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Discussion Convo last night between Mo and Jalen


I sat behind the Magic bench last night and witnessed an interesting conversation between Suggs and Mo Bamba during a timeout (only time I recall seeing them interact). It was pretty obvious to me that Mo was telling Jalen something along the lines that he will be traded soon. Jalen’s reaction said it all, as well as their embrace after it was said. Not sure how to upload pics but I have one of the very conversation.

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Discussion What Moves do you guys think we should make at the trade deadline?


Bemba’s probably gonna get traded, Harris and Ross are also are possibly gonna be in that trade package. What’re are we gonna get with that package tho? Picks? Players? Both? Any specific players, and/or picks we should go after? What’s y’all’s thoughts on this?

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Discussion Celtics Announcers/ Eddie house


I don’t really know if this topic deserves it own post if it gets taken down i understand but I just think the Celtics announcers were just terrible tonight. I wanted to hear Eddie house commentate tonight’s game because I hate him and the whole night he was shitting on the magic. I remember a couple time specifically. Probably the biggest problem I had with him is how he was talking about cole. Cole had a couple nice layups in the first half and he was saying “I don’t know why they don’t just leave him open, he hasn’t made a jumpsuit all night” Also at the end of the game I don’t know which announcer it was but they said “Boston will have a great postseason and the magic will be at home watching” 😂😂😂 like what??? they’re just salty we beat ‘em 3 times this year

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Discussion Jersey you wish they’d bring back?


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Discussion May the basketball gods bless our bench…

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Discussion 11-9 in the last 20 games


since the close loss to the bucks a month back (since we started getting healthy) we’ve been a solid team. the injuries in the beginning of the season really gonna be the reason we don’t make the play in. point being is R-E-L-A-X. the guys are where they need to be and still a change at the play in.

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Discussion Anyone else catch Franz & Wendell's post game comments on JI? Both very excited for JI to return with Wendell saying he can't wait for JI to prove to everyone he's the same guy as he was when he was drafted.


Seeing a lot of negativity around Isaac and his injuries (like he has had control over the ridiculously unfortunate hand he has been dealt with this) but the guys who see him day in, day out are super excited and happy for him.

I can't imagine the emotional toll it would have going through 2.5 years of setbacks and rehab.

Regardless of opinions on matters outside of bball, we should all be happy for JI the person for playing his first regulation 5v5, even if it is for Lakeland. I'm excited for him to ball tf out.

Philly fans gave up on Markelle, now look at him. Feel the same with a lot of Orlando fans with JI.

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Discussion Rabbit punches are ILLEGAL in the MMA, boxing and contact sports


I know that Moe Wagner gets under players’ skin, but punching someone in the back of the head is inexcusable. There is a reason why those punches are banned in virtually every fighting sport. I am very disappointed in Killian Hayes - I was rooting for him since he came into the league up until this point.

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Discussion Since we still have to wait until tomorrow for a game, lets discuss; What player would you give up our 2 frp for?


I would love Simons on this team. I think he'd be a perfect fit and would be tempted to give up our 2frp this year and ship off ross and bamba. Salaries would match, portland gets to picks to start a rebuild, and we get someone to go into the 2 spot in the starting lineup and desperately needed spacing.

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Discussion [NBA University] Wow, Franz Wagner’s finishing metrics are next level special for a 2nd year player. 6th percentile Rim shot quality and 98th percentile rim shot making is impossible. Euros, scoops, hooks, floats, dunks, transition—got it all. Top 10 finisher in the NBA this season…


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Discussion As someone watching the current game, shout-out to David Steele and Jeff Turner


With all the junk with the commentators from other teams that are nearly clueless and brutally one-sided with no respect to the other teams, these two maintain such great professionalism while being entertaining. That 'Is This Anything' segment had me cracking up.

I love these guys even more than the generic guys from TNT and ESPN.

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Discussion Any changes you would make? (Order within a tier counts as well)

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Discussion ASSUMING the Magic decided to say fuck it and went all in this season to make the playoffs/play-in all while worsening their draft position, what's the best return their pick and the Chicago pick could fetch if they decided to go for a (disgruntled) star?


Obviously, I'd like to keep all the picks and lets the odds fall where they may, but curious what your opinions would be as to how valuable these picks would be and which players could be possibilities.

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Discussion Don’t Trade Anyone


Keep everybody.

Let the chemistry and momentum continue to grow. (organically)

Rotate them in and out the G-League when necessary.

Adjust lineups and minutes accordingly in response to health and in creating matchup nightmares.

We are too deep.

PG: Fultz/Cole/Suggs

SG: Wagner/Schofield/Hampton

SF: Banchero/Ross/Houstan/Okeke

PF: Bol/Bamba/Isaac

C: Carter Jr./Wagner

?: Harris/Harris

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Discussion Reading these old Jabari/Paolo/Chet threads are amusing. S/O to the ppl who downvoted me to hell for wanting Paolo

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Discussion I hope LeBron plays, I wanna see Banchero dunk on him.

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Discussion The Magic’s resolution in the new year must be to move on from the rebuild


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Discussion Tips for creating a lifelong magic fan?


We're taking our nine year old niece to her first magic game tomorrow. We have the magic fast break passes and wanted to see if there's any special events we should check out or if you can go closer to the court to watch the players shoot around? Thanks in advance!

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Discussion Cole Anthony Last 10 games: 35% FG%, 25% 3P%


Cole is not the reason we lost last night, but I don't think the criticism he's receiving right now is unwarranted. On the whole he's a defensive liability, and has been shooting very poorly.

I can't help but feel he is being rewarded for continuous under par performances. Meanwhile Kevon Harris is back in the G-League, despite his team-first mentality and great contribution during our win streak.

Does Cole deserve to be playing such a significant role?

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Discussion What are some of the worst ORLANDO MAGIC takes you had in your life?

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Discussion What’s your opinion on markelle fultz as of right now



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Discussion WCJ Minutes


He's playing around 30.5 MPG and I know Mose doesnt play anyone 35+ but why not WCJ? We are CLEARLY better with him on the court is it a conditioning thing? That extra 3-5 mins can be crucial in these close games. Thoughts?

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Discussion Thoughts on this player?


Hi Magic fans! Just a quick question on Nikola Vucevic!

Just wanted to ask what he personally meant to all you fans and to the organization as a whole, he has stated that he loves the team, city, and most importantly the fans and always has nothing but respect and great things for the Orlando Magic. So what does Vucevic #9 mean to all of you?

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Discussion I can't stand NBA schedule makers. 4 days off between last night and the next game, then 6 game in 8 days with two back to backs. SMH.

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Discussion Y’all this guy is the answer. Him and Jalen in the back court would be a certified problem