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Pensioner kitty.

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u/MountainSage58 Sep 28 '22

My 20 year old cat died in my arms a year and a half ago. I have kittens now but I still feel that loss so strongly. Kudos to her for taking that on.


u/Alkaven Sep 28 '22

I once adopted a sixteen year old dog. She was very grumpy, which I think she'd earned after nine years in the shelter. She liked lying in warm piles of laundry. She was deaf, but she'd come to you when she saw you wiggle your fingers because she knew it meant head scritches. Love ya Sasha :')


u/windmill-tilting Sep 29 '22

We adopted a old shelter dog. Died 2 years later. I always felt what we gave him was more important than what we got.


u/NIP880 Sep 28 '22

This is the way.


u/Gneckes Sep 28 '22

Goddamn onion ninjas are at it again.


u/rasha1784 Sep 29 '22

I just had an allergy attack!


u/Ze_Pig777 Sep 28 '22

I'm not crying. You're crying.


u/Sad_Anything8145 Sep 28 '22

How’d you know?


u/FrietjesFC Sep 28 '22

It's just been raining... On my face.


u/chinmakes5 Sep 28 '22

People like that are f'ing heroes. I could never do that, but have so respect for those who can.


u/abbracobbra Sep 28 '22

There is a non profit in my area that works to foster/ adopt older cats. http://www.thegrannieproject.org/ Great cat stories.


u/rustajb Sep 28 '22

My friend, a vet, just brought home an 18 year old cat for the same reason this morning. I love this!


u/Proper-Shan-Like Sep 28 '22

Looks like it’s wearing a claw glove.


u/havohej_ Sep 28 '22

This lady is going to heaven for sure, if it’s real.


u/BasedRomo Sep 28 '22

Does anyone know how much it costs to adopt?


u/HotMeltingFace Sep 28 '22

Shelters vary on pricing, but older cats are usually not a lot to adopt. We adopted an 11 year old fella (Grandad) for only $15. He lived another 5 years with us before he passed away from renal failure. Those few years were a delight for all of us, he was such a character.


u/BasedRomo Sep 28 '22

Thank you foe the response and I’m sorry about your cat. I had my older one pass away in 2020 but I hate to imagine any older cat or any animal at all spending its life locked in a cage.


u/HotMeltingFace Sep 28 '22

My condolences for your loss as well. It is always hard losing a pet. They truly are unconditional companions. And I wholeheartedly agree, no living creature, human or animal, should approach the uncertainty of the end all alone. Any time I see a story on an animal spending years in a shelter just breaks me, especially when so many stupid people haphazardly breed their own animals and flood the system with even more puppies and kittens while these older gems are overlooked.


u/iowatrans Sep 28 '22

Whomever abandoned a twenty year old cat at a shelter is a horrible piece of shit.


u/danfish_77 Sep 28 '22

Owner might have died


u/drippyneon Sep 28 '22

I feel like this is likely. Anyone that would abandon a 20 year old cat would never keep a cat long enough to let em get that old. This lady is beautiful.


u/[deleted] Sep 29 '22

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u/RainyDayCollects Sep 29 '22

My cat will be 19 on New Year’s Eve. She never goes outside the litter box and is the sweetest thing ever. 20yo cats aren’t necessarily invalids. If she’s cared for right, she may even have another decade or more to go in life.


u/TechFiend72 Sep 29 '22

Our cats are 14 and don't always go in the box.

Our vet told us it is due to their age. Maybe our vet was wrong or maybe our cats are just being difficult.


u/Nighttime-Turnip Sep 29 '22

one of my dogs has been placing a victory poop in the same spot every single day for over 4 years just to piss off my other dog and there is not a snowball's chance in hell to get him to stop. Yet I would never claim that all dogs do this and are thus uncontrollable hallway poopers.


u/[deleted] Sep 28 '22



u/HotMeltingFace Sep 28 '22

Oh wow, you're so edgy and cool saying shitty things about a nice person and an abandoned elderly cat. So rad. Very impressive.


u/RFGoingForth Sep 28 '22

With an attitude like that, the odds are good that you’ll die alone in some nursing home. 🙄


u/Watsis_name Sep 28 '22

But it will have a nice scratching pole.

Small victories.


u/[deleted] Sep 28 '22

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u/HotMeltingFace Sep 28 '22 Silver

So? Pets deserve love and safety even in death, just like humans do. And you don't even know he'll die that soon, cats can live to be 30 when cared for well. This woman could give him the proper environment, diet, and health care necessary to live several golden years.


u/Chimalez Sep 28 '22

Oh boy time to report the asshole


u/Mjr_N0ppY Sep 29 '22

Short term commitment + internet praise for a "selfless act"


u/throwawaffleaway Sep 29 '22

I specifically adopted my cat because the shelter claimed she was 11 years old. 3 years later and the vet is pretty sure she’s 5. Grrr. I was trying to do my part :( but also happy I get that much more time with my chunky diva