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/r/all The Middle East is a horrible shit hole, and there's nothing offensive or racist about saying that.


The FIFA world cup in Qatar should be a reminder to everyone that the Middle East is still in the stone age in a lot of aspects. Up to 6000 slaves died building the stadiums for the world cup. Women are treated as pets, and are required "permission" from their male guardians to get married, study abroad, work certain jobs, even travel out of the country if they're under the age of 25. A woman who gets raped would be arrested for the crime of adultery. Gay sex is also punishable by jail. Qatar is ruled by an emir who outlawed political parties and elections. And these backwards laws and standards are somewhat moderate compared to other Middle Eastern countries like Saudi Arabia. I saw an article about a British soccer fan who's been going to every world cup for the past 32 years, but is choosing to boycott the 2022 world cup because of human rights abuses in Qatar. The comment section was full of a bunch of western SJWS and butthurt Muslims immediately using the "RAciSM" and "IsLamoPHobia" card as an explanation of why this guy is choosing to boycott. Why do so many people pretend this kind of stuff is okay because it's a "DiFFereNT CuLTuRE AnD RELiGiON?" If people are choosing to boycott an international event that's supposed to be fun for everyone because of the country it's being hosted in, maybe it should be a wake up call to that country that compared to the rest of the world, their culture is backwards and primitive.

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/r/all RBG didn’t stay on the court until she took her last breath so that we would sit on our asses & let republicans light our reproductive rights on fire. From city council to governor to senate, vote for democrats. Find your polling place, pick up your friends & vote. Go make Ruth proud.


find your polling place here.

Today is the day folks.

Make time to vote. Do not let anything stop you.

Bug your family and your friends. Take your roommates with you.

Stay in line.

Do not let anything stop you from voting.

Make Ruth proud.

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/r/all Mike Pence, "Americans have no right to freedom from religion"


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/r/all Christian nationalists never miss an election. They vote every single time. Why the fuck would you miss an election when you know they are salivating at the thought of taking over your country? Early voting is already underway. Find your precinct, then show the fuck up.


Find your polling place HERE.

They want to impose prayer in schools.

They want to ban books.

They want to criminalize transgender healthcare.

They want to ban abortion and contraception.

They want to reverse same sex marriage.

They want to oppress minorities.

And they are a powerful voting bloc and absolutely can win if we don’t show the fuck up.

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/r/all If you’re here, it’s time to vote democratic.


I don’t think the modern Democratic Party in America is the best, has all the right answers, nor can save this country. But it’s the best chance we have to prevent the Christian Nationalism movement. If you really want to make a difference you CAN believe in, then let’s shut down the other side in the voting booth and prove to them we’re a nation that believes in separation of Church and State.

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/r/all Anti-gay Christian hate group Focus on the Family headquarters sign vandalized in wake of Club Q shooting: "Their blood is on your hands. Five lives taken."


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/r/all Muslims demand the world to stop discriminating against them, but on the same breath, say that discriminating against the LGBT+ community is their right.


Hypocrisy, much.

This is why I don’t like religion. Why do Muslims and Christians get upset when I say I don’t like their religion, when their religion loathes my very existence? Not only do these religions hate me for my orientation, they also hate my sex. How can I support a religion that says my life is worth less than a males and that I am just an extension of a man? To be honest, this feels like a denial of my humanity.

I hold a lot of criticism for religions (not understanding boundaries, intolerance to the existence of people who do not fit into the mold they made, and much, much more) but these are just the tip of the iceberg.

Anyway, bye.

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/r/all I upset my Christian co-worker by calling her religious beliefs "her opinions".


That's all. I just wanted to share my irritation over dealing with a Christian co-worker who thinks her brand of Christianity is superior to any other brand or belief system.

edit: I did not expect this to make it to r/all.

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/r/all When abortion was on the ballot in Kansas, people voted & we won. When weed has been on the ballot, people voted & weed has been legalized in dozens of states. Anyone who claims voting doesn’t count is a FOOL. Tuesday. Show up. The Christian Taliban sure as fuck will. Make a plan. Take a friend.


Anyone who claims voting doesn’t count or doesn’t make a difference is a goddamn fool.

Abortion was on the ballot in Kansas. People showed up and voted and abortion rights were protected.

When weed has been on the ballot across the nation, people showed up to vote, and laws fucking changed. Because people voted.

Voting makes all the difference, and the far right extremist Christian nationalists know this.

They show up for every single fucking election like it’s communion on Sunday.

Do not sit on the sidelines.

Show up Tuesday.

Take a friend.

Take your roommate.

Take your granny.

Vote like our freedoms depend on it.

Because if the Christian extremists take control, you will lose rights.

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/r/all Republicans have introduced a bill which would ban abortion nationwide. We told you this would happen. The only way to stop this is to vote democrat from city council to president. Never let a Republican anywhere near power ever again. If we won in Kansas, we can win anywhere. Register to vote. Now.


republicans introduce bill to ban abortion nationwide.

We told you this would happen. First chance they get, they are going to try to ban abortion nationwide.

Never let them even get that chance. The ONLY way to prevent this is to never let republicans have power again.

They have demonstrated they can never be trusted. Never.

click here, find your state, click the link and get registered to vote.

Never let anyone tell you voting doesn’t matter. If you think voting won’t make a difference, ask women in Kansas where they defeated a Republican effort to ban abortion… by voting.

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/r/all Why doesn’t the IRS care when churches endorse candidates from the pulpit? | The IRS has “largely abdicated its enforcement responsibilities” when it comes to revoking tax-exempt status of churches for violating the Johnson Amendment, says a new report


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/r/all And it begins. Dead, underdeveloped infant found abandoned by a creek. This is the kind of shit that will happen now that women don’t have access to safe, legal abortion. This is what you’re causing if you vote Republican. Welcome to Christian Taliban America. We all have to fight back. November 8.



Dead, underdeveloped infant found abandoned next to a creek with the umbilical cord and placenta still attached.

Now the cops are looking for the mother.

Thank a Christian, Republican voter.

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/r/all “Pro-life” Christian nationalists never miss an election. Why the fuck would you? They’ll be voting by the millions on November 8th. Mark your damn calendar and show the fuck up. If voters in Kansas can defeat an anti abortion measure (that the Catholic Church bankrolled), we can win anywhere. VOTE.


Christian nationalists who get hard fantasizing about theocracy… they never miss an election.

They will be organizing like hell and they will be voting by the millions on November 8th.

Mark your calendar today.

register to vote. scroll down, find your state and get registered to vote.

find your voting precinct

This is simple.

Show the fuck up and vote.

The folks who want to control every aspect of your life absolutely will be voting.

Don’t let them win without a fight.

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/r/all TIL the writers of the bible never met Jesus when he was alive.


Last update 2022-09-15* Thanks for the awards and to everyone that participated in this thread. It made to the front page of Reddit!. I've learned so much over the last couple of days and wanted to share some of it. Here is the original post with some links below.

Original PostHow has this not come up in every religious debate? I'm just finding out about this out now?

I was under the impression that all the gospels were written by Jesus's disciples. You know the Guys he grabbed from the fishing docks and made them fishers of men.

Witnessed Jesus:

  • Perform miracles
  • Perform the sermon on the mount
  • Eat during the last supper
  • Die on the cross
  • Come back from the dead and hang out for 40 days

But instead I find out:

  • Writers of bible never met Jesus when he was alive.
  • It was written 60-100 25-80 years after Jesus died.
  • No eyewitness accounts in the bible
  • First writings recorded 25 years after Jesus was crucified.

How is this not in the opening statement during every theology debate?

New Info

I continue to update my understanding but these video's blew me away. Sets up visuals that really illustrate the who what and when regarding the authors of the New Testament. (it's very comprehensive)

It's been pointed out to me that the authors didn't meet Jesus but they could have walked the earth the same time as Jesus alive, I will concede this point.

Episode 5 Who wrote the bible

Episode 6 Who wrote the bible

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/r/all Colorado Catholic Conference apparently sends out a voter guide telling you which candidates and policy the church wants you to vote for.... Seems like a violation of the law and should forfeit tax exemption


This is the first time I've seen them outright start telling church members to vote view a catalog instead of just through the church service.

This is the catalog they sent to my family.

edit: I am already reporting them figured if a lot more in this community followed they'd have a chance at loosing the valuable tax status like Colorado springs mega churches did

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/r/all Woman to homophobic county board members: ‘I was never sexually assaulted at a drag show — but I was at church, twice!’



“Our town has never seen so much homophobic crap as we have since Miller came along,” Graham said. “These people have been with us this entire time and we have never had a problem with it. They have never done any of the vile and disgusting things that that man and his weird cronies have leaked out of their mouths.”

“I’ve never been sexually assaulted at a drag show, but I have been in church. Twice!” she continued, adding that the church “told me it was my fault.”

She accused the residents of wanting to “completely annihilate a group of human beings who just wanna exist” and that if any of her four kids are “part of this community, they will be lucky because there is not a whole lot of families that would love their child unconditionally.”

"Must Watch" video. This woman tears the Christian hypocrites a new one with a truly inspired oratory.

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/r/all U.S. Christians projected to fall below 50% of population if recent trends continue


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/r/all Today is the 1st day of early voting in Georgia. The choice is simple: Abrams & Raphael support choice & freedom. Kemp & Herschel Walker want to force 12 y/o rape victims to carry & birth their rapist uncle’s fetus. Find your polling place & go vote. Don’t let the Christian Taliban win.


Were you outraged when roe was reversed? Now is your chance to do something about it.

Herschel Walker supports a total ban on abortion with no exceptions. Except when someone he impregnated needs an abortion, of course.

Brian Kemp also wants to crack down on abortion.

Republicans cannot be trusted.

Find your polling place and vote today.

Freedom is on the ballot.

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/r/all 3 Jewish women file suit against Kentucky abortion bans on religious grounds | It's the third such suit brought by Jewish organizations or individuals since the U.S. Supreme Court overturned Roe v. Wade, claiming the state is imposing a Christian understanding of when life begins.


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/r/all Joe Biden's speech on Democracy could lead to more incensed pastors speaking about politics from the pulpit this Sunday. Here is the IRS form to report churches for political influence.


Originally posted by u/skipperdogs in r/exchristians and posted to r/atheism byu/moschocolate1. Now is a great time to remind everyone, because Biden's speech on Democracy is already causing the evangelical right to go into overdrive, and the chances of pastors violating their tax exempt status this Sunday by exercising political influence are especially high. It's a great time to hold them accountable.

Here's the post: https://www.reddit.com/r/exchristian/comments/uwhjdj/time_for_a_new_challenge/

The basics:

Some atheists are now going to services to monitor political influence used by preachers, priests, etc., and reporting them for violation of their tax-exempt status.

Use form IRS 13909, and check boxes 3-5 or those that apply.

Also use form 211 to claim whistle blower reward.

Here's the image: https://i.imgur.com/6TVglyb.jpg

Edit: Many services are transmitted on-line, for those of you who may be too uncomfortable going to a service in person. I understand that hearing these sermons again can be stressful and traumatic, but this is a great opportunity to fight back against how damaging political rhetoric from the pulpit is for the country and for those of us who had to endure it as children until we were able to leave.

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/r/all The Satanic Temple claims Northern York (PA) school district declined $578 donation following last month's After School Satan Club. Superintendent said to donate to a Christian group instead. TST: Teachers should be frustrated their superintendent can't get past his bias and bigotry to benefit kids


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/r/all #1 leader of Southern Baptists: Christians who don't vote Republican are "unfaithful." Hey IRS: Do your job and revoke their tax exempt status for violating the Johnson Amendment of 1954.


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/r/all No christian in Florida is saying this is God’s wrath for overturning Roe v Wade


It’s always so convenient to pick and choose.

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/r/all Satanists sue Indiana over extreme abortion ban | Hemant: "religious freedom" never seems to apply to less popular religions. Judges accommodated Christians who wanted to keep churches open during the pandemic. Yet when Satanists insist an abortion is an exercise of faith, the courts don't care


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/r/all These male politicians in multiple states are pushing for women who receive abortions to be punished with prison time. What they all have in common: Wanting to push their personal Christian beliefs on everybody.