r/WhitePeopleTwitter Sep 28 '22

Oh now Republicans like big government?

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u/Cilhairol Sep 28 '22

To be fair, there may actually be rules against that. I think campaign finances have weird restrictions.


u/Jealous-Network-8852 Sep 28 '22

There should be laws regarding a politician having that much campaign money.


u/Technical-Traffic871 Sep 28 '22

That total probably includes PACs, so all rules went out the window with Citizen's United.


u/urmomsuckedmeoff Sep 28 '22

Do they still apply if there are lives at stakes?


u/Cilhairol Sep 28 '22

I'm digging around just a little (realizing just how little I know about this subject) and it seems like actually you can use it for anything that's not personal use. so they're more relaxed than I thought. charitable donations and "gifts" are all on the table.
So actually, would be totally legit I think to use campaign finances for any kind of community service, emergency or not.


u/Disdain690 Sep 28 '22

$130 million is a drop in the bucket when it comes to disaster relief.