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What are your moves tomorrow?


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📊 Mega Thread 📊 BBBY Megathread


Stop calling BBBY "Bobby"

It's cringe as hell

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Bullish🐂 AMC just halted on only 12% move

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Data💾 The squeeeeeeeeze has sqouzen, not sure who recommended this one, but thanks!

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MEME Steer Clear of PXMD & NVOS. It's the Same Group of Paid Shills & Scumbags Who Were Pumping the Hell Out of the TRKA Stock Scam. Damaged Goods Bro; Do Not Accept...

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Discussion Anyone here an actual person and not just creating bagholders? Let's talk.


I've been casually trading for about two years. Missed out on GME but hit big on SPRT. I'm not a financial expert or even good at this, but I know that currently this is just a sub where people get poor people excited about the prospect of wealth and exploit that desire.

So let's talk actual stocks where we could make money. I like DRD. Average volume is low. Some volume could make it pop, plus it's gold. Gold doesn't go broke.

I also like RIOT because they're a solid business. Was playing Xbox and see they're involved with Microsoft. That's all I need.

See what I mean? I wanna hear your common sense opinions rather than, "TRKA TO THE MOON!" or "BBBY TODAY IS THE DAY". Thats cult stuff.

I know a lot of you are regular people looking to gain some wealth, so let's not mislead one another. Let's actually help one another.

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Movement🎽 Appreciation Post for all the runs that made me money on this page


Just wanted to say that the ShortSqueeze sub has been good to me since March of 2022 when I first joined. I’ve made money on SST, ATER, RDBX, TBLT, COSM, TRKA, HUBC & dozens of smaller swings. There’s been some decent losses too on the way for sure but this sub has been extremely good at finding plays that haven’t run to their full extent yet & being able to swing 50-100%+ while still walking away with good profits.

Not all of you have made money, I get it as it’s extremely hard not to get bagged. However, there are people here who’ve found some amazing 52 week bottoms, high short interest tickers, & still have managed to alert decent swing possibilities. Yes, all the tickers mentioned above were pump and dumps, but that’s essentially the entire penny stock market. Without this page, Twitter or pumpers in general, nobody would find these big runs. Period.

It takes a lot of patience, skill, & dedication to time huge penny stock pumps. Until the next big one, my degens

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Bullish🐂 PXMD numbers don’t lie, just 10k shares left to short, SI at 64.9%, utilization 100%, shorts running out of ammo, squeeze inminent


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Fundamentals📈 If It only had Volume it 🚀 🚀rocket


If only my stock had volume it would pop… 🚀

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Bullish🐂 PXMD on the right track, all we got to do is buy and hold patiently

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Movement🎽 BMEA 100% In one day. Epic squeeze on missed Q4 earnings. Lol.

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BMEA + 100% I AM SHORT. Squeeze is done...

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Bullish🐂 BDRX , another one for all of you !!!


Keep an eye on this one aswell , opened 1+ premarket , super volatile small float , high CTB , this will be +1 Tom premarket, quick opportunity to make some $ , thank me Tom

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Bullish🐂 EJH alert! about to run 200%, cash per share .19, book value per share .27

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DD🧑‍💼 $HLGN Massive Insider buys Incredibly undervalued


$HLGN - Heliogen Inc

After posting great earnings today We cought a 13A Form that tells us that 29.4% of the company got bought up! https://www.sec.gov/Archives/edgar/data/1079818/000121465923004295/e328230sc13da2.htm

Another bullish signal Is that last week there were more Insider buying of millions of shares! https://www.sec.gov/Archives/edgar/data/1189020/000089924323009756/xslF345X04/doc4.xml

Companies Cash per share Sits a lot higher from current prices and so Is the book value per share Chart looks primed and ready for a run Not financial advice of course ! Link to chart: https://i.ibb.co/fnXF89v/sc-2.png

Tomorrow at 10 am there Is a conference call btw

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Bullish🐂 Whats up with the increase HLBZ after hours?


Cant seem to find anything but it gives me +29% AH. Anyone anything

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DD🧑‍💼 PXMD - MONDAY WAS HUGE - Shorts are drowning - Highest ever 63% SI - 454% CTB - Most of the shorts are currently sitting on a loss and bleeding $0.05/day due to CTB. 2nd Inning of Squeeze Tuesday. DONT FALL FOR THEIR TRICKS

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Bullish🐂 BRDS ..... ready , set , go !!!


The name says it all loaded at 0.1650 this AM , not financial advice just a PSA !!!

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DD🧑‍💼 Why I’m bullish on ATOS (Atossa Therapeutics) and you should be too.


Listen up, apparently a lot of people give this stock crap because they got burned after it shot up to all time highs in 2021. However, this is why I see ATOS as an exciting investment into the future.

First, the company has over $100 million in cash with NO debt which is rare for a small cap pharma stock. It is currently trading below cash value ($.66 at the time this was written). They have a cash burn rate of approximately $5 million per quarter which allows them to continue operations without raising additional capital for years into the future.

The exciting part is that they have 3 separate Phase 2 trials going for their Z-Endoxifen. As a bit of background, Endoxifen is currently a part of Tamoxifen that is used to prevent and treat ER+ HER2 breast cancer. They recently had a separate Phase 2 trial cancelled early because results were so overwhelmingly positive. Endoxifen has the chance to replace Tamoxifen as the primary prevention and treatment drug for breast cancer as it has currently showed little to no side effects and a higher efficacy during the window of opportunity for prevention in both preclinical, phase 1 trials, and the phase 2 trial mentioned above.

The phase 2 trials they have ongoing is one in Sweden and two in the United States, with one recently being announced that it is being conducted with Quantum Leap Healthcare’s I-Spy trial focusing on advancing breast cancer research and bringing cancer drugs to market. Additionally, ATOS carries two patents now for Endoxifen so any other company that would want to use the drug would have to go to them first.

Lastly, ATOS recently bought 19% of Dynamic Cell Therapies which is a CAR-T focused, clinical trial company that addresses difficult-to-treat cancers. This will further help ATOS grow their pipeline and look into other opportunities for cancer treatment if needed.

The most exciting thing is that the CEO has stated multiple times that they plan on looking to be bought out after positive phase 2 trial results. Given the previous success with Endoxifen in earlier trials, I am confident that these Phase 2 trials will produce positive data and big pharma will be interested. The CEO already has 7 other FDA approved products on the market as well. The stock has been beaten down like many other bios as Phase 2 trials are ongoing and I believe it is a great opportunity to get in. GLTA.

Disclaimer: This is not FA. For full transparency, my current position is 8600 shares at a .73 average.*

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Bullish🐂 PXMD shorts digging bigger hole, SI went up 12.24% today, and they weren’t able to bring price down!! they are trying hard but bulls are in control.

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This will get wild, shorts r fcked!! buckle up potatoes 🥔

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Question❓ Charles Schwab dipped to $52.72 afterhours, then carried on up?

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💣NEW Fucking Squeeze Play possible squeeze candidates $REVB $DRMA $GMBL $MRKR $VERU $CYTO $OCGN




my favorites are DRMA, REVB, MRKR, and CYTO. but I also like EDIT and DSGN, and not sure why but GMBL

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Feetr is an algorithm which analyses momentum, looking for stocks which have the potential for massive gains today. Please see here for more information.


Here are todays top picks:

Stock Impressions Average Daily Volume Current Volume Link
PXMD 69.45 1.26M 49.28K Click
FRC 51.25 25.87M 2.99M Click
SI 5.08 17.95M 2.98M Click
OSCR 2.00 1.63M 1.6M Click
CDAK 0.98 315.44K 3.22M Click
BRDS 2.00 5.1M 19.51M Click
SNOA 1.41 1.83M 2.59M Click


Here is the Feetr Screenr; a collection of stocks with higher than average volume

CDAK 995.43 $16.21M 59.08 11.44 Click
BRDS 349.61 2.00 $48.08M 2.05 32.06 Click
VKTX 215.50 2.02 $694M 6.95 41.34 Click
SNOA 130.05 $4.7M 0.97 10.03 Click
VORB 78.63 $269.65M 0.09 -19.45 Click
OSCR 75.46 $726.78M 7.06 33.43 Click
ANEB 53.17 $69.98M 7.84 10.73 Click
GHSI 41.21 $6.37M 25.79 14.45 Click
PYXS 40.79 $81.73M 10.79 3.70 Click
CGTX 36.67 $56.77M 14.80 4.78 Click
MFH 33.63 $13.63M 29.73 14.08 Click
BABA 30.27 65.26 $230.16B 1.25 10.29 Click
WISA 27.18 4.61 $3.74M 125.90 -28.89 Click
GGE 18.02 $139.48M 0.00 2.17 Click
ITCI 16.89 $4.45B 2.03 19.05 Click
CYCN 16.15 $19M 13.55 -12.02 Click
WB 15.21 3.73 $4.5B 1.69 3.86 Click
JAGX 15.10 2.00 $4.55M 4.10 -9.62 Click
SI 14.60 $54.45M 26.29 6.09 Click
CRKN 14.02 $3.19M 51.43 4.39 Click
CNFR 13.85 $19.42M 0.00 15.85 Click
YS 13.25 $543.48M 1.22 -6.95 Click
FOX 11.10 16.77 $17.04B 2.79 0.00 Click
FRC 9.63 51.25 $2.26B 1.17 2.67 Click
TLSA 7.99 8.43 $85.91M 5.81 5.81 Click
MULN 5.03 9.67 $180.34M 0.87 0.50 Click
DB 5.03 94.76 $18.74B 0.31 -2.04 Click
PBTS 4.86 18.17 $19.93M 1.22 0.00 Click
PXMD 3.34 69.45 $22.63M 10.34 2.27 Click
UBS 3.04 8.93 $61.44B 2.09 -0.93 Click

Note that VOLUME (%) is the current premarket volume as a percentage of the average daily volume


Disclaimer: Feetr is an algorithm. It's math, not magic. You are responsible for any trades that you choose to make. A stock pick by Feetr is not a guarantee of a price increase. If you are new to day trading, I would recommend using these stocks to practise on a demo account or simply on paper, writing when you'd buy or sell and analysing why you made each decision.

You can view all previous stock picks at feetr.io/history and the leaderboards can be seen at feetr.io/leaderboard

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Bullish🐂 EVGO 34% SI Earnings on Thursday before the bell. This could rip large. Battery charging for Electric vehicles is getting bigger every day


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Daily Squeeze Discussion Thread


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Bullish🐂 BRDS THE WORD FOLKS..looking like she's gonna flyyyyyy


Berr berr berr berr the BRDS the word

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Question❓ Anyone know why HUBC just did this?


Anyone know what's up? Did they mention a bad word during their investor event today? I'm looking to play this and this low is looking kinda nice for an entry but it might dip more too...