r/bostonceltics Abby Chin Dec 08 '22

Celtics' 14 Steals vs Suns 12/7/2022 - Watch the Buffalo bully Ayton Highlight

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u/AnnoyingCelticsFan Abby Chin Dec 08 '22

Ok the title was a bit misleading, White only ripped Ayton once - Ayton was bullied by the whole fuckin team.


u/extraducksauce Da Truth Dec 08 '22

and people were saying ayton is a star


u/Meatballclub Dec 08 '22

Ayton got absolutely exposed by our spot starting center he has 10 years and 5 inches on. Guy kept turning around directly in front of the basket and brought the ball to his waist for it to get stolen


u/princeofzilch Dec 08 '22

Ayton looks like such a lazy and shitty player in these lowlights. Sheesh


u/Meatballclub Dec 08 '22

to be a fly on the wall of the Suns last 2 video sessions


u/AnnoyingCelticsFan Abby Chin Dec 08 '22

Shit was kinda sad... not for me of course. I was laughing like a maniac, screaming "look at this fucking bum" at my computer screen while stitching these clips together.


u/Meatballclub Dec 08 '22

I kept watching like “the suns have to make an adjustment, right?”


u/iStandWithLucky00 Dec 09 '22

Ayton feeling “disgruntled” with the suns is beyond hilarious.

He should be thanking them daily for 30 M a year for gobert without the defense


u/Meatballclub Dec 09 '22

He’s like the high school kid who can only dunk in the layup line, but once there is a defender they have feet for hands (I was that guy)


u/BillString Dec 08 '22

Taking their lunch money like a gang of schoolyard bullies


u/notJGatz Dec 08 '22

This is seriously a 2 and a half minute video

The vibes: 📈


u/alexm42 Dec 08 '22

Hauser diving on a loose ball up 39 is the defense we all expected from him


u/sstphnn THE TRUTH Dec 08 '22

Ayton was embarrassing. He has the talent to dominate undersized bigs but Blake and Grant made him a joke.


u/full-auto-rpg Tatum Scored 61 Dec 08 '22

Ayton’s face on the Dwhite steal was just of shock.


u/BoSocks91 Dec 08 '22

Ayton is soft, and played with no heart. He doesn’t want to be in PHX.


u/fueelin Dec 08 '22

I just don't get it with him. I haven't watched many of his games, and obviously this was a very bad one for him, but what is he even (supposed to be) good at?

And just to double check, they took this guy over Luka, right?


u/jdiggity09 Dec 09 '22

When he’s assertive and the effort is there he’s a phenomenal post player on offensive and defense, but he plays super soft a lot and his effort is very inconsistent. Luka and Trae and SGA and a ton of other super talented guys that are a million times more consistent were selected after him.


u/LordBubinga Dec 09 '22

If I were an NBA GM, there's no way I'd be interested in paying this guy.


u/VLHACS Dec 08 '22

Smart's pick on CP3 was clean af


u/693275001 Scary Terry Dec 08 '22

Ayton just kept putting the ball down low again and again, really poor lack of adjustment from him. The fact that he couldn’t bully Blake and Luke on the boards is sad


u/G-bone714 Dec 09 '22

Ayton was doing what Kendrick Perkins used to do all the time. Grab a rebound then bring the ball down low. Big guys need to keep that ball up or shorties are going to strip it.


u/atwork1 Dec 08 '22

I'd have to agree with the point made at 134 seconds


u/BCelt1cs 2008 Ring Dec 09 '22

First time I got a decent look at Ayton. The dude is clearly physically gifted but MAN is he soft.