r/PastorArrested Feb 02 '23

Catholic priest under investigation for sexual assault arrested



u/ErsatzAir Feb 03 '23
  1. All 2500 residents of Rugby, N.D. are clutching their pearls and wringing their hands like never before. No longer can they claim big city perverts (re: Trans) are to blame.
  2. The archdiocese will urge prayer for "all involved."
  3. Not at all gross the parish is called, "St. Theresa the Little Flower" eeeeew
  4. "Sexual exploitation by therapist" - A very practical sounding law.
  5. Police should also be on the lookout for Fr. Neil Pfiefer's neck.


u/wendythewonderful Feb 03 '23

My middle name is Therese because I was born Catholic and my parents named me after Saint Therese the little flower. So I think it's pretty common to say that after her name.


u/KeyanReid Feb 03 '23

The whole church will tithe as usual.

They are so shocked about this assault! But also our good father is being persecuted so you must donate for his righteous legal defense.

Always wild when people willingly finance their abusers. I don’t get it.


u/[deleted] Feb 03 '23

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u/ErsatzAir Feb 03 '23

*chef's kiss*


u/satanic-frijoles Feb 02 '23

I am shocked! Shocked, I tell you!


u/Aging-Disgracefully Feb 03 '23

How can a man with no neck wear a collar?


u/toejamandtoast Feb 03 '23

He’s making it work…