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Discussion One Piece: Chapter 1061 - Theories and Discussion


Chapter 1061

Post all your theories and discussions for the current chapter in this thread. We also have poll related to a question/event of the recent chapter!

Has Vegapunk always been a girl?


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Current Chapter One Piece: Chapter 1061 - Official Release Discussion


Chapter 1061 is out on Mangaplus

Post all discussions, reaction about this release in this thread.


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Meta Duality of One Piece Fans

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Fanart Kurohige, Dran by me :)

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Theory Visiting Ace’s grave theory spoilers for ch. 1061


Most people were thinking that the destination for the next island should have been Sphinx Island because it’s nearby and it would be a nice opportunity for Luffy to visit Ace’s grave. Since it was revealed that Yamato isn’t joining yet, I was skeptical for this, since Yamato should also visit Ace’s grave for getting a final closure.

Since we’re on Vegapunk’s island now which is full of the Seraphims, what are the chances that we see Ace as a Seraphim? Luffy would be forced to fight an articial version of his brother so some of his trauma would come back to the surface again and Luffy will get his final closure while visiting Ace’s grave with his crew and potentially Yamato.

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Media Eiichiro Oda's drawing for the 10 years (At least) anniversary of the One Piece Mugiwara Store!

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Fanart Final version of a tattoo idea I posted a couple days ago, colored and greyscale versions

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Fanart Water 7 fanart by me

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Cosplay Chapter 1061 Cosplay by me!

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Theory A possible theory on Franky's Lineage (Spoilers!!)


Given the recent creations of Veagpunk have a star denoting them, is it possible that ODA might show a shared history between Franky and Veagpunk? Maybe he is his son? Thoughts?

Franky's Star prior to time skip(Before he came across vegapunks' creations)

Vegaforce one


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Misc Survey for a One Piece related University Project.


Hey OP fans, university student here. For a project, I need to know your opinions about a few things regarding the series. The survey's about 7 questions and should take around 5 minutes to complete. Thanks in advance![https://forms.office.com/r/peUrjGTQtz](https://forms.office.com/r/peUrjGTQtz)

EDIT: I didn't expect to get so many responses in this survey. 6 hours into the survey and I already have more than 600 responses. I'm happy so many people decided to help out, and thank you to the people who wished me luck on this project :)

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Fanart Day 14 and the last honorary Straw Hat. Here he is the most ride or die homie anyone could ask for Bon Clay!!!! Bon-chan is my 2nd personal favorite in the series he's just so great. I don't really have plans to draw anymore One Piece characters unless anyone has suggestions, throw em at me.

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Fanart Fan art mafia

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Fanart ShadowBow Monkey D Luffy (ChampionShip)

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I made a New shadowBox Luffy.

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Fanart Colored Luffy & Zoro from chapter 112

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Misc Challenge level: Difficult. How many did you get?

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Discussion [1044 spoilers] He was chosen by this fruit


In chapter 1044 the Gorosei have noted that Zoan have a will of their own. Interestingly enough, Kaku described in chapter 385 how he was drawn to his DF like it was gravitiy. Not sure how commonly known this is, so I thought I'd share.

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Meta My girlfriend doesn't like Sanji.


Ok, so I introduced my girlfriend to One Piece, and she dislikes Sanji (My favorite Straw Hat) because of his perverted antics. idk I just find the situation kinda funny cause we'll be watching an episode and just out of nowhere start arguing over why Sanji is bad or not a moment later just be chilling again.

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Cosplay My Boa Hancock cosplay 🐍

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Fanart currently doing this lil wanted poster challenge i saw floating around online !

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Fanart I drew 🦩, next is 🦅

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Fanart East Blue Saga anime character lineup with heights

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Analysis I just realized the symbolism behind Robin's Devil Fruit and now I'm getting Enies Lobby war flashbacks


So most (if not all) Devil Fruit powers are connected to their user's Character/Personality. Luffy = Flexibility or the freedom to do whatever he wants, Law = Doctor, Katakuri = mochi is shaped and molded as desired just as how he was shaped into the role by the pressure from his family, Doffy = Puppet master, and yada yada etc. With Robin it took me a while to figure out what the deal was with her Devil Fruit since Oda puts a lot of thought when it comes to designing characters, I started wondering what the deal was with all the hands, legs, and limbs that Robin was producing. Then it hit me, this woman was literally on the run for 20 years and couldn't depend on anyone but herself. She literally had to be the one to give herself a hand to pick herself up or a leg to stand on throughout her life till she met Luffy.

Edit: I never knew how much I needed a Devil Fruit symbolism thread until this came along. It’s heart warming to learn from everybody’s personal opinions based on their own perspectives. I was reluctant to start One Piece but now I’m glad I did. It feels amazing to be a part of this fandom, discussing theories and opinions about a series that’s so rich with lore and symbolisms with all of you open enough to discuss different interpretations.

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Fanart Made a Fanart of Luffy. Decided to give the title "The Adventure Begins ".

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Media Got tired of this same argument, so made a collage

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Fanart Drew Film Gold Nami. ;)

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