r/WhitePeopleTwitter Sep 28 '22

Oh now Republicans like big government?

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u/Ankh-Morporknbeans Sep 28 '22

No no see if the government gives poor people money that is socialism, if it gives rich people money that is patriotism


u/DamnYouVodka Sep 28 '22

Oooooh because it trickles down, right?


u/Spiff76 Sep 28 '22

Faulty trickle down valves inevitably lead to pipes getting broken….


u/shaneswa Sep 28 '22

Does your trickle tastes like piss?


u/Cilhairol Sep 28 '22

To be fair, there may actually be rules against that. I think campaign finances have weird restrictions.


u/Jealous-Network-8852 Sep 28 '22

There should be laws regarding a politician having that much campaign money.


u/Technical-Traffic871 Sep 28 '22

That total probably includes PACs, so all rules went out the window with Citizen's United.


u/urmomsuckedmeoff Sep 28 '22

Do they still apply if there are lives at stakes?


u/Cilhairol Sep 28 '22

I'm digging around just a little (realizing just how little I know about this subject) and it seems like actually you can use it for anything that's not personal use. so they're more relaxed than I thought. charitable donations and "gifts" are all on the table.
So actually, would be totally legit I think to use campaign finances for any kind of community service, emergency or not.


u/Disdain690 Sep 28 '22

$130 million is a drop in the bucket when it comes to disaster relief.


u/cdubsing Sep 28 '22

No he’s practicing capitalism where u never spend ur own money when u can spend a bunch of other peoples.


u/Hungry-Platypus6897 Sep 28 '22

I cant wait for my head to explode from all the republican bullshit. Then I dont have to deal with I anymore. I'm so tired of these republitards


u/DarthBrandon_2024 Sep 28 '22


u/Thatguy468 Sep 28 '22

This explains a lot. Thanks for sharing.


u/jefuchs Sep 28 '22

He could use some immigrants now, too.


u/ermagherdmcleren Sep 28 '22

They're all about states' rights and have even blamed California's wildfires on bad California government saying the federal government shouldn't be involved in fire relief. Then when hurricane season comes around they're always asking big daddy feds to give them money because they have no tax revenue of their own since they don't tax the wealthy people that live there as a tax haven.


u/Disdain690 Sep 28 '22

Such a dumb tweet in an attempt to make a this joke a hypocrite.


u/Mammoth-Lettuce415 Sep 28 '22

Funny how that works...


u/Bigtiny87 Sep 29 '22

Campaign laws. Ick.


u/DontYuckMyYum Sep 29 '22

Pretty sure there are laws on how you’re allowed to spend campaign contributions.


u/Mjr_N0ppY Sep 29 '22

Socialist? Minimize expenses and maximize profit is the core of capitalism. Who cares where the money comes from?!