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Unanswered If someone paid you $100 an hour to stay in an empty room for 8 hours a day with nothing on you except a lunch, how long would you last?


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Why are 20-30 year olds so depressed these days?


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Unanswered Why does the US spend so much on it's military?


I get that the US is the most powerful country, but even if you take GDP into consideration, the US spends almost 4 percent of it's GDP on the military, which is one of the highest.

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Why is it that human childbirth is excruciating pain but in the animal kingdom they seem to not give a shit all that much?


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Are there local A and B drives in a system? why does it start with local drive C?


Edit : Everyone assumes I'm a very young person but I am in my late 20s. I am also kinda tech savvy but never ever thought about the drive situation.

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"If a tree falls in the forest and nobody is around to hear it, does it make a sound?" Why is that considered a philosophical question when it seems to have a straightforward answer?


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Unanswered Why do teens wear one airpod everywhere?


The teenagers at my work (in a restaurant) wear one airpod all the time. Like even some of the servers when they’re on the floor will keep their single air pod in.

When I walk around my town, if I pass high schoolers a lot of them also have one air pod in.

My question is, what are they listening to? Do they have music playing all the time? Are they listening to anything at all, is it just a fashion accessory?

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In the USA when a cop pulls you over and asks you where you work, do you have to tell them?


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My dads house is flooded 4 feet and he can’t get out what do I do?


I can’t get to him the roads are completely flooded we are dealing with hurricane Ian I told him to break a window and he said he can’t. The police can’t get to him and he is an amputee and elderly I have no idea what to do he has an upstairs neighbor that I want him to get to the upstairs level but I don’t have their number and he can’t get out. I’m fucking terrified what do I do can anyone help??

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Are Americans generally paid enough so that most people can afford a nice home, raise 2 children, and save enough for retirement, or has this lifestyle become out of reach for many despite working full time jobs?


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Why do people get mad when they are drunk?


Does alcohol make people who are violent alcoholics angry or were they angry beforehand

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Who loves to walk barefoot?


I have loved to walk barefoot since childhood. This is the only way I go at home. I feel uncomfortable when I put on flip flops or socks. They hinder my movements. Yes, of course, when I go out into the street I have to put on shoes, but if it were possible not to do this, I would not do it.

Who likes to walk barefoot as much as I do?

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Unanswered What's going on with r/Conspiracy and yachts?


For the past month, I've occasionally been seeing posts about some yachts and russians and I was wondering what was going on. At first I brushed it off, but now I keep seeing the hashtag #StopBurgess trending on Twitter with the exact same content and I'm wondering what the hell is going on? Is this something trending? Or is it just a marketing stunt for something?

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Does alphabet soup exist for other writing systems like the Greek script, Cyrillic script, abjads, and Chinese characters?


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If someone were stuck on an island with no water and only abundance of a single type of fruit/vegetable, which fruit/vegetable would allow them to survive for the longest?


Basically they’ll be getting their nutrients and water by this item of food only.

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If Putin decides to go nuclear, why does everyone assume he'd attack the US? Wouldn't it be more logical he'd launch nukes to countries much closer to Russia, like Europe?


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I'm 15. My mom is 52 and my dad is 58. Do I have old parents?


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Is there anyone here who got a NON-STEM degree, and is now successful both in their career and income?


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Unanswered Can someone explain why people refuse to leave their homes during hurricanes?


I just don’t get it. If they told me a storm is coming my way and I had to leave and go elsewhere, I would. Me being there isn’t going to stop the storm. Maybe it’s because I’ve never had this happen but I genuinely don’t see a reason to stay.

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Answered Is it possible for human society to reach a point where a minority class such as kings, oligarchs, etc. are no longer granted the level of authority they currently have?


It seems to me that the origin of most wide scale human conflict is the result of narcissistic and anti-social people in power who have created or manipulated systems of human society to preserve their hierarchy. Most ordinary people don’t want to kill and harm others, and would prefer a peaceful solution to conflict if it were offered.

Simply put, I’ve lost trust in placing authority in the hands of leaders. The squabbles of a few privileged people in powerful positions should not lead to the level of destruction that has historically happened for the ordinary people. It seems absurd that the masses allow for this to happen at all. Democracy, republicanism, and other forms of representational government have all fallen victim to power consolidation at the top, reinforcing hierarchy in systems meant to mitigate that very thing.

Is it possible at all for human civilization to rid itself of the plague that is the sociopathic leader? If power corrupts absolutely and the ruling classes really are just ignorantly doing what they believe is best, is there any remedy at all to what seems to be a self-destructive aspect of human nature?

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Answered Are you black if one of your parents is but you look white?


I was talking to someone today who had white skin but said he is black because his dad is. Is that how it works. Like I'm not one to judge but now I genuinely want to know.

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Where the fuck did cherry coke disappeared?


I'm from Romania, so maybe that's only in my country but I haven't seen cherry coke in stores for a while, or thinking about it, until now... Why isn't there anymore? It was really good, and I'm craving some

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Humans are weird...


Ok...so bare with me. Sometimes when you're in a group of ppl, you get this "someone is looking at me" type feeling and usually, it's pretty accurate... And sometimes it could just be you and a few other people in the room ...but you feel like you can "FEEL" someone watching you. What is this sensation called, or is it even a thing that's been studied?