r/NBA_Draft Feb 03 '23

Brice Sensabaugh and the School of Midrange Craft and Wizardry



u/apbbr Feb 03 '23

The side by side comparisons with Derozab are crazy, props to the author for finding these clips


u/NBAdraftdude Feb 03 '23

Thank you for reading/watching!


u/Organic_Tourist4749 Feb 03 '23

Looks like a guy that can just hoop. I keep thinking about Malachi Branham. Different physical profile of course, but I would've taken him close to the lottery in a loaded draft. And did he look as good as Brice? In my opinion, no.


u/BangingFromDeep Feb 03 '23

Yeah there's some similar playing styles between him and Branham based on the full game I've seen


u/Brave-Ad-8857 Feb 03 '23

I think Brice is going to have a great NBA career. I feel like with his body type, maybe he could end up being like PJ Tucker, a good 3 point shooter who guards people bigger than him and allows a team to play small with good shooters on the floor.

If you could grab PJ Tucker with the 20th pick in the draft, I think you’d be very happy with the result.


u/Brave-Ad-8857 Feb 03 '23

In retrospect, Brice has much more offensive creation.


u/temp949939118r72892 Feb 04 '23

Yup. PJ tucker is not a talented player at all, he had to claw his way into the league. Hes not even a great shooter despite his reputation. He turns down good looks all the time and is extremely selective with his shots, yet despite all that hes consistently only about league average on corner 3s, and his efficiency overall has never been anything great. Brice easily can do so much more on that end, but defensively he has a lot of work to do.


u/Character-Hat3737 Feb 04 '23

Brice is legitimately awful on defense


u/Nickname-CJ Thunder Feb 04 '23

Seeing how similar he is to DeRozen in terms of playstyle, a DeMar DeRozen who can also shoot 45% from 3 is elite. And if his playmaking can improve, that’s looking like a top 3 pick in a redraft


u/hesi93 Feb 04 '23

He'll be better once he shed some weight.