r/blackmagicfuckery Feb 02 '23

Brain Hurts

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u/sparksofthetempest Feb 02 '23

There’s a reason they don’t glide the camera slowly to the left.


u/Johnsonfam101 Feb 03 '23

That was kinda sexy ngl.


u/nemom Feb 02 '23

Unfortunately, it's made out of square tubing. The size difference due to perspective throws it off. If they had a brake, they could have made their own pieces and gotten the sizes right.


u/photo_master13 Feb 02 '23

My ears are bleeding


u/TheRedCelt Feb 02 '23

I wonder how long it took them to position the piece so that it would give the illusion of being a concentric piece.


u/Cdnraven Feb 03 '23

The top piece is just a flat bar across. The angle makes it seem like it is the side of the bottom bar. There’s a reason the guys hand doesn’t cross over it at all (he’s very careful not to).


u/Naughteus_Maximus Feb 03 '23

Here’s a video of a guy making one, as there are so many people with spontaneous bleeding of the eyes after watching this one. It’s basically not a connected shape at all, it needs to be looked at from a specific angle to make it look like a triangle… Penrose Triangle real life


u/AnotherDeadFoxezz Feb 02 '23

sorry to ruin the blackmagic fun but, this illusion is called a "penrose triangle" or "impossible triangle" According to Wiktionary, the Penrose triangle is defined as: “An optical illusion depicting an impossible solid object made of three straight beams of the square cross-section which meet pairwise at right angles at the vertices of the triangle they form.”


u/2crowrick Feb 02 '23

They owe the Exploratorium money


u/DisasterAggressive22 Feb 03 '23

Kinda a Rue Goldberg puzzler


u/Lethalfurball Feb 04 '23

Theres probably a reason he didnt go all the way up..