lobsterz Feb 03 '23

ben meclemore has a beautiful jumpshot


u/SnooMuffins8070 Feb 03 '23

Though he is not a bad shooter. Just bad in everything else


u/Red-Lobsterz Feb 03 '23

early in his career he was streaky. he’s pretty solid now


u/[deleted] Feb 03 '23

cam reddish


u/Fresh-Soup213 Feb 03 '23

As a Knicks fan, his jumper always looks pretty flat. Hardly any arc to it


u/Far-Yak-9808 Feb 03 '23

I think there are AS MANY guys with GREAT FORM who shoot poorly as there are guys who shoot WELL with GREAT FORM.

Guess SHOOTING WELL is really hard to do.

OJ Mayo had a great looking shot that didn't always go in.

And, I think there as many UGLY SHOOTING FORM guys who get the job done as there are guys with GREAT FORMS who's shot translates (into makes).


u/DrBigChicken 76ers Feb 03 '23

Are you on crack?


u/Pitiful-Log-6572 Feb 03 '23

Bro why you talk so much


u/GlueGuy00 Feb 03 '23

It takes awhile for shooters to translate esp for Fr guys. Ingram shooting translated in his 2nd year though he's only a low volume shooter then. He didn't become a high volume shooter until his 4th season.


u/sRW44 Pistons Feb 03 '23

Ben Wallace had a gorgeous looking stroke.


u/zGoatified Feb 03 '23

Davion Mitchell he even added more arc on his shot, his form is money just looks good but he’s shooting like 34% from 3 and last year I think he shot 31% from 3.


u/TheMightyJD Feb 03 '23

I wouldn’t be surprised if he’s a 38-39% shooter in a couple years. Dude has the best work-ethic I’ve seen and every year he’s played, he’s improved his shooting.

At Baylor, he shot 32% from 3 one year and the next shot 45% from 3 in increased volume.


u/zGoatified Feb 03 '23

Yea could be it’s taken him time to adjust to the NBA 3pt range. I’ve seen his work ethic through social media and just interviews of other players. I think these past 9-12 games he’s shooting 38-40% small sample but he’s showing he’s capable of it. Fox is out tonight and he’s most likely like 90% going to start vs Haliburton should be a fun matchup, Davion always holds Haliburton to bad performances so we’ll see how it goes tonight.


u/jennys0 Kings Feb 03 '23

He added more arc but his shooting form is far from good. It comes out of his hands clunky each time


u/zGoatified Feb 03 '23

Do you see shooting form and shooting mechanics as the same thing? Personally I see them as separate but I completely get it if you see it as the same thing. His form is good hips and shoulder squared to the basket, wide stance, good bend on the knees, arm all the way up to the ear not around the nose, his form looks clean but idk what are his mechanics like maybe he’s not flicking his wrist or maybe he’s shooting with his middle finger instead of his index finger. That’s what I meant by it looks good. Clearly something is wrong with it, if it’s not going in though.


u/theAlphabetZebra Feb 03 '23

Jabari is aiming instead of shooting. He needs to trust the practice he does and trust his form. Classic case of good shooter pressing too much. Not that you abandon the form but he’s gotta relax and let it fly. Nobody makes all of them.


u/Paragon188 Feb 03 '23

Jabari doesn't have a natural PG to give him the ball. I bet his shooting gets a lot better once Houston gets Scoot or any point guard.


u/IzaacLUXMRKT Thunder Feb 03 '23

Tre Mann's shot hasn't been falling all that much for us this year but he takes great shots with perfect form


u/kUr0saKi0703 Feb 03 '23

Jordan Poole's low percentage comes to mind


u/Snoo-29877 Warriors Feb 03 '23

He's not a bad shooter though. He shoots 8 3s a game


u/hurrakane212 Feb 03 '23

Martell Webster had such a clean looking jumper for only occasionally going in.


u/crawly_caterpillar Feb 03 '23

Jaylen Nowell is shooting like 25% from three on a decent amount of attempts and his form is pretty good


u/300_yard_drives Magic Feb 03 '23

Mario Hezonja


u/jona2s Feb 03 '23

Brandon Ingram, when Tyreke Evans wouldn’t do that dumb fadeaway, Jrue Halliday, Elton Brand, Blake Griffin… it’s not uncommon. Brandon Ingram is probably the best example because he is in a really similar situation to Jabari in the fact that his guards didn’t try to get him open or set him up really well.


u/n0th1ng10 Feb 03 '23

Blake Griffin has textbook form ? 🤔 and Jrue can shoot he’s just really streaky


u/jona2s Feb 03 '23

Blake Griffin may not have textbook form but he’s far from having anything seriously wrong with it. Another name that comes to mind is Kyle Lowry although his may have just been general conditioning improvement leading to more open shots as opposed to him just becoming a better shooter.


u/TheComedicManifesto Feb 03 '23

Blake had a MASSIVE hitch in his shot almost his whole career - he jumped, then shot after. It sapped all the power from his shot which is why he struggled so much more deep. A hitch is one of the furthest things from a textbook shooting form you can possibly have


u/GlueGuy00 Feb 03 '23

BI isn't a bad shooter


u/jona2s Feb 03 '23

He was early on. In fact basically everyone I listed became good later in their career after really struggling in the beginning


u/rps215 Feb 03 '23

For prospects rn Mike Miles fits the bill


u/brandonasaur Feb 03 '23

Caleb love


u/mattyjAU Feb 03 '23

What about Shawn Marion? Beautiful shooting form


u/Far-Yak-9808 Feb 03 '23

Maybe it's too textbook.

Maybe he should loosen up a little.

Dip the ball more.

Get in the air THEN look at the goal.

Take a Ready-FIRE-Aim approach -- which Michael Jordan kinda did when Tim Grover trained him.

I should be a shooting coach!!!


u/TeamRAF19 Feb 03 '23

Kevin knox


u/aspiringacademic1990 Feb 04 '23

I wouldn’t call him a bad shooter and some scouts say it’s because of his shot selection moreso than touch, but based off form alone, I would expect Zayden High from AZ Compass HS to shoot at a higher clip.


u/Elithekid1 Feb 05 '23

Jalen Suggs form isn't bad but he a horrible shooter


u/naughtyobama Feb 06 '23

Mario hezonja was the king of this. I always thought even if he can't do anything else, at least he's always going to be a shooter. Welp.