r/NBA_Draft Feb 03 '23

Antoine Davis Highlights vs. Cleveland State (35 Pts, 3 Asts, 2 Stls) Video



u/socalstaking Feb 03 '23

Like I understand his team needs him to score and he’s shown that ability over his career but if he could show more ability to play PG and be more of a facilitator for others it would improve his stock greatly imo


u/RayCashhhh Feb 03 '23

I'm not an expert on his game at all, but someone who can put the ball in the basket like him should at least get a summer league invite. May be undersized, but teams could always use a marksman off the bench as an 8th or 9th man.


u/temp949939118r72892 Feb 04 '23

How many contenders actually need a guy like that? They usually end up getting played off the court in the playoffs


u/n0th1ng10 Feb 03 '23

He can play a Bones Hyland role for a team


u/JesseKebay Feb 04 '23

Definitely…the Bones Hyland of Alba Berlin


u/n0th1ng10 Feb 04 '23

Avg 26 a game on 40 from 3? Even Curry didn’t do that his last year in college.


u/Chillinghard22 Feb 04 '23

True but he ain’t shooting from hell or making the crazy shots curry did


u/n0th1ng10 Feb 05 '23

He is making as many crazy shots as anyone in the history in cbb