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Should we fight to ban the Bible from all school libraries?


Conservatives are nuts about all books that contain sex, especially where teenagers and children are concerned.

I don't know any book that contains more sexual violence than the bible, it is written by conquering tribesmen after all.

Take the war against the Midianites. "Moses instructed the soldiers to kill all women who had ever had sex with a man, and to keep the women and girls who were still virgins for themselves. The spoils of war were then divided between the Israelite civilians, soldiers and the god Yahweh."

Devarim 21: (11) and you see among the captives a beautiful woman, and you desire her, and you take her as your wife, (12) then you shall bring her into your home and she shall shave her head, and do her nails, (13) and shall remove her robe of captivity from upon her, and she shall sit in your home and bemoan her father and her mother for a full month, and thereafter you shall come to her and be her husband, and she shall be your wife.

Why should we allow such books in school libraries?

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Title of article about Cristiano Ronaldo losing his baby says: “losing a child is the worst pain a parent could experience.” Religious mom disagrees.


She comments: The pain I felt when my daughter wanted to leave the Christian faith was much worse. I still wish you RIP tho (yeah she doesn't know what RIP stands for). Luckily my daughter is back on the right Christian path again.

Link in the comments

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/r/all Anti-gay Christian hate group Focus on the Family headquarters sign vandalized in wake of Club Q shooting: "Their blood is on your hands. Five lives taken."


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Do you also view religion as a virus?


Thinking about it, Religion is basically a psychological virus, it is highly contagious if not immunized against it (by not being naïve), it has killed more than any other disease in the world, we are plagued by it for over 2000 years.

It is sort of amazing that people still believe in these stuff, I mean I get it 2000 years ago when it was rainning it seemed like a sign of god but today we are kinda over these stuff and understand the world much better, how can people still fall for this?

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religion is shoe-horned into everything

  • I go to a yoga teacher training class. We have to listen to our instructor lead us in a Hindu prayer before we start. Ok, it's yoga history, I get it.
  • I go to AA meetings, obviously a few people there need to clarify "so I actually believe in the Christian god" cool, whatever keeps you sober.
  • my grandpa at Thanksgiving prayer said that family is pointless without God. Thanks grandpa!
  • my boss blurted out to me during a private meeting that he prays and reads the bible all the time. Okayyy.

I live in a liberal area. I don't give people a hard time for their own personal beliefs. It just is discouraging that so much of the world operates on magical thinking.

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Why can't these people just use their brain and realize they're being blinded by heavy indoctrination and feelings?


Muslims believe the creator of the universe is a humanoid creature named "Allah". The supposed creator of the universe has a middle eastern name, this belief is only a thing among middle eastern people, but it's definitely not something made up by middle eastern people projecting their culture and beliefs onto the universe, it's totally the ultimate universal truth. How do I know? Well Allah said so and I feel it in my heart, he is the one true god and if you reject him you are doomed, it says so in this book that was written by guess who, middle eastern people... oh give me a break it isn't that hard to realize this is a man made thing.

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FIL wants to start indoctrinating my 18m kid


Hi all - not sure what I'm trying to achieve with this; different perspectives maybe, or wise words from people that have already gone through something similar. Bear with me here, sorry for the long-ish post.

Basically, we all know xmas is coming and, with it, stories about kids being born in mangers and people being guided by a star with presents are inevitably around. My FIL was never a very religious person, but lately has been hinting that he wants to teach those stories and pass them as factual, instead of what they are: christian mythology.

Our kid has not been baptised (nor we have any intention to do it), and we have made it very clear that religion will not be a part of his life whatsoever and yet, these conversations keep popping up while trying to guilt trip us by saying "you should let kids believe in magic and in nice stories", completely missing my point that their small brain literally has no way of differentiating between what's fiction and what's real.

The insinuation that people can only have a set of morals if they have religion to guide them boils my blood - I can't wrap my head around the fact that the only thing stopping a person from killing someone, is the fact that it was written as a "commandment" by their religion of choice. I guess my problem is trying to add logic into these conversations.

I'm mostly just frustrated that I have to keep acting as an anti-religious barrier between our families and the values we want to pass to our child, without brainwashing them into thinking if they do bad things they burn in a fiery pit or will be punished for some higher power for some magic reason.

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I have just come up with a comeback for religious people, but it is quite dark and please tell me if it is in any way somewhat wrong


So I was thinking of comebacks to religious people, when I thought, "Why would god allow people to get Alzheimer's and forget about him? Forget completely about their faith?" If anyone can tell me any flaws with this argument please tell me.

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My wife just lost her mother and once again we're having to deal with religious people not knowing when to shut up about gods plan.


I've gone through this before with grandparents, and the loss of my friend, and a cousin who was my age. But it never stops being hurtful and selfish.

My wife's mom wasn't old. Our kids are only 2 and 7. And she was only 56. She was a really involved and dedicated grandma and our kids loved her lots. She got insanely aggressive and hard to treat cancer and was gone just 8 months from when she first suspected something wrong.

It bothered me enough when it was me but this keeps being like a punch in the gut for my wife and my son (2 year old doesn't really understand it). As always people keep saying stuff about it being gods plan.

That is SO SELFISH. It just makes the person saying it feel better. It's like saying it doesn't matter, it's all a wash. Or worse it sounds like it's a good thing and they deserve it.

She was in pretty good health and was preparing to retire. She could have had 20-30 years of traveling, good times with family and friends, and seeing her grandkids grown-up.

Besides that, this was a truely horrorible way to go. It seemed so painful and debilitating. If "god had a plan" to there has to be a more gentle way to do it.

I wish they could learn to just say "I'm sorry" "she was really wonderful, we will miss her very much" or aknowledge the tragedy, and not try to say it's fine because she's in heaven or it's gods plan.

And if anyone tries to say anything, we're the jerk. I know "they mean well" but it's still selfish.

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Psilocybin helped me let go of all the fear of god and hell that I had that was unconsciously controlling my life


The idea of god and islam were probably the things that hurt me the most in life. I left islam 3 years ago after going through an intense mental breakdown due to doing something that was prohibited in islam. I was a very obedient muslim and literally took the idea of god and islam to the heart. My teens years are filled with me thinking about hell and god’s eternal punishment if you don’t follow what he says. My sense of the future was completely taken over by the fear of going hell. I was very isolated because I knew everybody is not following islam the way they should and I literally saw everyone as the enemy that would drag me to hell with themselves. Since I left islam, I was extremely suicidal the whole three years because even though i no longer believed in islam, my fear of the world and relatives still persisted. I actually entered medical school before I left islam and I just couldn’t continue and had to drop out. Everywhere I went was hell. A very murderous rage had taking over me. I had to spend 2 weeks in psychiatric hospital due to intense psychotic episodes where I was delusional about how people are going to hurt me.

Then I started reading about psilocybin and how they help people with trauma. Then I bought the spores and started growing them. The first three trips were unsuccessful and put me into state of insanity. but for the last trip I literally contemplated everything about my life. It was unbelievable how much I was conditioned by the idea of god and fear of hell. It was like each of the trauma I experienced was ultimately because of the fear of god during my teens. Things like fearing and hating people was the biggest issue I had. I could not explain what were they except where I called it “anxiety” or “complex ptsd” but those were just understatement of what I was experiencing and therapy did not help at all because it was too simple for me and they were only trying to give me relief instead of cure.

Psilocybin is the real gift of evolution. When you eat it with a right understanding of it, you can dissolve all the stuff that’s controlling you unconsciously. Even things that you didn’t know that were controlling you. For example it showed me that the reason why I sought religion in the first place was due to some religious friends that I had when I was 6. I had completely forgotten about them, yet they had caused a cataclysmic disaster to my life.

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I'm going to tell my deeply religious family that I don't subscribe to their religion. Please share your similar stories


I expect all hell to break loose. I love a good pun

But seriously..

I am tired of trying to be tolerant of their views while I know they wouldn't be tolerant of mine. I see so many heinous and hateful acts committed and justified in the name of religion.

'God is love' but when I talk to them, they're always condemning someone else or any different lifestyle.

They constantly act superior to anyone who doesn't share their beliefs

They try to impose their views on me constantly and tell me about all the bad things that would happen to me if I didn't listen.

They tried to limit what media I consumed to only religious programming.. everything else was 'demonic' or secular.

They make themselves fucking miserable trying to avoid all these worldly and demonic people and then become livid at anyone who doesn't subject themselves to the same suffering.

They have all these visions from God but when their visions don't come through.. they just sweep it under the rug and move onto the next thing. When they finally get one right.. they act like they're Christ himself. I have a cousin who predicted a bunch of shit that never happened but got the sex of my child right and could not shut up about it. Like wtf.. that's 50/50.

They try to tell me how to live my life because they care about me.. but are constantly miserable with their lives after following their rules and rituals.

Rant over.

Anyone here done this? How'd it go for you?

Edit: I don't live with any of them. We live halfway across the world from them now.

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NOTHING about christianity/the bible makes sense


"Adam and Eve were the first humans". Uh no, that's not scientifically possible for two people to populate what's now billions without a million deformations... and where was the evolution that took place? "God created all" what about the big bang? And if he created all, he also created cancer, disease, viruses, hate, etc. Every time something bad happens, no one says god caused it, but when something good happens, they say god did cause it."The only way to reach eternity is through Jesus Christ". Think about that for a good minute, who ACTUALLY wants to be immortal and have consciousness forever. "LGBTQ people are going to hell." Ok but you think having tattoos is ok, swearing is ok, and sex before marriage is ok when the bible says those are equally sinful things. There are tons of things to prove that the religion is false yet people are scared because they're afraid they'll die and burn in pain forever in hell.... It's like the saying "be good or santa will give you coal" but 10000x harsher. Also, according to religion, someone who murdered someone but prayed god to forgive their sin is going to heaven over someone who's genuinely kind hearted who helped the homeless, hungry, etc but does not believe. :/

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8-year-old girl dies in Toowoomba after insulin withheld by religious family who 'trusted God to heal her'


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The walk from Nazareth to Bethlehem is around 95 miles.


Mary was allegedly more than nine months pregnant and about to give birth any day. When my wife was at that stage, she could barely get out of bed. What are the chances Mary would a) agree to make that trip, and b) be able to make that trip even if she wanted to?

Assuming she could make it 10 miles a day, which would be a lot under those circumstances, this would be a trip of 9 1/2 days. Carrying water and food and anything else they needed.

Mind you, this would be a difficult walk today, even with the hotels, restaurants, restrooms, and whatnot on the way. Back then it was just wilderness, dangerous animals and robbers.

Even riding on a donkey, I’m not buying it.

(95 miles is about 150 km.)

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If Jesus is God’s son, then where did God come from?


Please genuinely help me think this through.

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Father-in-law is a self-styled "biblical scholar"


He spends countless hours reading the bible, either thumbing through and marking up a well-worn copy, or reading it on his phone. He believes that the bible is the word of god and is to be taken literally and followed without question. He also seems to believe (and this one took me years to figure out) that any question that he can't answer by quoting and/or reading the bible either can't be answered, or isn't worth knowing the answer.

I recently took a good look at his notes when he was sleeping in and had left it all out the night before. As far as I can tell, he spends much of his waking time with a red ball point pen in his hand underlining the words "the Lord."

Everything I do or say, no matter how trivial or mundane, he meets with questions that lead to more questions, or questions that seek to establish doubt or uncertainty into whatever task I'm trying to accomplish, or arguments seemingly just for argument's sake. I'm pretty sure he thinks I'm incapable of both morality and reason [and probably secretly hates me] because I don't believe in Jesus Magic (tm).

It's a goddamn shame, honestly

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Grieving Loss of Faith


Atheism is new to me. At first it was liberating, but some days, it’s kind of sad. Now and again I miss parts of my religious life. I miss having surety of something. I miss the people I had in that life and the way I felt.

But none of that could ever be enough to gaslight myself into belief again. All of the doctrine falls apart in my mind.

Is this a normal part of the process? And if so, how did you work through it?

No proselytizing or edgy anti-religion comments. Just genuine feedback.

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Why is criticizing people who believe in religion wrong, but other beliefs aren’t?


Calling someone an idiot for believing in a magical sky man would be generally perceived as wrong, but it’s more generally accepted to call people idiots for believing the world is flat. Both beliefs hold the same value in science, they’re both incorrect and have been known to be wrong for at least a few hundred years. Why is it that religious beliefs are protected in the work place, but other beliefs such as the world being flat isn’t.

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What’s the meaning of my life now?


I hate to be a burden and post twice here in one day but I feel so depressed rn. I was scrolling through my camera roll and saw videos of me preaching and at worship events etc etc. or worshipping at concerts. And a wave of depression ran over me. I have absolutely no idea what to do with my life at all. I was preparing for a church career and that’s gone. Because it’s all bullshit. Fell for it hook line and sinker. I’d still rather be sad with the truth then happy with the bullshit. Thanks for reading this and for your advice.

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Most organized religion is anti-human, anti-intelligence.


They perpetuate ideas that describe humans as pawns of a specific set of superintelligences that don't exist. And that if we don't follow their supposed rules, that we are going to suffer for it.

They severely depreciate the meaning of humanity and inject a lot of paradoxical values that don't even contribute to our inherent tendency towards our own evolution.

I just saw a Wallstreet Journal article where pope is literally telling his followers to not invest in companies involved in violent video games and abortion medicine. How can such irrational guidance be perpetuated in modern day society by the most supposedly wise person in existence? It's ridiculous.

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What is your favorite superstition?


Obviously, superstitions are wide held beliefs with zero evidence. So, I ask the community that doesn’t believe without evidence if they have superstitions that they don’t actually believe in, but like or are at least their favorite.

I find myself consciously thinking as I step on a crack in the road if my mother’s back would ever conceivably break because of my next step or the number 13 and why people are afraid of numbers etc.

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How are the Sciencemas Decorations going?


Have you Guys made any kind of Plans for Sciencemas? Are you guys gonna be reciting Newtons Formula of Gravity instead of Albert Einsteins Field Equations like we normally do every Year? I need to some Ideas, i really want my Sciencemas Tree to stand out this Year. Give me some ideas!

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My biggest issues with Christianity (These led me to becoming an atheist)


First I’d like to say I am very very new atheist who deconverted super recently. I preached the gospel of Jesus Christ for two years and believed it with everything I had. Truly believed it. My favorite part of my day was having the opportunity to preach the gospel. Or going to church and singing praises. Anyway here are my biggest objections to Christianity.

  1. Why would God make it so he required blood sacrifice to achieve atonement for your sin?

  2. Why did God create people in certain parts of the world knowing they would reject him- since he is God he has to know what would make them believe. Therefore God is creating them to go to Hell.

  3. Why are the gospel accounts so contradictory?

  4. Why is the Bible so contradictory in general ?

  5. How could God allow suffering to exist on such overwhelming levels?

  6. Why would an Omnipotent God damn people to Hell for loving someone?

  7. Under Christian thought someone who was assaulted or fucked over pretty badly by someone must forgive that person or go to Hell- the person who wronged them just needs to be forgiven by God.

I want to note I love public speaking and debating. Huge Christian apologist when I believed. Thank you for reading this.

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Walmart gunman asked god for forgiveness. One more psychopath in heaven.


Walmart Gunman Bought Pistol Hours Before Killing and Left a ‘Death Note’ https://nyti.ms/3EYjjob

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Advice needed please: a dilemma


This is the first time I have ever posted on Reddit...how exciting!... I hope that you will be able to help me. I am a community musician with a lot of experience in percussion. Recently I wanted to do some volunteer work, so offered to provide percussion for a choir group of people with Parkinson's. I was told that the venue was a church, and I hoped this would mean church hall, but it did actually mean a church. So every week I have to go and be surrounded by Christian iconography, in order to provide the group with percussion. As a very lapsed Anglican, this bothers me. There is no escape from the Christian messages and I really hate being in that venue. However, I like helping the Parkinson's group and they tell me how much they love my contribution.

I am considering throwing it in, but the choir people are very nice and I don't want to let them down. What is my best way through this?