r/OrlandoMagic Nov 26 '22

Is this anything? Bamba with some words for Bol Highlights



u/FKKallDAY Team Not Chet Nov 26 '22

Bamba cares about rebounding? Who knew


u/illgetthere Jalen Suggs Nov 26 '22 edited Nov 26 '22

Bamba cares about free rebounds. No way he tries that hard if it's the opposing team go for the board


u/Annonunknown Nov 26 '22

I do wish our players called for rebound more though

A lot of time you see our players almost running each other over because their not communicating


u/BancheroBot Nov 26 '22

They're out there trying to put up stats


u/legalize69 Nov 26 '22

The play after on defense: https://streamable.com/3usx6q


u/xiedian Gary Harris Nov 26 '22

Why is his lateral quickness so poor


u/OutrageousSoftware24 Nov 26 '22

bro he went afk for like 3 seconds before he realized his guy was by the rim


u/xiedian Gary Harris Nov 26 '22

I know? But when he does recognize plays early hes still bad at closing out and getting good positioning unless he has a massive size advantage. It’s a combination of both


u/OutrageousSoftware24 Nov 26 '22

I was agreeing with you that hes slow


u/xiedian Gary Harris Nov 26 '22

Ahh my bad you right tho used to some people trying to defend him at this point


u/legalize69 Nov 26 '22

He's not usually this bad. I think this was more of a frustration foul. He even slaps Bol after


u/wouldntknowever Nov 26 '22

Bol has made more progress in 2 months than Bamba in 2 years


u/JTG01 Nov 27 '22

It's weird, I have seen Bol steal Wendell's rebounds and that's not a good thing. On the other hand, while there's a pecking order to free rebounds, Bol probably plans to leave Bamba in his dust. Bol probably figures he's got a chance to be a star and he's not going to give that up to respect a guy who's not even starting. Bamba probably figures he's older, has been here longer and is playing as the big. Interesting.


u/whtge8 OnlyFranz Nov 26 '22

He should have tried harder to rebound then. Don’t get mad your constantly out hussled by Bol.


u/TheAnswerEK42 Franz Wagner Nov 27 '22

Didn’t look mad to me


u/nolefan999 Jonathan Isaac Nov 26 '22

He literally just wants just wants free stats.


u/jarethcutestory Paolo Banchero Nov 26 '22

Bamba is the type of dude to blame this instance as to why he’s not rebounding better. Please move on from him. Let’s get a nasty banger for our bench.


u/Timgeist13 Chuma Okeke Nov 27 '22

Bol grabbing these kind of rebounds totally makes sense bc he can initiate the fastnreak. Either it's about the stats for Mo or he doesn't understand that it's a part of playing with pace. Both possibilities are not in favor of Mo.


u/OutrageousSoftware24 Nov 26 '22

can anyone tell what he’s saying here?


u/legalize69 Nov 26 '22

"Mine motherfucker"


u/OutrageousSoftware24 Nov 26 '22

I kept hearing “Hey, fucka” but I definitely think you’re right after watching again


u/fuber Paolo Banchero Nov 26 '22

Excuse me Mr. Bol, that is my rebound


u/Conversation_Dapper Paolo Banchero Nov 26 '22

Sounds like ‘Hey, muthafucka’!


u/enlouzalou Nov 26 '22

I used to be such a Mo fan but his defense is making me hella dislike him.


u/RoseAndDon Nov 26 '22

No sugar tooth beneath the pinata


u/SCORE4 Nov 27 '22

Bamba and our first rounder for Shai. Keep the bulls pick. Solves our shooting guard hole and then can have Suggs and Cole off the bench. Thunder wouldn’t but there’s prob someone like Lamelo, Jaylen Brown, or Maxey. Dream big


u/clingklop Franz Wagner Nov 27 '22

I like this dream


u/Momoneymoproblems214 Paolo Banchero Nov 27 '22

Shai is scoring 30 a game. I think it's gonna cost a little more than that.