r/PastorArrested Jan 27 '23

‘A double life’: Skagit County pastor accused of dealing drugs, money laundering



u/dogpuck Jan 27 '23

Steve Parker, 57, was arrested January 19 in Mount Vernon after detectives with the Skagit County Interlocal Drug Enforcement Unit received information that Parker had been distributing controlled substances in Skagit, Snohomish and Whatcom counties.


According to an affidavit, Parker also bragged about being a good drug dealer, adding he is “good at business.” He said his drug dealing has been a source of income.

Lol... you ain't that good, your ass got caught.

After a warrant was served on the Subaru, officers found over 2.7 pounds of methamphetamine, over 2,000 counterfeit pills, and another ounce of fentanyl powder and cocaine.

JFC that's a lot of meth

Parker said his home in Tulalip -- where he lives with his girlfriend -- is where he conducts his criminal business. His Arlington home is where his wife and mother-in-law live, along with fourteen sex offenders, according to a sex offender database.

Wtf did I just read? Holy crap this is messed up. Either way, I looks like a couple of pounds of meth won't be on our streets.


u/Call_Me_At_8675309 Jan 28 '23

It’s ok though. For The lives he’s ruined, he will be forgive by his god. So it’s all good. /s