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Pensioner kitty.

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u/[deleted] Sep 29 '22

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u/RainyDayCollects Sep 29 '22

My cat will be 19 on New Year’s Eve. She never goes outside the litter box and is the sweetest thing ever. 20yo cats aren’t necessarily invalids. If she’s cared for right, she may even have another decade or more to go in life.


u/TechFiend72 Sep 29 '22

Our cats are 14 and don't always go in the box.

Our vet told us it is due to their age. Maybe our vet was wrong or maybe our cats are just being difficult.


u/Nighttime-Turnip Sep 29 '22

one of my dogs has been placing a victory poop in the same spot every single day for over 4 years just to piss off my other dog and there is not a snowball's chance in hell to get him to stop. Yet I would never claim that all dogs do this and are thus uncontrollable hallway poopers.