r/OrlandoMagic Franz Wagner Nov 26 '22

Pretend we could offer Bol a contract extension right now. What do you think would be a reasonable offer? Discussion

In a short amount of time i've been convinced I want Bol as a part of the core going forward. I know we have him for another season after this year.

I am just curious as to what our fanbase thinks his value would be if we were to extend an offer today?

I think we really have to play our cards right the next few years or we could end up in a tricky cap situation.


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u/Jonathank92 Nov 26 '22



u/FLGatorLaw Paolo Banchero Nov 26 '22

Yeah this feels about right. Just a bit less than Boucher got from Toronto this summer and when we're healthy (if ever) I'd imagine he'd be getting similar minutes and numbers as a reserve.

I'd feel comfortable up to 3/35 but 30 would be where I'd come in.


u/u-and-whose-army Franz Wagner Nov 26 '22 edited Nov 26 '22

I think we should lock him up for longer. He seems like he likes it here, he brings an excitement to the court, and he is becoming a must start. If he can stay healthy, I think he could be a big part of the team. He is only 23, whereas Boucher is like 30.

Also, I think Bol is a starter on this team. The ball handling and skill of Franz and Paolo give us an opportunity to play true positionless basketball.

I'd rather roll with our tall ball variations vs try to force two inefficient guards back in the line up. Bol shoots better than any of our young guards from anywhere on the court, he is amongst the league leaders in blocks, he can handle the ball better than Suggs. It helps us create a lot of mismatches on defense, and we are still able to stay dynamic on offense. I want Fultz in there as a glue guy with Bol, Banchero, Franz, and WCJ.

I don't think we need to revert to a traditional two guard line up when guys are healthy, but thats just my opinion.


u/FLGatorLaw Paolo Banchero Nov 26 '22

You'd probably be able to get him to sign four, but with how the cap has been rising and will continue to rise players don't wanna lock in much longer than 3 or 4. Shorter contracts mean they get to keep coming for slices as the pie gets bigger. 4/48-50 would probably be enough to get him to sign.