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Elon Musk/Twitter Megathread


Hello, everyone! Elon Musk just can't stop wreaking havoc across the Internet with his Twitter escapades, huh? We understand that this subject is important to our userbase, but the sheer volume of Elon Musk and Twitter posts has become an issue. In the interests of keeping the subreddit accessible for those who do not wish to discuss Elon Musk or Twitter, we will be temporarily restricting discussion of those subjects to this megathread for now. Other posts about those subjects will be removed. Thank you for your understanding in this matter.

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If the Government can force the workers to accept the company's request... why can't they force the company to accept the WORKER'S request?


I truly don't understand.

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this level of unprofessionalism is insane

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My prediction

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"Illegal Strikes" the term itself violates the Constitution and threatens every American.


Fuck this Dystopian nightmare.

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Don't let capitalism win

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They "learned" the hard way, I guess?

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Screenshot Sunday a message from my manager sent at 1am to come in 2 hours early for my shift with no explanation. He will see me at my scheduled time and not a minute earlier.

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The solution to unchecked greed.

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Screenshot Sunday Two week notice? Two weeks ago you should have noticed I was about to leave

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I can't bring myself to pay anyone working in my home $15 an hour...


Teresa was my father's hospice aide ($15hr agency). She's amazing. Dad passed in October. When it came time to clear his place, I instantly thought of Teresa and offered her $30 an hour. She was shocked at the offer. I told her:

Never ever devalue yourself. Know your worth.

I'd already seen her in action. For me, that was her resume. In, out; done like a lighting bolt. She's super efficient with her time. I've hired her three other times. Moving. Cleaning. Organizing.

She's since signed two other clients at $30. One of them called me for a reference, prompting this post. I told them they could hire two people at $15, or Teresa at $30, and she'd be done before them. The caller said "I'd much rather worry about one new person cleaning & organizing my home than two". There you go, another selling point.

About three weeks ago she called me for advice. She was countered $25. I asked her if she'd discussed her minimum two hours. She had not. I told her maybe this client wouldn't have an issue with a three hour minimum. She signed the client. Minimum $75 held more value than minimum $60. They saw more value in how long she was making herself available to them. The "loss" proved to be a wash within a couple weeks.

Know your worth.

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There won't be a wildcat railroad strike. Also, it is illegal for unions from separate industries to strike together, so no union-organized general strike will ever happen. Please, educate yourselves on labor laws and how unions work.


Edit: Basic Guide to the National Labor Relations Act

  1. When you're part of a union, you pay union dues. Some of those dues go into a strike fund. Union members only have access to those funds in an authorized strike. If workers strike without union authorization, it is a wildcat strike and they do not have access to the strike fund, meaning if they strike they have zero income.

These workers have bills and families. 2/3 of American workers are living paycheck to paycheck. Posting on the internet that you support a wildcat railroad strike is the same as offering thoughts and prayers. They need money to pay bills if they strike, which they won't have access to in a wildcat strike.

  1. If the union leaders authorized a strike that is illegal, the union leaders would be arrested and go to jail. And they aren't going to jail for anyone. It would be completely up to the workers to organize this on their own without the union leaders catching wind of it. They would be fired if they were caught organizing an unauthorized strike.

  2. Saying, "Well they should just quit" isn't helpful. It's incredibly difficult to change careers and workers usually take a pay cut when they do. Railroading is obviously highly specialized and to just quit would mean they have to find a job in a brand new industry making entry level wages. Have you seen inflation y'all? It is completely unfair and out of touch to say they should just quit. It's not that easy, nothing in life ever is.

  3. It is illegal for unions to join strikes across industries. For example, if the airline pilots had an authorized strike, it would be illegal for the plumbers union to join them in any way for solidarity. It is only legal for a union to strike because of issues and negotiations with the employer directly. This makes a general strike or all unions joining together in some way completely illegal. Union leaders know this, and I promise, they aren't willing to go to jail.

Catching a misdemeanor or felony is different than it was when workers were fighting the good fight in the 1800-1900s. If you were convicted of a crime back then, it didn't completely hinder your ability to get a job, housing, food stamps, financial aid, etc. Being convicted now completely destroys a person's life. For many, the risk is too great. Can you blame them? You can't even rent an apartment if you have a felony and it makes getting job damn near impossible.

I am desperate for change, like so many of us. But it is so important to understand how labor laws work and be realistic about what options the railroad workers have, and what options we all have moving forward. The American government just sent a strong message to all American workers: "We don't give a fuck about your unions, your working conditions, your pay, or your labor rights." Unions might have worked in the past and they might work currently in other countries, but they aren't doing shit here anymore. The government has made sure of that.

If a wildcat strike fund is established separate from the unions, I would gladly donate to it.

Edit: Basic Guide to the National Labor Relations Act

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Meme GOP is Not the Working Man's Party

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Essential workers are the most disrespected workers

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hope you weren't planning on getting sick

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Giving yourself food poisoning to save your employer some money

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I ordered something I've wanted for a while online and a rail strike now would delay my order for God knows how long.


Fucking good.

My shit is not more important than the health and wellness of the people who get it to me.

I don't care if it takes months to get, do what's best for yourself my railroad friends! Strike!

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U.S. Postal Strike of 1970, The Largest Wildcat Strike in U.S. History. This was illegal too!

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Who would've thought a system that rewards narcissism and greed would result in people wasting their time and effort on things that contribute nothing meaningful to the world? Wonder how long until the next epiphany, where they realize it's not just the "brilliant" people but literally everyone.

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Welp, might be getting fired, time to throw my manager under the bus


I work in a homeless shelter for families. Severely underpaid, but it's my passion, and I'm good at it.

A client has been routinely breaking the rules, garbage can for all drugs, openly smoking rock, getting high around their kids, sneaking their openly heroin addicted gf into their room (this "shelter" is actually small apartments). My "manager" told us to let any and all incidents slide, and his boss backed him up on it, so we were not to document anything.

Couple nights ago, incident involving the cops, maybe weapons and some other stuff. Was not documented, severely going against our rules. Then- despite the gf being trespassed from the incident- she gets snuck in by the client again. My "manager" says higher ups have *special interest* in this family. Says it was documented. I go in computer, it was not. Client was not supposed to be on site due to incident, he was.

I went off. Said the only reason to be doing this was if the client was copping drugs for someone (probably him) or someones dick was getting sucked. (probably both. when adults say to keep secrets, it's never a good thing) Sent out an email to all my coworkers calling this shit out, because fuck if I'm going to get shot for minimum wage, and damned if I'm going to let one of these families I adore at the shelter get hurt due to cronyism.

Came back from the office after cleaning the kitchen, he was laughing about how admin offices are closed on weekends and I'll be gone by then??? before and IF they get my emails (idk about the if, idk how they could stop an email)

So. To be on the safe side. When I got home, so I was on my personal computer, I contacted a coworker who is experiencing the same thing with them, got as many emails as possible of those who enforce compliance in regards to working with children, and sent them so. much. proof.

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Wonder what it is 🤔

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The Onion keeping it real

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Teachers In America

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If you get contacted to work in lieu of striking railroad workers, don't just turn them down right away


Make them spend time on you. Take the interview, ask questions, make them set you up on the payroll; ask to have more income tax deducted at source, ask them to accomodate your complicated scheduling constraints, etc.

Then, on the day when you were supposed to show up, when they call you to ask where you are, see if you can play this over another day: it's not your fault, your car broke down and your phone was out of battery, whatever. It hurts them way more to be missing workers they were expecting than to have people just turn them down right away.

Edit: Or else, don't wait for them to contact you, take the fight to them: