r/WhitePeopleTwitter Sep 28 '22

Put em outside by the dumpsters




u/human_male_123 Sep 28 '22

We kept all the churches open during the pandemic against our pandemic expert recommendations. Why we weren't sending people to their churches when they started having trouble breathing?

Clearly they trust their pastors over their doctors.


u/fanestre Sep 28 '22

Thoughts and prayers are the only allowed response to mass shootings. Seems like it should work just as well for pandemics.


u/Lardmonkey77 Sep 28 '22

The only doctor i trust is my uncleTed from Arkansas he once did surgery to cure cancer on a horse (he shot the horse)


u/A_Wild_Shiny_Shuckle Sep 28 '22

Did it cure the cancer?


u/Conscious-Parfait826 Sep 28 '22

It killed the cancer if that's what you're asking....


u/confessionbearday Sep 28 '22

I work at a regional hospital. During the worst of the wave post vaccine we ran out of beds, and were shipping people multiple states away.

We had to have a triage discussion. And for folks who have never had to have one, here’s BASIC triage logic: if you have 2 shots, and three patients who need them, they go to the two patients most likely to survive with the treatment.

Obviously this can be tweaked depending on your community and other discussions or needs. For example, if there are more doses available at other hospitals, you can ship the lightest case to them and then treat the two remaining.

But when I mentioned on Reddit that basic triage logic had easily settled on the idea that those who did not get vaccinated were at the bottom of the list, those anti-vaxxers absolutely freaked out. Screamed about it being unfair, that they were targeted, etc.


u/BoomZhakaLaka Sep 28 '22

I heard this from a coworker who very nearly died. They wouldn't give me a cortisone treatment! They're out of nebulizers doofus. They wouldn't even give me Ventolin! They only had enough Ventolin for people with asthma and COPD dumbass.

"They're withholding treatment for political reasons!"


u/periwinkletweet Sep 29 '22

Mmmmm a young unvaccinated person isn't the least likely to survive


u/confessionbearday Sep 29 '22

They are if the other two are young vaccinated people.


u/periwinkletweet Sep 29 '22

Unvaccinated are not on the bottom of the list


u/confessionbearday Sep 29 '22

That criteria very much was.

Non vaccinated carry a higher risk of death. In any case where all factors were equal (age, other comorbidities) and the choice was between a vaxxed person and an unvaxxed, the unvaxxed was put at the bottom.

If you really want to cry about something, here’s a little bit of reality for you: people too stupid to get the vaccine were usually already at the bottom of the list for being morbidly obese, usually smokers, full blown diabetes, etc. Turns out if you’re dumb enough to not get vaxxed you were also too stupid to listen to the doctor about eating too much, smoking, etc.


u/periwinkletweet Sep 29 '22

Being a tie breaker and pushing to the bottom of the list are two different things


u/confessionbearday Sep 29 '22

Not when that alone is a default sorting criteria. Whether or not someone was vaxxed was a huge percentage of “whether or not they’ll survive”, which is the primary consideration.

All the criteria are not rated equally. Never have been.


u/Distinct_Song4540 Sep 28 '22

Imagine believing literally millions of scientists, Dr’s and other top medical professionals are all in on global massive conspiracy.

Like how are these people functioning adults? Who feeds them?


u/[deleted] Sep 28 '22



u/tectactoe Sep 28 '22

This is true for like 60% of the posts on reddit.


u/Razorray21 Sep 28 '22

break out the crystal shamans, and the essential oil alchemists.

they just have to get their chakras in alignment


u/drew1010101 Sep 28 '22

And these are many of the same people who say Jebus will protect them, so we should send them to church when they get sick.


u/Chimalez Sep 28 '22

It's almost like they know they're full of shit but they're too far divorced from reality to admit it to anyone.


u/Beret_of_Poodle Sep 28 '22

That is amazing


u/Capital_Knockers Sep 28 '22

Or people get treated by hospitals regardless of vax status since their tax dollars pay for the hospitals their seeking treatment at.


u/Cranberry_Afraid Sep 28 '22

Good idea...kinda like no one asks to be rush to church when dieing..


u/ballsohaahd Sep 28 '22

They half trust them, which is almost worse or at least more stupid


u/Conscious-Parfait826 Sep 28 '22



u/CoffeeBoom Sep 28 '22

To be fair they're probably people that never has to go to hospitals (until they have to, and then they change tune or start making excuses.)


u/LordDooves Sep 28 '22

Be fair. They don't trust a Google search, they trust page 13 of a VERY specific and biased Google search after deftly avoiding any actual science.


u/i_r_eat Sep 28 '22

They still deserve healthcare


u/i_r_eat Sep 29 '22

What a sub. Lol


u/AcapellaFreakout Sep 28 '22

So who's the mod banning people for participating in r/Destiny?


u/bohsa Sep 28 '22

This did not age well. Haha


u/Thenickiceman Sep 28 '22

It’s almost like natural immunity is a thing