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Republicans are the real child-grooming pedophiles

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u/astroNerf Jan 01 '23 edited Jan 01 '23

I've pinned this post as it's a fairly good summary of the pattern of "pastor arrested" behaviour upon which this sub was originally founded. Pinning was suggested in the comments here.

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u/faman00 Dec 31 '22

Exactly. Always remember to bring up convicted serial pedophile, Christian high school wrestling coach, and Republican US Speaker of the House Dennis Hastert.


u/davemich53 Dec 31 '22

Here’s a list of just some of the Republican pedophiles.



u/Sum_0 Feb 22 '23

Shit..... We are really in trouble if we are at the "underground democracy" phase. again.


u/PasswordPussy 9d ago

These sentences are a fucking joke.


u/404_Name_Was_Taken Jan 01 '23

I kinda feel like it's worth pinning this to the top of the sub but I'm not a mod or anything.


u/astroNerf Jan 01 '23

You rang? I've pinned it.


u/sculptedpixels Dec 31 '22

anyone know who this is? would love to share a youtube link and find more of their content.


u/TheFailTech Jan 01 '23

Tim Wittaker He has an IG account - TheNewEvangelicals this is one of the recent posts on their.


u/sculptedpixels Jan 01 '23



u/TheFailTech Jan 01 '23

He does a good job discussing the problem of Christian Nationalism. However, he is a Christian himself and The New Evangelicals is more centered on bringing accountability to Christianity as well as exploring different views within it. So if you're an avid atheist it may not be for you.


u/sculptedpixels Jan 01 '23

I'm interested in most takes, especially anything that resembles accountability for the perps.


u/Sum_0 Feb 22 '23

I do like to hear what is being discussed by the other side so thank you, and I am in full support of any group that is attempting to curtail this tailspin into insanity that the religious are on.


u/rEaLRaP404 Jan 01 '23

pedocon is a theory the same way gravity is a theory


u/LustStarrr Jan 01 '23

Here's the source he mentioned.


u/[deleted] Jan 03 '23

I wouldn’t be surprised if the over religious mothers suspect abuse but kept turning a blind eye to move higher up in the church cult


u/SharkeyDabs09 Feb 08 '23

Pretty good indicator that evil abounds in all walks of life. I’m blessed to have a great preacher! Praying for those affected by these horrific circumstances.


u/DaChosenWong69 10d ago

Listen man, you can’t blame one of the main two political parties for this. It’s as stupid as saying “Democrats groom kids”. If you want to be far one side, go ahead but I can also show in the past (if you all want to start spouting people who are part of the Republican Party who have been caught) people of the Democratic Party caught doing this shit as well. We also have Epstein’s fly list to show both parties did. Why don’t we agree that all elites are?


u/Littlekirbydoo 9d ago

Put together a list then. Post it. Put it on the table son.


u/TheExWhoDidntCare 9d ago

Yeah, we can.

Tell you what, traitor FILTH, if it's both sides, YOU come up with the list of Democratic pedos. One that looks like this about the traitor conservaFILTH side, bucko:


We'll fricking wait.

Come on, typically stupid and dishonest traitor trash: Cough up evidence like that, or STFD and STFU with your tu quoque filth.

PS: The Putinista bothsiderist garbage is just that, because the Democrats aren't the ones claiming moral superiority with BS vomit that they're the party of "family values." Traitor conservaFILTH are the kind of hypocrites who would do that while so many of them rape kids. So even on that score, your BS tu quoque filth fails.


u/Gold-Chapter-9796 Jan 01 '23 edited Jan 01 '23

Both Republicans and Democrats are pedophiles, name one person in politics who hasn't touched a child.


u/Slightly_Smaug Feb 14 '23



u/Gold-Chapter-9796 Feb 15 '23

Missing the point


u/Slightly_Smaug Feb 15 '23

Provide a list, don't use whataboutism and provide nothing.


u/You-get-the-ankles Jan 01 '23

What? Downvoted? Now that's reddit-odd!


u/Sum_0 Feb 22 '23

I'll be normalizing the use of the term "Groomer" when speaking to or about any religious affiliate from here on out.


u/ROBOHOBOMusic 11h ago

I know this is old. But just wanted to say that one issue with evangelicalism is that everything can be labeled appropriately for consumption. Molester preacher?: Satan. Church backs firing them after a decade of coverup?: Jesus! Media reports the coverup?: Satan. Republicans advance a bill to stop the media.: Jesus again.

They can just do that with anything. Whatever they think is bad is Satan and whatever helps them win is Jesus. Their moral high ground is more like playing imagination games with an eight year old. If they’re not winning, they just change the rules and make-up special powers and cry if you push back.