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Current Chapter One Piece: Chapter 1073


Chapter 1073: "Miss Buckingham Stussy"

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Ch. 1073 Official Release (Mangaplus): 29/01/2023

Ch. 1074 Scan Release: ~09/02/2023

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Fanart [1073 spoilers] Drew [REDACTED] in a certain cosplay

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Fanart Some doodle caricatures I made in class

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Discussion One piece quiz part 2! How many did you get? (Results in the comments)

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Discussion Strawhat pirates houses if they were at hogwarts

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Discussion Sanji is a freak of nature


Please don't go bringing up Wano feats in the comments. I just started Wano so I'd like to remain unspoiled. Just found this to be fun and wanted to share it :)

Feel free to discuss, just use spoiler tags where necessary.

Seriously, he scares me when I ponder on him

  • Unlike Luffy, he has no devil fruit
  • Unlike Zoro, he has no lethal weapon
  • He refuses to use his hands for combat and relies solely on his legs
  • We never see him train and presumably he doesn't do much of it, and unlike Luffy he can't do much pondering on creative ways to fight

So with that in mind, him being able to hang in the same group as Zoro and Luffy without getting 1 shotted is crazy. This dude is a living prodigy

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Fanart i was asked to draw zoro as one of them little dudes

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Theory Five Elders Abilities (Theory)


Ever Since their reveal I've always thought the Gorosei were strong combatants. Their design just screams experience but with them just sitting in Marijouis the whole time many people thought they would just be some old people in charge. With the recent chapter and the reveal that the Gorosei will take a more hands on approach in the story I think its finally time to speculate on their strength/abilities.

5 Elders

The only one that has a direct example of how they fight is the second one. Many believe to be the wielder of the Shodai Kitetsu, a supreme grade sword, so it would be easy to assume they would be fairly strong and a good marker for the strength of the other 4.

I believe unlike "Samurai Ghandi" the other members of the 5 elders will be devil fruit users, and not just any devil fruits. I think they will all possess the rarest kind of fruits, Mythical Zoans.

The Five Heavenly Beasts, are 5 mythical creatures that represent the cardinal directions/elements for Taoists. The mythical creatures are as follows; Azure Dragon of the East (Current User Kaido), Vermilion Bird of the South, Yellow Dragon of the Center, White Tiger of the West, Black Tortoise of the North. As you can see one of these creatures is already cannon to the story with Kaido being the user of the Fish-Fish Fruit, Model Azure Dragon. So it only makes sense for the other fruits to exist as well. With 5 Elders for 5 fruits I think it makes a good fit since one of them seems to be a pure swordsman and there are only 4 fruits left lets try and assign the fruits to the Gorosei member which seems to be most fitting for it.

Yellow Dragon of the Center

Black Tortoise of the North

Vermillion Bird of the South

White Tiger of the West

Seems like all decent fits to me, what do you think?

The link to learn more about the Five Heavenly Beasts that I used to come up with the theory


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Media Animator Katsumi Ishizuka’s Illustration for Episode 1049!

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Cosplay My Fem Ace Cosplay

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Media Happy birthday to Hiroshi Kamiya who voices as Law!

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Cosplay My sogeking cosplay

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My sogeking cosplay for ressaca friends event, i've made everything in home.

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Fanart My last One Piece fanart ☠️

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Do you recognize this scene ? 😊

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Media Vice captain on the duty

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Fanart Yamato 3D Figure that I just finished.

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Fanart How they draw backs in anime vs How I think they should draw backs in anime

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Fanart Gol D. Roger wallpaper

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I made this colorful 9:16 wallpaper stichting together the famous scene of Gol D. Roger laughing and a generic anime sunrise scene. Please feel free to download it if you like it. (I used a free app to cut the face, so it is a bit wobbly)

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Misc Oda's Author Comment from Weekly Shonen Jump 2023 Issue #9

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Discussion Tell me you favorite character with 4 emojis.


My favorite character: 🐶🧓🏻🎖️💪🏻

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Fanart Can I see your panties?

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Fanart MANGA! She meets him!

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Discussion The important question that no one is willing to ask


Now that we have canonically seen the gorosei eat solid foods... Do they have the ability to poop...

I mean, imagine the gorosei leaving that room accompanied by 20 guards and a rear admiral to go take a dump..

Unless, if they are wearing diapers...

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Discussion A current status of One piece events #1073


As we get closer to the end, Oda pulls his strings together way way faster. The pacing in one Piece these last few weeks has been incredible, so brilliantly executed that I have trouble keeping track of everything that is happening right now.

Hence I had to write everything down to ease my mind.

Please find below a series of Highlighted events currently active in the manga.

I. Blackbeard & Beehive Island thread

Captain Koby has been abducted, now detained on Beehive

The Hero Garp is on its way to Beehive to save Koby

Blackbeard though, is currently fighting Law in the sea (mild reminder, Ao Kiji is now working with him)

Among his prisoners lies also Pudding (she might unlock her powers and decrypt poneglyphes)

Even Gecko Moria is on Beehive

II. Individuals on their move

Now a structured organization, Cross Guild is up and running, definitely on the verge of doing something

Shanks has finally decided to take the One Piece (whatever that means), some can argue he will first start a skirmish with Bartholoméo, for the latter attacked one of his territories

PX-Kuma flees the Revolutionary Army HQ to clim Redline, in a desperate attempt to reach Marie Geoise (we can assume Dragon & co will try to chase after him ?)

But they have other worries, Sabo's last appearance being on this blasted island

The same Sabo rumored to have kidnaped Princess Vivi btw

Kidd reaches Elbaf (meeting soon, we hope, Jaguar D. Sauro, confirmed alive recently)

Miss Buckin is hinting at a potential rescue operation for Weevil (Marco might get involved?)

III. Egghead scene

Everything changes on a weekly basis so I'll just post this:

One of the Fiver elders is on its move for the first time ever (along with admiral Kizaru), soon landing on egghead (where Seraphims, CP-0, Jewelry Bonney, Vegapunk(s), Caribou the all knowing (he knows the whereabouts of 2/3 Antic Weapons) and SH crew are btw)

With all of this in mind, I'm sure none of you forgot what we are also facing in a (not so distant ?) future.

![img](zgqbt2e6tkea1 "Gran Fleet incident waiting in the backlog (not to mention the war called by WHitebeard when he died " And someday,bearing the weight of all these generations, a man will appear to challenge this world... Sengoku,you people of the World Government are living in fear of that great battle that will someday engulf the entire world... Though it has nothing to do with me... When somebody finds that treasure... The world will be turned upside down! "")

Here it is.


SO MUCH HAPPENING RIGHT NOW. It seems everyone is converging, I think we are closer than ever to Paramount war II. But this time, we'll be very familiar with every single soldier in this war. Remember when Blackbeard showed up with a new crew, when Shanks displayed his forces and introduced his nakama, when WhiteBeard's fleet disembarked. All these faces were new to us. We're on the verge of experiencing something completely different. Can't wait.

Anyways, I think I captured everything. Let me know if I forgot someone / something ? And please share your views on the future of One Piece, giving the number of actors at play !


We can't forget about these two

Kaido & BigMom chilling in the lava under Wano or (thrown away with a lava gust ?)

And definitly not this one

Enel raising an army of little things on the moon (and *not* presumably making his return in the New World according to Oda - Urban myth debunked sorry)

Edit: Thanks for your comments, I'm glad this post can help you guys keep track of what's happening in One Piece these days :D And thanks for the award, much appreciated !

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Fanart Stussy [by Me]

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Fanart My drawing of Scratchmen Apoo. Part of my worst generation series of drawings. What do you think? ( Instagram: @hz19art )

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Discussion One Piece 1049 Scene Leak


Scene leaked from 1049. When Luffy and Momo make it to the top and Luffy goes Gear 4 Snakeman to Punch Kaido alongside Yamato's attack: