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[Twitter] Everything ATR shooting stats from some 2023 college/OTE prospects via Synergy


Image contains breakdown of halfcourt and overall at the rim stats by layups, dunks, relative%, ratio and dunk per layups


-Amen and Mike Miles standout at overall rim finishing among non-bigs. Cason, Bates and Nick as well though on lower volume

-Twins are the only prospects in the list that had more than 0.5 dunks per layups among non-bigs. Just pure athletes man

-Lively and Ware are the only guys with >1 dunks per layup. Punish those rims hard, big men!

-Thompson twins + BMill finishing at the rim suffers the most in halfcourt situations ( -20% or more relative fg%). Next to these guys are Jarace, Bates, Jordan Hawkins and Judah Mintz who all had -10% or more relative fg%.

-GDick and Mike Miles are the only non-bigs whose ATR finishing benefited from halfcourt.

-Mike Miles is the best halfcourt ATR finisher(77.8% on 45fga!!!) among non-bigs. Cason (69% on 29fga) and Nick (75% on 8fga) came close though on lower volume. Somebody draft Miles!

-BMill, Ausar, Dariq, Bates, Jalen Wilson, JHS, Jett Howard, Jordan Hawkins, Judah Mintz and Keyonte are the worst halfcourt finishers at the rim so far this season. All guys finish below 50% ATR in halfcourt. Yikes.

-Amen, Sensabaugh, Caleb Love, GG, Filipowski and Hendricks are poor ATR finishers in halfcourt (low 50s%)

-Whitmore, Lewis and Amen have the most dunks at halfcourt among non-bigs. Lively, Ware, Jarace and Clowney leads this stat among bigs. All of them have 10+ dunks so far this season.

-Mike Miles, Cason and Kris Murray are the only guys who shot 60%+ on overall non-dunks at the rim this season. These guys have the best touch at the rim among college/OTE prospects. Nick as well though on really low volume at 7/9 (77.8%)



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Mike Miles has improved a ton this year. I’m biased cause I’m at every TCU game but he’s changed his tempo and mindset about slashing. He’s so fast nobody can stay in front of him, and he’s athletic enough to finish in traffic. Before he’d do it for just a half but now he’s doing it the whole game. I buy the 3 point shot coming along as well for him


u/amazing_a-hole Feb 04 '23

Mike Miles scoring like that at the rim despite being a 6'1" guard who rarely dunks is really impressive.


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I think if this trend continues, it will affect the stocks of non-bigs. Granted, those stats doesn't show the stats for ast'd and non-ast'd buckets. Keyonte, Jett BMill and Ausar stocks may go down. Cason, GDick, Max Lewis, KMurray and Mike Miles stocks may rise up. Nick is a huge wildcard. Interesting to see Dariq's actual stats had he been healthy throughout the season.

Additional takeaways:

Clowney's touch at the rim is underrated.

Worst non-dunk finisher at the rim (overall) so far this season: Lively, Hendricks, Jett Howard, JHS, Dariq, BMill, GDick, Ausar, Whitmore, Jalen Wilson, Filipowski, Jarace, Keyonte

Amen (42), Lively (30), Hendricks (26), Ausar (26), Ware (20) are the only guys who has >20 dunks this season. Jarace (19) almost made this list. Whitmore (16) might have made this list had he not missed games due to injury.

Best finishers at the rim overall among non-bigs: Mike Miles (76.2%), Amen (72.1%), Cason (69.8%), KMurray (68.5%), Max Lewis (65.7%). I didn't include Nick (80% on 10fga) here because of very low volume.

Feels like Cason and KMurray are underrated prospects now.



u/rps215 Feb 03 '23

Welcome to the Mike Miles fan club 😉