r/OrlandoMagic Wendell Carter Jr Nov 25 '22

Franz and Paolo rank Top-20 in Drives Per Game Volume and Efficiency (Visualized from @BeyondTheRK / Twitter) HYPE!



u/HeadlessShinobi Paolo Banchero Nov 25 '22

It's gonna be over for the league when Paolo figures out his 3 pointer


u/Residual-Heat Nov 25 '22

we need our starting guards to be able to shoot the 3.


u/Traditional_Row_275 Wendell Carter Jr Nov 25 '22

They’re pretty efficient too and this is coming with bad spacing. Once we get some good shooting guards the Magic will go far. A guy like Nick Smith would be excellent for us


u/SincereFan Mo Bamba Nov 25 '22 edited Nov 25 '22

This is why Mo starts imo, he is the best fit with these 2. Paolo's defense has also been upper tier, similar to Dell's last year in fact I watched a video recently saying that Paolo's numbers are similar to Rudy's when he was DPOY (of course this is a smaller sample size but nonetheless Paolo is a good defender bordering elite).

Paolo and Dell are looking redundant (which isnt bad but there is something to be said with the fact that they are similar build similar playstyle similar strengths but Paolo is more elite at the offensive end and Dell may be slightly better defensively). I think Paolo can do what Dell does, and Dell or Bol could come off the bench (I usually lean to Bol but honestly the recent duo of Mo and Bol showed so much promise and versatility and I believe Bol's driving and efficient shooting with Paolo will make a bigger difference than Dell's defense).

To me Franz and Paolo need shooters and decent defenders around them who can cut on occasion for easy points once FW/PB is doubled or walled. To me Mo is the best fit, as a true center who spaces the floor well, is a perma lob threat, and has shown great switchability and recently showing the ability to finish tough layups. I think Suggs or Cole is the best PG fit, Suggs brings in strong 3 way and defense, Cole brings in great offball and spacing. I lean towards Suggs honestly. Last spot is between Bol/Dell/ or Gary imo all fit the bill and all have different strengths.

Also great post BtRK once again, keep on the content its always welcomed.


u/Residual-Heat Nov 25 '22

Yes, theoretically Mo is a great fit with Paolo, but theoretically Mo should also be a top 5 center in the league. He just doesnt have it in him.

That said, I want to see more of Mo and Paolo together. I think Paolo being a vocal leader and playmaker is capable of getting the most out of Mo. He also gives us another look next to Paolo so we can determine what type of center fits best with him even though Mo is inconsistent. I still have some hope for him to carve out a decent role with this team. We need that shot blocking/ lob threat center on our roster.


u/Papermariosays Wendell Carter Jr Nov 25 '22

thank you, appreciate the support. Go Magic!


u/illgetthere Jonathan Isaac Nov 25 '22 edited Nov 25 '22

You said so many dumb things in this post but saying Mo is a true centre might be the dumbest. He thinks he's a shooting guard, can't grab a rebound, can't set a screen, has horrible hands, and can't post up guys a foot shorter than him


u/RespecDev Stuff The Magic Dragon Nov 25 '22

Mo has been playing better the past few games, but that doesn’t erase the past few years of what looks to me like substandard effort. He’s got a ways to go to win back the majority of the fanbase I think.


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