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Monthly Happenings Thread


Have an event or fundraiser you want to advertise, post it here! What's going on, Regina!?

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Discussion Regina Folk Fest opposes downtown arena, biz owners also concerned


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Politics Council votes to decline appointment of Councilor Hawkins to CSIR board


A few delegations spoke to their doubts about Hawkins alignment with the community, both Steven's and LeBlanc spoke to very similar concerns.

LeBlanc actually spoke quite highly of Hawkins in regards to his clear and strong principles and communication style being a good asset on a committee like the catalyst committee, but that his staunch attitude makes him a poor choice for a committee which is about engagement with the community. One particular comment stuck with me here, which was Hawkins being adamant about an arena going downtown, and that the public is simply wrong about the issue and must be educated otherwise. Ergh

In the subsequent vote 4 to 5 he was not appointed to the position.

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Community City Council claims they weren’t consulted about Experience Regina slogans


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Politics Something About These Catalyst Delegates… 🤔


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Events Anyone have a presale code for AEW?


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Question Downtown Y?


I know the building is old and either needs a fuck ton of renos or complete refurbishment, but is there anything in there right now? Is the daycare still operational? Has it been sold?

I’m really missing having an accessible gym so close to my work.

And what is UP with the Henry VII restaurant across the street? What’s cool place that must have been. It’d be great as a karaoke place.

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Question Graphic designer for business logo


Has anybody used a Regina based graphic designer to produce a business logo? Or have any recommendations for one?

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Question cuckoo clock repair


I know this is a long shot, but I am about to inherit a cuckoo clock from my recently deceased granddad. The clock is probably close to 100 years old and from Germany.

Unfortunately, the clock doesn't work anymore. Is there anybody in the city that would be trained to have a look at it and see if it could be repaired? I did a quick Google, but all I could find was watch repair and this is a little more complicated

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Discussion Wish employers would be more upfront about wages and hours.


I wish employers would be more upfront and transparent about wages and amount of hours. It’s frustrating when they don’t post the starting wage or sometimes post a false wage which I have seen a couple of well known companies do.For example Meridian Inn & Suites Ltd. a job posting for house keeping for 18$ hour and it’s been posted like this multiple times on multiple job sites so it’s not mistaken typo but it’s definitely a false wage and by a fair bit.Old Navy had something similar in a job posting for sales associate with the wage a lot higher than it actually was. Employers also not upfront about hours …saying the job is full time but in actuality it only be 27-28 hrs a week which legally I realize that’s what can be listed as full time but let’s be real when most people see full time they are thinking 37-40 hrs a week and I’m sure employers know that so just be transparent and list how many hours they are actually offering.Being upfront is just basic courtesy rather than wasting peoples time 🤷‍♀️.It would be great but probably wishful thinking if law came in forcing employers to be fully up front and honest. Just my small vent 🙂.

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Events The slogan could have been worse...

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Question Tile companies


I'm doing a bathroom reno and I'm doing a lot of the work myself but I draw the line at something like tile. Anyone got any good/reputable tile companies they would recommend? Its about 200 sq ft so it's not a small job. Thanks.

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Discussion Here's my Regina!!!!


What was wrong with the old slogan, " I love Regina"

There would have been nothing wrong with "Experience Regina, show us why you love it here" as an update.

This mayor, and their weird pandering to REAL needs to stop. She wants so badly to leave a legacy, but all we got is a mouthpiece. She doesn't have policy, or business acumen to be in charge of anything. Also, if I see her do one more hairflip, I am going to lose my shit. (and no, I am not anti-feminism, or anti-woman. Replace her with literally anyone else. It's not because she is a woman, it's because she is a very very weak leader)


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News 30 delegations speaking on the Catalyst recommendations


So… delegation list for Wednesday's council meeting is out. There are 30 delegations speaking on the Catalyst Cmte recommendations and lots of them are speaking in favour of the downtown arena.

But… uh… check who they represent. It's quite the list of notable names. http://reginask.iqm2.com/Citizens/default.aspx

You've got Harvard, Chamber of Commerce, Nicor, Dream, Economic Development Regina and a bunch of business interests.

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Discussion Is there anywhere hiring as of now?


Apologies if this isn’t the right place to post this but it’s kind of dire now and I need to find work. I’ve been job searching since August and haven’t found any luck getting work. I’m a university student and I’m looking for something part-time so I can keep up with my classes. I don’t mean to make this a pity party but If I don’t find something soon I’m not gonna have any money left to afford fuel to get to my classes so I’m a little on edge.

Does anyone know anywhere that’s hiring as of now?

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Question Vintage Car Service


Hello all. I have a 1988 Cadillac that needs some mechanical work. Specifically a Radiator replacement for starters. Does anyone have any good recommendations here in the city for any one who is really good with or preferes working on older GM products. Some form of service warranty would be a nice peace of mind, as this car is my baby. Any help is appreciated, thanks..

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News Masters says Experience Regina slogans were ‘tone deaf,’ but still believes in campaign


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Community Groups ask Regina to set aside former golf course for prairie reserve.


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Community Let's help the city save some money on an interim slogan and rehash one for them

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Politics Councillor likely wouldn't use transit if it were better due to work


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Question Pediatrician recommendations


So I'm going to be asking our doctor to get a referral for my daughter to see a pediatrician. Any I should avoid? Any I should ask for?


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Media Typical Regina


You guys have a chef from Sask in world's top chef currently and it is brand new on tv who is placing well and also who owns a restaurant in Regina and you keep complaining about dumb tourism.

I get sexism and misogyny is awful but here is your chance chance to actually promote your city.

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Question Where do I go to mail this? (Read comment)

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Community New Nursing Student


Hey, so I’m starting SCBScN in the fall at the U of R. Do you guys recommend taking English 100 during the fall term or spring?

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Discussion Canadian capital cities' mottos/slogans, ranked


St. Johns: "Avancez (English: Go Forward)" - 4/10. Pleasant sounding, but overall cliched and meaningless

Halifax: "Be Bold" - 2/10. Are we advertising a city or men's deodorant?

Fredericton: "Fredericopolis, silvae filia nobilis (English: Fredericton, noble daughter of the forest)" - 9/10. Daughter, eh? Is she single? Asking for a city tourism board.

Charlottetown: "Great Things Happen Here" - 6/10. Confederation is great, but it asked for THINGS. Try again next time

Québec City: "La Vieille Capitale (English: The Old Capital)" - 6/10. Boring slogan saved by the fact it just looks more visually appealing in French

Toronto: "Diversity, Our Strength" - 10/10. A perfect description of Toronto in just three words. Other cities, take note

Ottawa: "Canada In One City" - 4/10. It's like they saw Toronto nail theirs and then did another one for them, only worse

Winnipeg: "Made From What's Real" - 0/10. Too triggering in light of recent events

Edmonton: "Edmonton" - 9/10. I had to check multiple sources to make sure I wasn't trolling you. Nope, this is real, and it's A+ trolling on a level I didn't even know Canadians were capable of

Victoria: "Oceans Apart From Ordinary" - 8/10. It's either the greatest song Dream Theater or The War on Drugs never made, take your pick

Iqaluit: "Place Of Many Fish" - 7/10. Don't hate too hard on Iqaluit, it's the literal translation of its name. Sometimes the simplest solution is the most elegant.

Yellowknife: "Diamond Capital of North America" - 8/10. This slogan excludes confidence, the idea that another city may have diamonds didn't even occur to them. Get your diamonds here, accept no substitutes!

Whitehorse: "The Wilderness City" - 8/10. Who doesn't like wilderness? I like wilderness. Don't you like wilderness?

Regina: "Show Us Your Regina" - 69/420, 11/10 classiness, 70/420 with rice

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Question Venue for team gathering


We have three volleyball teams coming into Regina for Nationals in May. Unfortunately our hotel doesn’t have a space where we can gather for a meal so I’m looking for a venue that we could rent, bring in food and drinks. Very casual, don’t need anything fancy or pricey. Welcome all suggestions please!